Analyzing and Improving your Search ranks using SheerSEO

Before I start, I should tell you that I get a lot of tools which aim at improving your seo and automating it. In my opinion, no matter how good the product is, it will not give you any benefits unless you take part in it, with whole body and soul (and not automating the whole process!).

I came across a software named SheerSEO. At first look, i was not at all impressed with it. But, on a deeper look, i found some of its features to be really helpful in my seo strategy.

SheerSEO looks like any other seo software (in my opinion, they can do a bit to improve their look and feel), but it offers a motherlode of features. I would not go and tell you about every little feature it offers, but I will review some features that caught my attention and maybe it catches yours too.

Monitoring your SEO performance

Drafting and using a seo strategy is just on part of SEO. The other bit is to monitor the performance. SheerSEO comes in handy in that respect. It offers features which can track your seo performance on various levels.

Search Engine Rankings

Most of the SEO guys are targeting first page of google. Why? Because the first page of google search results has the maximum chance of converting into organic traffic. SheerSEO Ranking helps you find out the rankings of your pages in the keywords of your choosing. You can add or remove keywords depending on what set of keywords you are targeting at the moment.

Also, one great feature of SheerSEO is that the keywords reports can be received on your mail. People have a tendency to check mail regularly. So, anything that comes in the mail has more chance of being read than on a website.

Apart from this, you can monitor the number of backlinks on each page, the people who are referring to your website and the page rank for each link (for all the PR lovers). The number of backlinks shows you the total number of backlinks to the domain and sub-domains. It would be better if there is an option to see the backlinks for each page just like in yahoo site explorer.

Adding Keywords

Analyzing Keywords

Social Media Metrics

Social Media’s impact on SEO has led to a new field named Social SEO. Due to this fact, most SEO softwares have added social media metrics to their software suite. In SheerSEO’s context, there are three social metrics – Twitter, Facebook and Other Social Media (Digg and Delicious). I liked the facebook metrics because it showed me the detailed metrics of each page (shares, likes and comments) and also a comprehensive chart as shown below.

Facebook Analytics Graph

The Twitter metrics were not so different than any other twitter analytics. It showed weekly tweets which can be seen in many social media tools. Also, it had a feature similar to which shows all the tweets that share my blog’s link.

The other social media metrics showed total stats on Digg and Delicious. This feature was not at all impressive, I wanted detailed info on each digg and delicious submission. Also, there are many other social media websites which have a lot of impact on traffic such as StumbleUpon and LinkedIn which have not been included which is quite strange!

On the whole, it is a cool tool which you can try for free for 3 months. But, for it to be a preferred paid tool, there is a need to add some features which benefit most of the people. Its you turn to try the software and let me know what you think of it!

  • This SEO software sounds promisng and full of helpful features. However, we should be mindful of whatever software we use to enhance ranking on Google. If need be, getting customer’s feedback and success stories could be a starting point.

    All in all, anything that could speed up SEO without raising a red flag with the almighty G, I’m interested in it!

    • Micheal, that is true. It’s important to do it the right way or else everything will be flushed down the toilet. This software or for that matter any software should be mainly used for analysing and tracking your seo campaign rather than automating your seo work.

  • good one. after panda i lost top rankings , this will come in handy to check the new rankings

  • Will have to check these out! Been working on building up more traffic to my site and these could come in handy. It’s just so hard to try a bunch of different things without knowing what will work but the info on SheerSEO helps.

    • You have to take a dip. Only then you will know it was worth it or not. Similarly, you have to try in order to find out that it suits you.

  • cool software. I am amazed to see it’s speed. Lots of cool Features.

  •… really helped me out…
    thx for that blog it is very wonderful I cant imagine that thing .

  • wow.. looks nice and handy

  • backlinks + relevant website titles, keywords, etc. is the key. serp rank checker has a neat tool for checking position of keywords.

  • I try SheerSEO now for 90 days free for trial and will see how good it is, it seems interesting.

    • Sure Lennart, Let me know how did u find it?

  • PJ

    Everybody want to be the first page search of search engines Because it mean more time people visit their site

    Thankyou for your interesting post sir

  • Damn, this tool is really great, I just joined. I thought it would be some complicated tool but its simple and easy to use. I’m also a newbie when it comes to SEO tools so I might be easy to impress, but all in all I think this is a great tool and I’l use it for the time being. Thanks for the recommendation

  • Great sheer seo information on here 🙂 Looking forward 🙂

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