Tripping Over Mistakes: Common Blogging No-Nos

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It doesn’t really matter what your end game is with running a blog. You could be running it as a business and working with clients or just for your own personal amusement. The problem is that bloggers in both of these camps often make the same mistakes. You’re blogging because you’re trying to get peoples’ attention but if you’re making a lot of errors then it’s going to translate into poor readership and will affect your following. If you’re frustrated with your blog’s latest results try some of these steps before you give up.

Blogging Fails


It’s a fact that people spend far less time reading an article or post than if they were to actually take the time and understand what they’re viewing. About 16 percent of people are likely to read an entire post. This is why, if you want people to read your content, you have to be short and to the point with the most important sections in bold. People need to be able to scan through your content, other wise they get bored and give up. This is a sad fact but this is just the result of a mass media driven culture. We’re taught to consume on a massive scale and it translates into a very short attention span.

Making Posts Too Long:

Again, people don’t really like to read even if they try to tell you different. You need to keep your articles and posts under 800 words. Anything more and you’re just wasting your time. People want to be able to extract the key message by glancing through it. The more words you have in a post, the less likely it’s even getting read at all.


You have to stay current. There’s nothing worse than a blog that’s been sitting idle. If a user comes back more than once or twice and they see the same content on the main page, you’ve likely just lost a follower. You have to remain active and that means using social media sources, emails, newsletters and the like to keep your followers aware of what you’re doing.

Asking For Help:

If you’re trying to do too much and your server just isn’t working, you might be in need to implement some decision analytics. Some professional help might be just what your blog needs to get it organized and help you better relate to your customers. You might’ve picked up a lot of bad habits in the way you run things that could be greatly affecting the streamlining of your process.

If you’re just writing posts and you’re not offering supporting media as a companion to your other work then you’re not going to get much attention. People like colorful sites with images in their posts. Sometimes, even when a blogger puts a picture in a post but the material does not support it. They have to relate to one another. You have to actively engage your viewers on many levels and that also means taking a multi media approach to everything that you’re doing.

These are just some of the tips that you can use to help improve your blogs viewership and following. If you think your issue is larger than this, consider getting some professional help or contacting a SEO company to help improve your online image. It will cost you but you have to ask yourself, how much is having a good blog worth?

  • I dont think the length of a post is that big of a deal as long as its all relevant. I’d rather read a thorough post, with actionable steps throughout and detailed how-to’s that comes out to 1500 words than a fluff piece that’s 600 words.

  • This is a really good article, and I love it so much! The tips are really good and I am sure they are useful as reminder to us, fellow bloggers.

    For one, I just hate to read long articles in a whole chunk, and which is not scan-friendly.

    Thanks for the great tips!

  • You are absolutely right! There are so many people who write these long articles for SEO reasons, but whats the point of getting to page 1 of Google if no one wants to read the content. Haha

    I try to keep my post short too. Or if its going to be a long one, I will split it up into Part1, 2, 3…ect.

    Its a great way to have a post ready for the next day because you can just split up a long one

  • Very useful tips.It’s a pity that we know all of this but sometimes completely forget it.

  • Thanks for the advice! Definately agree that you don’t want to make your blog too long. Blogs are like food they need to be easy to digest, or else no one will come back for seconds

  • great content. I believe that as you gain decent blog readers, you need to ask them questions to determine what kind of content they want. Long or short and give it to them afterall, without readers – you ain’t going nowhere.

  • I think adding images on your blogpost to make it more interesting, like graph, related images. People do scan, but when they see something interesting they will read (some part of it) and scan again. Create an interesting article, then they’ll read for sure!

  • Have to update the information in day to day life. Then only, readers should be eagerly reading your article on here 🙂 Thanks John for given worthy article on here 🙂

  • Scan-Friendly Article- Totally agree. Long articles are a No-No, short to the point always does the trick. And adding an interesting image or vector always helps. Good post, Thanks !

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  • There are so many mistakes that I have seen over the years. One of the worst that I have seen from novice bloggers is having audio playing on the website automatically when someone lands on the blog! It can be pretty bad when you have your speakers turned up and are not ready to hear music, lol.

    In regards to updates as you mentioned, that is something I strongly believe in. Bloggers need to update their blogs consistently!


  • Great advice Riley. One tactic I would suggest is that if you have a long blog post (more than 800-1000 words) that is actually worth reading it may be better to break it down into a series. You will have the benefit of more reader-friendly content AND a reason for readers to either subscribe or check back, so they can get the rest of the information.


  • I am a novice blogger so I appreciate any and all advice I can get when it comes to improving the quality of my blog. I definitely agree with you about the importance of updating your blog. I had a busy month and made few updates and of course I lost readers. I am working on a wordpress blog now that will feature more in depth content so I value the advice about making your posts scan friendly and not too long. I look forward to reading more from you and can’t wait to check out the other posts on this site.

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