My 3 SEO Mistakes I Made Last Year

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After the Panda Update Google has proved again that “Content is the king” formula is still the #1 SEO factor. In this article I am going to share my 3 SEO mistakes I made last year. I wish my fellow bloggers do not make the same mistake, so I am sharing the list of those mistakes and also give tips on SEO. Lets start:

Search Rules Change but Some Tactics will always Work!

Social Networking Websites

Last year, I heard from Matt Cutts that now Google considers links from social networking websites namely Facebook & Twitter. The mistake I made last year was I did not used Facebook & Twitter for my blog. I did not place Re-tweet and Share buttons on my blog and never indulged in sharing and tweeting other links. In this way my blog posts were never shared and re-tweeted. In this way I ignored an important SEO factor.

Tip : If you are also ignoring social networking websites I recommend you all to start using Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn and follow 3 steps below:

  • Add 20-25 royal friends on Facebook & Twitter
  • Get in touch with them, share and re-tweet their blog posts
  • In return ask them to do the same with your blog posts
  • In this way, you will start getting links on social networking websites

Ignoring “Content is the king” SEO factor

On one of my blog I was writing the same stuff that was written on 20 other blogs. I was not sharing any new stuff on my blog and preferred quantity over quality. I later came to know that how I was ruining the authority of my blog by not writing original content.

Tip : Google really love those blogs/sites that break news, share original content. If you are writing the same stuff that is already written on other blogs, please stop it! Give importance to quality not quantity.

Internal linking and anchor text

Internal Linking : The last very important SEO mistake I made last year was I was not considering internal linking of articles. I did not care about my articles that were beautifully written and were not indexed by Google.

Tip : It is must that you interlink one or two old articles of your blog in your new articles. In this way your old articles that are not indexed by search engines will start getting indexed.

Anchor text : First let me tell you about anchor tag. There is an HTML tag called Anchor Tag that is used to link pages. Its syntax is

<a href=”anchor-link-here”>Anchor Text Here</a>

Google gives very high importance to the anchor text linked to the anchor link. If you’ve high number of anchor links to same anchor text, it will rank high for that text in Google. I did not know about the value of anchor text. I never cared about the anchor text and anchor link value in terms of SEO.

Tip: Whenever you get any backlink, make sure you use a good keyword and also make sure that the link is do-follow

  • Change is the way of life. Even Google needs to freshen up. When available options start to saturate, when people over-do the available options, the big boss – Google has no other way out than to think out of the box. But in my opinion, putting Content ahead is the right most thing.

  • In fact, the internal linking is the one of the important things in SEO. Similar with you, I had ignored it for quite some time until the Panda update. Thanks for your sharing!

  • Indeed a nice article by Gagan, thanks for sharing your experience with the readers, so that they can avoid these mistakes..internal linking works great for dead posts..kinda help in reviving them..

  • internal linking not only confirms indexing but it also helps in flowing link juice from home page to your targeted inner pages.

    and if indexing is the only concern then there are other easy ways like, pinging or social bookmarking of a article.

  • Hi.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. Now I know what I must prevent to do in my SEO activities. Thank you.

  • I wonder if Matt Cutts would also consider youtube as part of those links. I would personally think so considering youtube is sort of a social media site as well but just in a different form.


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