6 Fast Ways To Alienate Your Audience

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While some may think otherwise, people start blogs for one reason: to be read by other people. So, one of the most important things to keep in mind when writing posts for your blog is to avoid alienating your potential readers. Here are a few things that will turn your readers against you in no time.

How to scare away your readers

Assume You Are Better Than They Are

There is a big difference between imparting knowledge and climbing on a soapbox. One of the easiest ways to lose an audience is to talk down to them. Of course, it’s always okay to let them know what your opinions are and you should never back down when you believe wholeheartedly in something, but holding fast to a belief and disrespecting others for their beliefs are completely different things. Make sure that you always respect your readers point of view and always give them a chance to respond.

Don’t Allow Comments


This point ties in nicely with the point I tried to make above. Half the reason people read blogs and visit web sites is so that they can throw in their two cents. Everyone wants to be heard, and more importantly, everyone has the right to put their opinion forward. Let your audience interact with you and with each other by maintaining and curating the comments sections for all of your posts. Now, that doesn’t mean that you should let your audience go crazy and post whatever they want in your comments section, but be sure not to discriminate and/or remove comments that may go against the opinions you stated in your post. Remember, a strong comments section is a sure sign of a popular blog.

Ignore Those Mistakes


I know what it’s like to churn out post after post. Sometimes it’s more important to publish for the sake of publishing, as opposed to something that you are truly interested in, just so your readers don’t lose interest. But that is no reason to let the quality of your content let it go by the wayside. If you start letting small grammatical errors and spelling mistakes slip by, you are headed down a road that is incredibly difficult to get back from. Take pride in the work you do, and only publish posts when you are sure that they are error free.

Get Off Subject


Most blogs have a focus. Sales, politics, reviews – there are any number of subjects out there that would provide perfect fodder for a blog. But if you go to a blog whose subject is supposed to be reviewing the latest movies at the cineplex and you start reading a post about the author’s sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner, then there is a problem. Promising your audience that you are going to cover a certain subject and then writing about something completely unrelated is a sure way to get your site knocked off their favorites list.

Break Your Promises


Breaking promises is an easy trap for a blogger to fall into. You get into the swing of things, start posting more and more often, start covering wider and more interesting topics, then you go for the big gun and tell your audience you are going to present them with a jaw dropping, unbelievable post next week – and you don’t. Not only that, you don’t deliver the next week either. It’s easy to promise your readers something, but as soon as you break that promise, as soon as you don’t come through, you start losing your audience.

Become Stagnant


This may go without saying, but there are quite a few blogs out there that forget one of the most important rules of blogging: stay relevant. If you write about the same old things, post after post, week after week, your readers will come to expect the same old thing and lose interest. Evolve with the time, keep your audience on their toes. The more interesting your content, the longer your audience will stay with you.

  • This is one of the most amazing post i have come through. You need to get a grab of your audience and make sure that they are following you for that you need to keep updated on things as well as make changes and strategies everything. I totally relate to you points about commenting and people sometimes just make a useless comment which is no where to the point just for the sake of commenting. I am sure this post will be liked by all as it has superb information.

  • Getting off the subject for quite some time is completely fine based on my experience because once in a while, your readers are expecting something different from you other than your expertise. Its something that could create that bond that most bloggers don’t focus that much.

    Although obviously doing it a lot would harm so I guess bloggers just need to do it in moderation.

  • Comments play vital role for the success of any blog, It shows how popular is your blog… It means you should try that your reader left good comments so that healthy conversation can take place.

  • Hi Daniel. It’s a very nice sharing here. Thanks a lot to you.

  • You have mentioned very nice points and we must never think ourself perfect and always stay ready to accept all kind of critics posted by our readers and learn from them that where do we lacked this time and not to commit it again.

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    Really its fantastic ways to Alienate Your Audience. Really its very cool ideas. I like it and also I fully enjoy with reading this post its really good.


  • Clark Minn

    Hey Daniel…You have stressed a lot of important matters in this post…Thank you for sharing those tips here…

  • Really nice ideas Daniel, thanks alot. Very nice share, second time i thank you, i know. Lol. Grabbing your audience piece by piece is still a hard job, and I think its a little bit better with your tips. Thank you alot.

  • Broken promises is a big pet peeve of mine. I have seen it on blogs that I visit from time to time, and I just cant understand why the blog owner can’t see through their mistakes. I have seen it so many times on this one blog, the person constantly saying ‘look for updates on Monday’, and then Monday comes and nothing is posted to the blog, its very disheartening to see that as a reader, and I just dont get why the owners of the blog dont see it themselves naturally!

    You are right about the stagnant part, you have to evolve your blog, there should be a natural progress forward, offcourse there might be some bumps or lack of forward progress along the way but in general a good and successful blog will always improve.


  • I’m glad to see everyone has found Daniels post so useful. A successful blog is one that is able to engage it’s readers. Turning them off is the last thing any blogger wants to do. @Melvin – you are right. Sometimes it is good to change it up. Sometimes Fridays are a good day to do that, as your readers may be ready for the weekend and tuned out to the usual content. Something unusual may catch their eye.

  • Very good post. Never thought of it that way. Sometimes we just trust google to bring them to us without realizing that they need to come back also and if experience is not pleasant they wont.

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  • Well explained Daniel! I agree from all of these tips. How I wish you also consider what Andy said, “Turning them off – The Finale!”, just kidding. Hope the next reader/s spread also the post like I did. Thanks for this one!

  • I love all the wonderful advice. Thank you for bringing home to us the importance and respect for the interaction with our community and the promises we put forth on our blogs. Blogging is so important to our business and is the threshold that tells our community who we are and why we established the blog. Relevant and good content is a must.

  • Great blog – kind of reversed psychology as your audience increase 🙂

  • Believe it or not I’ve seen bloggers do all that and more and still remain popular, but I’m talking about trashy blogs without a real niche and goal, somewhat of a troll blog, there are a few out there and very popular and for some reason few of them have ads or other ways of earning, they are made just for fun.

  • Thanks for this smart rules on blogging. This post is amazing and informative. I’m a blogger myself and these tips will help me improve my blogging. I am inspired to write better and to get rid of those aspects that will alienate my audience. You gave me ideas on how to be persuasive and focus on topics that will make the audience cooperative.

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