12 Keys to success in Social Media

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If we thought the blast of Facebook and Twitter had been so giddy … best not to analyze the profound changes that occur in regards to the space-time with the staging of Google + and network integration in a context 100% social.

Since blogs came to light, the interaction of users has been an inherent aspect of the use of Internet for all users, however, seems also a reality that we are at present several of those early steps.

The social interaction led to a new world of options, a range of business opportunities that were built around the new habits of consumption demanded by users, more educated and increasingly efficient, and always with the exaltation of the “well done” as a central axis on which to build the reputation, the basic premise of online presence.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and now … Google + channels are interacting in the universe today.

Understanding the Key Concepts of Social Media

Agencies, consultants and subject enthusiasts rack their brains trying to find the best marketing strategy, the most viral, the more emotional the better results and better ROI, but there are some variables, whose prior achievement – although difficult measuring the return-are consolidated as essential for success in social networking, the social fabric.

Not to mention that Google + takes us to a new level of exposure where the relevance of reputation is an integrated variable positioning.

The focus is the customer. It is essential to integrate channels , meet and merge them into networks on your criteria.

Consistency necessary to understand that the best we can do is expose, expose our quality and our added value, users, potential customers, who decide what to choose. The interaction is essential . It is central to the marketing and the best way to build network. The innovation should always be the pillar that supports the interaction in social networks, each entry must be unique.

Never, though part of any planning process, management and execution, we can forget that after each “like” each “tweet” each “+1” there are people who have found a way to bond with the brand, this allows us to get a clear idea of what to forget some of the metrics and statistics should acquire the commitment to people and this is a fundamental premise for success in a marketing campaign social media.

Rethinking concepts like “internal customer” and “external customers” can be helpful in the internalization of empathy, a commitment which should prevail in social relations.

Active listening is always present and always necessary, it is here telling us what they want, what they like and do change. And the metric , although we mentioned before that it was more advisable to focus on people, these metrics should be parameterized to give us concrete answers we need, the only way to be efficient and give us time to interact with our users.

Assimilate that today dominates a new concept of success, today the business aspects are very tightly linked to preservation of commitments, successful entrepreneurship today implies a way of life, productivity and variable measurement and a complete change in the definitions of common concepts. Success is now synonymous with consistency and ongoing work, commitment, connectivity, interaction and effort without limit.

Maintenance of horizontal relationships with the leaders and guides required to be implemented in a re-education companies, ensuring that all clients are linked with the brand is essential to consolidate this as the backbone of the business.

And finally, the quality … we are building the Internet, social exaltation occurs because it is efficient resource allocation is based on option generation and construction of networks, communities, circles … high efficiency, this is the biggest gamble the quality, adding value is essential to succeed in a marketing campaign on social networks and now also helps us build … +1, more relevant, more reputation.

  • Cristina

    Quality plays important factor in any business endeavor we have.
    May it be online or other business sector. As a freelance SEO provider I focus on consistency and the quality of result that I provide. Daily interacting with clients and define there needs help me produce this kind of result.

  • Great tips Asher,Thanks for the post

  • social media like facebook and twitter are major traffic puller for blogs on any niche . though th conversion rate are low compared to search traffic , still it is an import source of revenue

  • yes very well said, i like social media but the ROI is lower then SEO 🙂

  • And don’t forget the most important Key to success in Social Media, do all work with SEO in the bottom together with the long tail keywords.

  • Its really amazing how Social media have changed the way we do business online and interact with each other. I recently concentrated extra hours on developing online presence for my website and more specifically social media networking. Well, the more u socialize, more exposure website will get. Thanks Asher, for sharing these tips.

  • Social media will continue playing a big role on online marketing for a lot of years, it is a great way to get targeted traffic if it’s used correctly, thanks for the tips!

  • If you want to create a social network, it is important to be sociable and friendly. And it says, just be that person who knows me would think of me as someone like him.

  • I have already given up on social media. If I could only apply at least 5 of these keys, I would be so happy. 🙁

  • All these elements certainly play a key role, If I had to choose two of the most important keys to success I would have to go with consistency delivering high quality content.


  • Few factor runs the main role in any of the website success, Quality of content, quality of back links, Users interest and discussion response.

  • Great list, Asher. You can’t overestimate the value of consistency.

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  • thanks Asher Ross
    sharing your knowledge

  • Great list on here 🙂 social media plays an important role in all over the web with best support on here 🙂

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  • Social media, if used effectively, can definitely be a very useful tool in supplementing your business. But I have seen a lot of companies just adopt social media for the sake of it and not use it to its full potential too.

  • Hi Asher,

    This is your second post I’m going through. All your posts are wonderful and this one is quite helpful when it comes to social media. You’ve highlighted some great points which one always need to keep in mind.

    Aakash Kokz

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    Think is nice.

  • Andrew Gill

    Write relevant and engaging posts.Be active and responsive. Thanks

  • There are billions of people are using social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. This is more popular apps throughout the world. If you want to success in social media this is the important steps need to consider.