7 Ways to Market and Get your Blog Out There

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With more than 150 million blogs in existence, it can be hard to get the word out about one specific blog. Getting users to come to an individual site requires following seven steps to get the links out there on sites that have high traffic regularly.

How to get the word out!

1. Interaction

Interact with users on the blog. Responding to comments and asking for feedback are great ways to get more users interested in what the writer has to say.

2. Filling in as a Guest

Look for ways to be a guest blogger on other websites. When the entry is posted on the site, there will usually be links to a social media profile and bio, which allow for more exposure and access to the main blog. When choosing to follow this step, it is important to carefully read all guidelines and restrictions listed on the host blog, because breaking a rule could result in removal of the post.

3. Getting the Word Out

Comment on other blogs since anyone reading these comments can click on the profile to access another person’s blog. Online services such as commentluv and back linking also provide more access to the blog via comments. Those who are interested in the content of the comment may want to read more, and could thus become a loyal reader.

4. Participate in Contests

The next step is to participate in as many blogging contests as possible. There are many contests available online, and include a chance to become a guest blogger.

5. Then, Host a Contest

A fifth way is to be the host of a blogging contest as visitors can lead to more subscribers. When planning to host a contest, bloggers can gain sponsors, which can lead to advertising opportunities, meaning more income.

6. Linking to Other Sites

Along with this is the sixth step, which is to offer promotional pages. These allow fellow bloggers to be featured, which can lead to links on other individuals’ pages. This is a form of marketing that won’t cost the blogger anything.

7. Be Everywhere

The final way to increase accessibility to a blog is to market within social networking websites. The Facebook home page offers a news feed where a blogger could post frequent links to the topics on the blog as often as desired. It is estimated that Facebook currently has over 500 million users, and many of these individuals are accessing the site multiple times per day through a mobile application. Utilizing website development courses can also help users understand how to maximize the potential growth of the blog through these sites.

Making a blog stand out can result in higher traffic and interest in advertising opportunities for the writer, and interest in the opinions and thoughts of what is being discussed on the blog. Some bloggers start out with few readers, and then end up becoming some of the most highly visited sites on the web. Why not give blogging a try and increase readers with every step?

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  • Yes, you are quite right. We, as bloggers, have to constantly push ourself and our products (blog posts etc) and market ourselves in order to sustain among such fierce competition.

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