3 Important On-Page Seo Factors in 2011

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As we all know, Seo (search engine optimisation) is constantly evolving every single week and as a result it means that ranking factors that once were important in Google, Yahoo and Bings algorithms become either less important or essentially obsolete.

This makes online marketing a tougher process to understand because essentially there is no correct answer to any Seo strategy and even if someone did come up with the ‘perfect’ Seo strategy, it would soon become imperfect after a few weeks or months when the algorithm and ranking factors change.

What I want to look at today is what 3 of the most important on-page Seo ranking factors are in 2011 today in my opinion.

Title Tags


This is a very obvious and in many ways simple area of on-page Seo that sometimes is over looked. In basic terms a title tag tells the search engine what is inside the page and so it is important to have every title tag on your website unique, so each page on your website can rank individually. Also it is a good idea to format your title tags in such a way that the key words or key phrase you want to rank for is in the title tag.

Also your title tags should be no more than 70 characters long as Google does cut them off if they are any longer. So for example a health and safety company that is looking to rank for the key term ‘fire risk assessments’ would have a page on their website completely dedicated to fire risk assessing and a correctly formatted title tag for that page should look like this:

Fire Risk Assessments | Company Name

If they wanted to rank for another key term then there is plenty of room to have more keywords in the title tag as well.

Link Structure


A websites link structure in my opinion is of vital importance to both your human visitors and also search engine spiders. There are a lot of link structure options that you can decide upon however I am a big fan of keeping things simple and there is nothing worse on a website than an over complex link structure with too many categories. A website visitor should not have to click more than 2 times to find the product category they want otherwise you run the risk of losing them.

A good link structure is something that a website should really have from day one as it is much more difficult to alter once in place. Furthermore altering a link structure at a later date could mean that any inbound links you have built could end up going to a 404 error page because the URL no longer exists.

So when it comes to link structure, keep it as simple as possible and make sure that you think about your link structure for you human website visitors first and search engines second. In my experience if you get it right for the human visitors then you get it right for the search engines by default.


The aim for all search engines is to return the most relevant and up to date results for a particular search term and so with this in mind it makes sense to have good quality updated original content on your website. I personally think each page on a commercial website should have 100 to 200 words on describing the page and so the search engines have some content to index.

For this reason as well I think a company blog or company news section is a huge benefit to any website on the Internet trying to rank competitively. This would allow a company to write articles daily or weekly on topics in their business market that they could then submit to social bookmarking websites and gain traffic and links from the exposure.

It also allows a company to become a good online resource if they write good quality content which can increase their traffic hugely. So for example if the health and safety company I mentioned above were to blog about new safety regulations, interesting workplace safety legal cases and other useful health and safety related topics every week then they could become an online resource that other company managers and directors would read up on every week.



There are many online ranking factors that are all important to improve your websites exposure on the search engines, however I do believe that the 3 listed above are 3 of the most important factors today.

  • Titles are definitely important and content is becoming more and more important every day. I also think that the domain name can also be an important investment for long term success.

    A lot seems to be changing with SEO and i can see social networking sites becoming significantly more important with OFF PAGE optimization.

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    • Jason, social media has become a prerequisite for off page optimization. With the number of social media websites increasing at a tremendous rate, it is difficult to gather time for every website.

      Domain name plays an important role in seo , even if the rules change.
      Because the name of the website and domain name are used most of the times while linking.

      So choose a domain name with care!

  • Great post John ….

    Truly amazing, like your points on Title tags especially the one explaining the length of the title tag

    Thanks for the post … 🙂

  • As you say John, online marketing is difficult in the sens that SEO is always evolving. That’s what I find so fascinating (and difficult!) about online marketing: you always have to be aware of what’s happening and quickly find out how to deal with it.

    That’s why I like blogs like this one. People can give their advice. It’s a great way to learn because every person has his methods. You just have to find out what yours is… 🙂

    • voiture,
      its true. As the rules are not disclosed. It becomes our work to experiment and find out the possible reasons. this makes it possible for two people find different solutions which work for most people.

      The point is that you have to keep it simple and follow the basics so that u don’t go wrong even if there any updates in google’s search algorithm

  • Thanks for the tips. All are important, however I believe that content is the most important of them all and if you have truly unique content, search engines will appreciate that! Thanks for the post!

  • Yes, I think that any business website can benefit hugely from a blog. With every post about relevant issues and news, there’s another opportunity to snare some more great long tail keyword traffic.

    Another tactic that fits in nicely with a blog is to use it to publish interviews with leaders in your field. Lots of people search for the names of such people, and it’s also a way of getting new, original content without having to write it yourself (aside from the questions, that is).

  • Thanks for this great info. I’ve got a question. Is the title tag considered the same as ? Sorry I’m a newbie at social media, our website is recently redesigned on wordpress and I agree with you that a company blog is a good way to become a resource for our clients. I try to maintain the blog myself, which is very, very new so you’re suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  • An effective title needs to have a key word that has a high global monthly search. Contents should be related to the title, so that people will return and perceive your site as a source for a certain topic. Liked you tips, simple yet informative. thank you.

  • Very good article for people just getting started with SEO, title tags are extremely important and should contain your primary keyword.

  • Great one, John! I agree with you that these 3 factors are of great importance if we want to rank well in search engines. Since the Panda update, good quality content has become ever the most important factor!

  • The three factors you mentioned are definitely essential if you want to be successful the ranking of any site.

  • Great post. I knew the 2 of these 3 factors, I actually knew all of them but never thought of Link structure. But now that you referred to it, I can clearly see that it’s essential for a good optimized website. Thanks!

  • Link Structure is explained very well, and its true specially as it works for both human visitors and google crawlers. Good post !

  • pretty good tips. content was and will still be king, especially now with these panda updates… looks like google is getting better at grading content regarding it’s usefulness and that’s why now so many article directories, that want to keep their reputation, verify each article submitted.

  • On page SEO factors are the most importtant thing to rank over search engine and thank you so much for posting such good information.

  • I enjoy reading your blog, the content is invaluable to me. Excellent tips and techniques. These 3 factors will definitely help beginners in the field of SEO.. Thanks John!!

    • Yes Shilpa, I am new in this field. I believe anchor text helps a lot in generating traffics. Thanks for posting an amazing topic.

  • According to Me, Important Factors of SEO in 2011 is
    1. Bounce Rate
    2. Page Load time
    3. Click through rate
    4. Pageviews per visits

    you will find this unnecessary, but i have tried this on one dummy site on which i have written quality content, made some backlinks with Longtail keyword which are low in competetion.
    So I got ranked on 33rd position in SERP.

    After That, I created more 6 pages and linked all those 6 pages with that post, created wonderful design of website and added one small flash game to that post.

    This was quite effective to hold visitors and lowering my bounce rate. I got almost 32% bounce rate and 1.3% CTR. IN only 7 days i ranked on 4th for this post.

    I dont this in Feb 2011. And this works at this time also.

    Noadays google is watching… How much visitors are interested in your content? If you will be having copyrighted content then also you may rank well if your page has lower bounce rate..

    • U are absolutely right Mihir… These points are also effective in on-page SEO. I agree with you.

  • philwebservices

    Hi John you know what you have just stated there the exact information for SEO. I agree with it and this tips are actually effective in ranking the page. Hope you have more information about SEO and share it to us. Thank you.

  • marvic

    All the things mention here are really important. Most specially the content part, since Google weight the quality of content more than anything else.

  • Thank you so much for that nicely written piece of text.

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    Think is good.

  • Andrew Gill

    Page title,header tags,alt tags,meta tags,content,link structure are he main seo techniques.But content and title tags are the most important….thanks