Strategies For Maximum Results: How To Plan Your Blog

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People all over the world have found the benefits of starting a blog too lucrative to pass up. You can make money through advertising and reviews, which can bring in a decent income for those looking to invest a little time. Even if you’re looking at a blog as more of a personal venture or labor of love you still have to apply the necessary planning strategy to ensure that your blog doesn’t fall by the wayside and result in failure. Creating a blog takes a lot of time and effort and not planning accordingly can result in a wasted time and money.

There are thousands of blogs that get started every day and not every one of them is successful and one of the most common reasons is due to unplanned launching and not asking yourself the right questions. First you need to know what you want to talk about. A blog’s future will often get derailed through too much variance in your approach. If you have an idea, you need to stick to your plan. Ideally you should be writing/blogging on something that you have a working knowledge about. Switching to unrelated topics can catch audiences off guard and turn people off. Stick with what you know and keep your audience in mind when blogging.

Using the Right Strategy

One of the biggest costs to blogging is getting started and if you need to get the cash go with what resources are available to you. There are many ancillary costs like hosting and SEO consulting. If you have some money set aside for your blog then you’re already ahead but if you don’t then you should first consider money-making opportunities. There are online options like freelance writing and online surveys with companies like Survey Head. You can also sell some of your stuff online or get a small business loan. There are many options to get start-up money so don’t feel that just because you don’t have the cash on hand it means that you can’t start a blog.

Once you get your site up and running it’s wise to invest in Search Engine Optimization. Many companies that work in SEO will help you devise a long-term strategy for your blog’s success. They’ll show you how to increase your online profile and get the kind of traffic on your site. If you’re just starting out then you probably haven’t gotten any negative feedback, but if you have they’ll also work to suppress negative attention and increase the positive feedback. SEO is more of a long-term approach but it is something you’ll need to think about down the line.

Last but not least, you need to be patient. Success isn’t gained overnight. Building a blog’s reputation takes time and effort. You should be constantly adding fresh and thoughtful material and being active in the blogging community. Consider guest blogging on other similar sites to attract other readers. If you’re putting the effort in and using the resources mentioned above, the sooner your blog will start working for you.

  • Thank you for sharing Riley’s post with us. Blogging does take a lot of planning ahead. You need to determine how many blog posts you will do per week, the content of the posts, etc. while keeping in mind why you created your blog in the first place. I created a blog around my passions and areas of expertise so once I did that, the content for the posts came easily. I believe you need to follow your passion to enjoy blogging.

  • Planning for patience is a good piece of advice. Most people who start a blog dream of having overnight success. It’s the consistency and commitment that will ultimately decide weather people come back.

  • I also want to make money from blogging, but I have no experience in this matter. I used to write blogs to share information about the graphics. I hope to learn a lot through this post.

  • Good day! I do not see the conditions of use. Can I copy you write text on your site if you put a link to this page?

  • You have mentioned all main points but many new bloggers just create a blog and start mixing different niche content just to get more traffic. New bloggers must remember that only niche target blogs are able to attract high paying advertisers and make some good money for them. If you own a blog with mixed content then advertiser may get confused about his requirements and move-on to somewhere else.

  • Before starting your blog you must understand what’s your interest. I mean for which thing you can always talk again and again without getting tired. If you’re lacking this passion then I doubt you could be successful blogger.

  • I liked your last point best – patience. I would add perseverance to that too. Keep adding quality content, keep building backlinks, and wait.

  • Hi Riley,
    Nice post, i agree with you regarding most of the things in this blog. Planning before getting started is a must for the success of any programme and of course, patience is a virtue that gets people a long way forward.

  • Hi Riley,

    Honestly since Big G’s algorithm changes, I feel traumatic working hards and spend more cash for my blog lol.

    I remember when my site was affected, I felt my hard work is just gone suddenly.

    I am now more thinking I am blogging for fun and hobby. The rest, I leave it while running.


  • Luke

    I am just starting out and so far i am not bored or frustrated. I don’t even expect anything in first 3-6 months. I have been patient in real life, and my under-expectations always paid off.

    An advice i can give to everyone is not to look at results of others but to also understand the amount of hard work beyond that results.

    Everything offline or online requires dedication and patience. If you have those two – the results will come.

  • The most important thing is knowing your aim and hard work to get it .

  • Motivation. If you’re just messing around, you won’t get what you hope for. It’s your goals that set you on fire and get you moving, taking action. And finally, it’s taking action and putting in some effort that get you results.

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