Why the Hell Should I Take a Break From Blogging!

Passion is something which keeps you indulged in an activity for days and it seems like time is at a standstill. Blogging is a passion for many a people who either want to voice their opinion or just want to share knowledge. When somebody is so involved and happy with what they are doing, then why is there a need for break. After all, by working, you are being productive!

I had similar doubts in my mind, but I took a plunge and I have discovered that a break is required for a healthy blogging routine. No matter how much you delay a holiday, it is needed for a total overhaul of perspective.

Here are some fine reasons why you should take a break and relax for a while:

1. Mind Refresher: For all those who have faced the writer’s block, know that a thing to refresh your mind is always needed. What better to relax on a beach or have a nice little hike or just rest on a bed. I’ve noticed that I get the best blogging ideas when i am on a vacation, usually when the scenery is mind blowing. So, a break can be a tool to pump up your brain with a new and innovative ideas.

2. Redefine: Have you ever reconsidered the actual theme of your blog. When I started, my blog was aimed for blogspot users, tips and resources intended only for those users. But, as the audience grew, I widened my scope to blogging and then to social media. Similarly, you can spend some time rethinking about your blog, You can define a new set of goals, or think of targeting a new audience. A blog will only grow, if an improvised strategy is employed for it and that can happen only if you have some spare time for it. You have to analyze and see what’s working for you and add new strategies, which you would like to try for your blog.

3. Give your audience a break: When you are a regular blogger, your audience gets tuned to your style of writing, so much so, they know what goes in your head. This makes the posts really predictable which means all the posts will not interest your audience. This totally defeats the purpose of blogging. You should give them a break and allow guest blogging for a change. New writers equals fresh thought – which will be very refreshing for your readers.

4. Go Behind the Scenes: You might have neglected a few things like marketing, the web design or relationship building. Its time to focus on those. These factors are usually ignored by bloggers. When they ask the question “Why my blog is not growing?” they should know the answer is right in front of them. These small but really critical factors have to be monitored on a regular basis, which is possible only if you take a break from blogging work.

In totality, breaks are not bad and they are not unproductive. You just have to view it as a mode to freshen your mind and sharpen your skills. So, give it a shot!

  • When you feel exhausted and tired from blogging you can take a break, so when you comeback it’ll be a new and refreshed you plus you’ve got something new to share.

  • You should never take a break from blogging as many people follow you and they wait for your posts so that they can read and enjoy and have some exiting knowledge to read. If people take break from posting then amazing posts like you keep posting won’t happen regularly. I am sure you won’t take a break from posting now.


  • I seriously agree with you. If i don’t take break then my productivity goes down.

  • You’re exclamatory, expletive-loaded title answers its own question. : ) I like the article and I agree with your sentiments Gautam.

  • Sam

    you are so right – taking a bit of time-out to gain some distance and perspective pays dividends in terms of keeping content fresh and original.

  • Having a break once in while is healthy, even on the internet. I always do this from time to time, it helps me redefine the whole blog and looking at it from a different angle so I can figure out what exactly changes should I do.

  • It seems impossible to stop if you are passionate about what you are doing. You love doing what you do because it brings so much satisfaction, fun, and purpose. But let’s not forget that we get tired, that we feel drained sometimes. We deserve to take a little break. Let’s stop for a while to be refreshed and be revived.

  • Gautam – the good thing about blogging is that you can have a break and be in touch with everything as well. Thats what I do sometimes, just carry the web connected laptop to wherever you go and you won’t come back with the guilt feeling of not having done anything during this break time. Well, this is not my personal recommendation that each blogger should this way only. This is only when you as a blogger not able to take a break coz of the fact that you don’t want to sit idle ever.

  • Breaks have always been a part of the work regime, since it gives you time off to refreshen and rejoice your mind. Plus it has been scientifically proven that regular breaks, enhance productivity.

  • Its definitely a good idea to take a break from time to time, I feel like it really allows you to think and reflect on what you are doing. At least thats how it goes for me.


  • bloggers get so used to being regular , they often forget that thier body needs a break . this affects alsmot all bloggers , resulting in back pains and other problems related to a sedentary lifestyle

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  • Yeah! Why should you take a break from blogging if you love it? I can’t imagine stopping it since it’s my daily source of income. Also, I love my job.. I love blogging!

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