4 Colors That Are ‘in-style’ This Year

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Whether it’s fashion, interior design or graphic art, colors play an essential role in any form of design. Choosing the right color combination can make or break a website, outfit or decor. One sure way to make good color choices is by knowing what colors are ‘in’ this year. Here is a breakdown of the four most prominent ‘in’ colors and how best to utilize them in whatever field of art you are working with:



This is a bright reddish/pink tone created by Pantone, Inc. Pantone is famous for its color of the year selection. Honeysuckle is a great tone and can mix well with a variety of other colors. Recently it has made a huge splash in the fashion world. Famous figureheads, like Michelle Obama, have been seen wearing this vibrant color. It is also commonly appears in graphic arts because of its eye-catching hue. Beware that honeysuckle, and any form of pink for that matter, is mostly associated with female-related products and services.

Pair with: other shades of pink, citrus yellow, navy, gray, lilac, dusty blue

Vintage Wine

Vintage Wine

Many are saying that this deep reddish/purple/gray color is the new black. Although Benjamin Moore, a paint company, is the one who is touting this new color fad for 2011, it has quickly been picked up by all industries, including the fashion industry. It can also be seen in the typeface of magazine covers, makeup and accessories.

Pair with: black, grays, navy, citrus yellow, violet, honeysuckle (if you are feeling bold)

Citrus Yellow

Citrus Yellow

Said to reflect warmth and sunshine, this pastel yellow color gives a cheery and light feeling. ICI Dulux, a European paint company, has declared this to be their color of 2011. Examples of its use in fashion can be seen in all of the biggest fashion shows of the season. It is also incredibly versatile and pairs well with all the other colors that are popular this year.

Pair with: honeysuckle, navy, other shades of blue, vintage wine, plum, gray


Plum Design

While not a color declared by any of the leading color companies, plum deserves some recognition. It has become an increasingly popular color for weddings in 2011. Since billions of dollars are spent on weddings each year, it’s worthwhile to analyze the influence of color on such a lucrative event. Weddings encompass all aspects of art, from fashion, to design and even graphic art on invitations and wedding videos. Paired with an off-white or neutral color, plum can be striking while still setting a romantic tone.

Pair with: white, cream, champagne, citrus yellow, sage green, silver

Color trends are fleeting. Who knows what the ‘in’ colors will be next year. But in the meantime, it can greatly benefit fashionistas, interior designers, and graphic artists to implement some of this year’s hottest colors. Especially since our minds are subconsciously trained to be drawn to the latest trends(remember the fluorescent colors from the 80s?).

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  • I’m glad to see that there’s a shade of purple on the list.

  • Dan

    I fail to see how citrus yellow is in this year, it’s awfully painful to see. 🙁

    I do quite enjoy the vintage wine color though, soft and subtle and easy to look at.

  • As an Interior Designer who specializes in kitchen design, I appreciate the update on color! The psychology of color is an amazing subject and effects us daily. Thank you for this great guest post!

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  • Jim

    I love how colors can come in and out of style. It’s fun for an old timer like me to see things come back that have been long gone.

  • I will go with Vintage Wine thanks

  • Hey, the “honeysuckle” is not far from the color theme of my website. Maybe I find a way to integrate some parts with this color, as well. Thanks for sharing! Alison

  • These colors look great, I especially like Honeysuckle. Guess it will look kind of striking if I were to use these colors in my blog designs! Haha… will give it a try though, I sure want my blogs to look “in” too!

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  • Very useful article on colors of the year. I like shades of blue, black and red. 🙂

  • It seems that I won’t be following the “Designing trends” this year! I don’t like any of these colors. Thanks but I will stay with earthlike-colors

  • Two colors presented here, are those I used in my site. First time I saw Vintage Wine, I instantly liked it, I felt comfortable with the color and even bought shirts that has this color. Your description on every color makes them more appealing.

  • Of course, “trendy” doesn’t always mean high-converting… 🙂 I wouldn’t be too fond of looking at that bright yellow on any website.

    Thanks, Natalie!


  • Well interesting post about colors. Well I am surprised that bright yellow color is also in. Well that means alot of people have different taste thane me. My own personal favorite is honeysuckle and it will always be. last color is good but not as much.

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    I love the Honeysuckle! I’d like to pair it with gray. That vintage wine also looks interesting. I think I would hesitate to use the citrus yellow though.
    This an interesting collection. It would be fun to try different combinations.
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  • I love the honeysuckle! I’m going to see if my boyfriend will let me paint the kitchen in that color. 🙂

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    The vintage wine really gets my attention. The citrus yellow looks good too but its not that pleasing to see.

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  • well, plum is not a color, it’s an “imposition” 😉

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    This is very good and informative article. This is very helpful to all the neophytes in designing. These colors are really very popular in designing. Thanks for the information.

  • That Citrus Yellow is definitely bright!!!! I have seen some of the girls in the mall wearing some of these colors, my personal favorite is that Vintage wine.


  • What about blue. Everywhere I go seems to be blue! Yellow is interesting though…

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