Blog Success is a Story Told in Years

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Maintaining a blog long-term is by no means an easy task. The Internet is littered with countless blogs that feature about three solid posts followed by a few scant updates, the inevitable apology to “readers”, a promise to post soon, then nothing. The reasons for this are easy to see: it takes time building blog readership, it takes time to write, and unfortunately bills need to get paid in the interim. It’d be nice to think we could afford to live off of paid surveys while we do extensive research for our blogs, but nobody said reality was nice.

Very few people are persuaded by a blog with a scant number of posts. Blog readers want to see a volume. They want to see dedication. They want to know that words are being emitted into cyberspace not because someone wanted to be part of a trend, but because someone has something passionate they want to say. This will invariably take time on the part of the blogger. Your first several months and years are going to be nothing but article after article, post after post, of information you highly doubt gets read by anybody.

But your work won’t go away. It stays put until the day comes when readership grows. Maybe you someday catch the attention of a social media engine that spits your link out to hundreds of people. Maybe you’re part of some brief stir of controversy that attracts visitors. Either way, you have to continually treat your current post as if it were the most important thing you ever worked on, because one day it will be without you knowing it. More importantly, when readers look back on your work, they’ll see a continual line of dedication to thoughtful and creative musings, advice, or revelation.

That’s all people want from a blog: passion. It doesn’t have to be opinionated as much as it has to be engaging. To acquire such an adjective for your blog is a matter of skills, knowledge, and craft that neither I nor anyone else can successfully dictate to you. Writers have to figure that out on their own. Either way just remember that hopes for immediate blog-caused windfall are futile. Blog success is anything but easy to earn. But if you’re as truly passionate as you believe yourself to be, it’s anything but impossible to achieve.

  • That’s so true. So many bloggers see someone else apparently explode onto the blogging scene, but really it’s just that they’re suddenly aware of that person. It’s not an easy process, especially for beginners.

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  • Great article. I’ve just recently started a blog and it’s great to have a dose of reality. For me it’s just a bit of fun at the moment but of course I still dream of it getting read by tens of thousands each month. In the mean time I’m just going to enjoy typing away even if I am the only one reading it. lol

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