Four Simple Tips On How To Consistently Write Good Content

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A lot of people want to make money blogging but most of them fail because they forget to work on writing content. You can’t monetize your blog if you haven’t provided enough efforts to create some content. The reason is simple, your readers want to consistently read free information and this is the main reason why they read your blog. People on the internet look for free information all the time and they want solutions to their problems.  You don’t need to be an expert to become a successful blogger because I think that everyone of us can write good content all the time if we start working hard.

Do the right thing! Focus on quality.

Here are Four Simple Tips On How To Always Write Quality Content:

1. Be creative

Creativity is an important skill that every blogger should have.  You can’t always write the same content all the time because your readers will just stop reading you and most likely unsubscribe from your RSS feed. Be original and try to educate your readers on different topics on your niche and you will be in the game!

2. Be Simple

Remember that you aren’t writing to an audience that all have college degrees.Your goal as a blogger should be to write content that can easily be scanned. Use h2-h3 tags to make your subheadings. Try to write short paragraphs and try to create good headlines. It’s better to write a short quality post then a post that contains 1000 words but doesn’t have a good structure!  I have to remind you that your visitors won’t always stay hours on your blog but just enough minutes to read some of your posts. They will be looking to read posts that will help them in their own online business.

3. Do some Researching Before Writing

It’s not everyone of us that are experts in a field or niche. However, it still isn’t an excuse to give up as nobody stops us from researching before writing a post. Try to research on the topic you are writing because this will help you avoid doing writing mistakes and ending up writing low quality content. Do some researching and you will always be able to write quality content!

4. Do Not Be Too Fancy

This is a mistake that you can easily make. You do not need to drop the jaws of your readers each time they read your posts. If you have really good skills at writing, you can always try but remember that bloggers aren’t necessarily experts but they do have a certain amount of knowledge and writing skills. Do not waste time writing 10 pages of boring content but try to aim for quality. Short posts can always be of quality. Quality should always be considered over ” quantity ”.

  • Really true, I agree. First thing that the bloggers will tend to read is your title of the page. Be sure to choose the title that will tend the readers to read, and if they did, they really care what is the inside of the page and that’s what the content will do. Love this simple tips..thanks..

  • thanks for the comment conde and yes having catchy titles will help you get more attention to your post!

  • Hello, everyone, I am David and I am relatively new to the internet and new to blogging. I find that bloggers are some of the most helpful and informative people anywhere. Blogs are where I get most of my information. Thank You for this post. I probably am in need of a mentor or a coach.

    • Good job David, I hope you start having success blogigng. Blogs are filled with free information.


  • Researching is must for any post. You must have good knowledge what you’re writing so that you can answer the question of your readers if they have any…

    • yes riya, researching is very important to have a post with valid facts and opinions!

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  • If you want to have an amazing post and get people to read it, first of all work on your title, make it as catchy and different as possible, I just heard of this thing called Title-o-matic, it helps you come up with titles. Another thing is to spend time getting your facts right as well digging recent news related to your niche!

  • Very well written Fazal, using short and catchy titles as well as sub headings helps a lot

  • If you are updating any topic further or making second part of any blog post then always do check Google Analytic reports too for long tail keywords. This can give you more suggestion about what people really looking for.

  • “You do not need to drop the jaws of your readers each time they read your posts.”

    Guilty as charged. I’m always trying to be stunning and jaw-dropping with every sentence. I need to stop that. good point. =)


  • I completely agree. Great content is so much more useful than just meeting word requirements. Your much better writing a short but very useful post as apposed to a long post that won’t help anyone.

    Not only will your readers enjoy it, but they will be much more likely to revisit your blog.

  • You can find at least one post in each blog, where the writer talks of running out of ideas or coming up with low content even when they have had their best efforts. The idea is to take a break-try something new and be back as a person, better than ever before.

  • Hello Fazal, you did a fantastic job on here. And, content should be simple with the attractive headlines – it’s my point of view. Thank you so much for given your post on here, Fazal 🙂 Great effort 🙂

  • thanks for the kind comments to all. 🙂

  • being a simple writer is being good and steady..

  • Wow, these tips are all simple and promising. I totally agree with you particularly with the tips number 3. Research is very important to build a strong argument in our writing.

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  • I think “be simple” is probably the hardest part to implement. As we begin writing, words just poor in and not all of them necessary “simple”. I found that asking my son to read my content and ask questions on what he didn’t understand helps – this way I can replace those words with something he understands 🙂

  • Good article, Fazal! Fresh/unique content with a bit of research along with keeping it simple can help bring back visitors.

  • Thank you for the article. New writter here and reading this helped me find some balance between trying to hard and just writing. Thanks again

  • Having a good content of a blog is very important. If the content of that certain post is not good enough, or has no sense at all, then nobody would love to read your other blogs because some people really do believe in the saying, “First impression counts”. With these tips being mentioned above, it might help bloggers to have many readers.

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