What are Some New and Exciting Features Offered by Various Email Services?

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Email marketing has come a long way since its early days, and if you are someone who believes in change, then you agree that its evolution is all for the better. How much has the game evolved? Look no further than the array of new features we have to today that were not around just a short time ago. Here are some of the new and exciting features currently being offered by email service providers:

How Technology has changed how we communicate. The mail has evolved and is still evolving into better forms (cr: poofytoo.tumblr.com)

Social Sharing Buttons

These days, just about every marketer knows the tremendous potential social media has as a marketing tool. This potential has resulted in companies of all sizes flocking to the social channel. Social media is an ideal fit for marketing, and the medium it happens to match up with almost perfectly is email. To accommodate this ideal match, several email services are offering social sharing buttons for marketers to implement in their campaigns. Hence the name, these nifty little tools allow readers to share an email with their social network via the simple click of a button, meaning your newsletter, offer, or promotion could travel far beyond the inbox. Thanks to the efficiency of these buttons, the forward to a friend link has been rendered all but obsolete by most.

Social Stats

Having the ability to track campaigns is nothing new to email services. Marketers have been taking advantage of web analytics to measure performance for some time now. However, being able to track your socially orientated campaigns is a luxury that has only been around since the introduction of social sharing buttons. In most cases, the social statistics offered by email services allow you to see how many readers shared your message with their friends. Monitor these stats on a regular basis, and this feature can prove indispensable for measuring the impact of your social email integration efforts.

API Integration

One of the most exciting new email marketing features we have seen in recent times is API integration. What makes this feature so interesting is the ability it provides to extend the functionality of both your email efforts and existing applications. A robust API will allow you to perform actions such as keep your mailing list in sync with the data in your CRM software, import performance data from your email campaigns into your primary analytics program, and even craft campaigns based on your website content. Such seamless integration enables you to create unique experiences that truly engage the user.


This article covered just a few of the many new features on the current email services market. Thanks the evolution of the industry and technology in general, more are emerging on the scene all the time. While some of these features can be viewed as eye candy to make a package appear more compelling to potential shoppers, others like those mentioned here are indeed worthy of having in your arsenal. If you want to keep your email marketing fresh, we advise you to stay up to date with what with today’s service providers have on the menu.

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  • Thank you for the comment, Sara. Gmail is nice for receiving and storing mail. The features I’ve mentioned are great utilities your email marketing provider should have.

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