Top 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress Hosting

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Search Engine Optimization can be very puzzling for bloggers, beginner as well as for experts. Search engines like Google or Yahoo view what’s going on, on your blog as WordPress is structured in a SEO friendly way. However there are really helpful plugins that which makes life for bloggers simpler and it also helps you to rank better. The SEO plugins below are what I consider the ones that should be installed for every blog you host. No matter what topic you focus on.

1. All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack is included in every list you find and with good reason. It allows you to configure your page titles, Meta tags and keywords as well as descriptions for either your whole blog or for individual page by individual page. Another advantage of this plugin is that it is compatible with other WordPress plugins and every beginner can handle it.

2. Permalinks Moved Permanently

A lot of bloggers choose a wrong permalink structure at the beginning of their blogging career. Once you have gathered a few experiences you might notice that the structure needs to be adapted and changed. Herein lays a problem. If you manually change your permalink structure your traffic will come to a standstill until your site is indexed again. This could take a while. This plugin is similar to the Redirect plugin that is also available from WordPress but rather than redirecting traffic it manages your permalink structure.

3. SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links is important as it helps you to interlink your subpages to one another. All you have to do is predefine keywords that the plugin should link to other articles that focus on similar subjects. This doesn’t just help your readers to find other relevant posts but it also helps Google to see how well structured your blog is and will eventually turn into a better ranking.

4. Robots Meta

Search engines crawl and index all your pages of your blog. When this occurs, it can happen that it creates duplicate content which you don’t want as Google could punish you for it. The Robots Meta plugin allows you to select which sections of your blog Google should crawl.

5. Akismet

This Plugin is from the makers of WordPress, and although it doesn’t have that much to do with SEO it is always on top of my list no matter what list I create as it is so handy that ever one should have it installed as it protects your blog from comment spam and pingbacks and trackback that you don’t want.

I hope that with the above SEO plugins you’ll be a lot faster and more successful in your blogging. For further questions and suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  • A good choice of plug-ins. I would add a Google sitemap plugin like Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

  • B.J

    God plugins here, but I prefer WordPress Seo by yoast over AIO , and image seo is also a great plugin..

    • Jym

      I agree with the vote for WordPress SEO. It does the job of robots meta, along with all the capabilities of All-in-One-SEO. And XML sitemaps. And more.

      SEOfriendly images and a caching plugin like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache would be on my list too!

  • All in one seo is the best plugin and headspace is also a good seo plugin which you can add to your list

  • my selection:
    All in One SEO
    Sitemap xml
    For canonical url edit the htaccess; you dont have to use plugins for that.
    Akismet is not for SEO; it is for spammer
    Last customize the title H1,H2,H3,H4,H5
    Text ratio of the page must be 15% above
    hope this help you guys 🙂

  • These are all great plugins, there is no question about that. I love Akismet, and in fact it is the default plugin in the WordPress installation, right?

  • You have mentioned all major plugins but I didn’t used SEO smar links till yet. Maybe i don’t like to many links between my blog post . Can we set the range of keywords get linked in single post ?

  • This is a good list, I can’t really argue your choices. Now if I could just find a way to make 1and1 hosting more WP friendly I’d be all set.

  • I have used some of these plugins, though never really looked at akismet. didnt really see the purpose. i just set my site for comment moderation and ignore all the spam comments

  • I think Yoast SEO is a better alternative to All in one SEO pack because it has some additional features like xml sitemaps and automatic SEO suggestions for new posts etc. I think you should add a broken link checking plugin to this as well because they are important in search engine rankings.

  • I love all the plugins you’ve mentioned and I am using them for quite some time. I would love to see you add Google Sitemap Gen.

  • Great list, we use All in One SEO, pretty satisfied thou. Have heard of other plug-ins too, would try them soon. Thanks !

  • Thank you so much, this has been a big help ,Yes, very interesting and informative! As a “newbie” blogger, even the simplest things others take for granted can seem a mystery to us!

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  • rnd technologies

    Nice blog.

  • simons holidays

    You’ve provided simple and informative content on WordPress, i am also WordPress user (Web designer)…Thank you for the useful tip on SEO

  • Good list. I would added plug-ins for the sitemap.

    Google XML Sitemaps for XML sitemap, as says Jim, and Dagon Design Sitemap Generator for html sitemap