A Guide to Blogging for The Mature Woman

Blogging is no longer a hobby for techies and teenagers, online communities are connecting people with similar interests from around the blogsphere, and older women are no exception.

In this post, guest author, Mona Pennypacker of Acorn Creative Studio who specialises in web design in Colorado, explores what you need to know in order to start a blog, even if you feel behind the times or out of your comfort-zone.

Mother always knows best, and that’s why more mature women —even those that aren’t actually mothers—should seriously consider sharing their knowledge with the wider world!  While many choose to do so through more traditional means, new media such as blogs present a wonderful and dynamic opportunity for women, including those who are just past the middle of their middle-age, to share their experiences, their opinions, and their passions.  However, blogging can be a bit of an unknown for many women in this category (who haven’t grown up with a mouse glued to their hand and their eyes glued to a computer screen); to help them along their way, here we’ve assembled some useful information to describe how to create a blog, what to include in it, and so on.

Hey mom, start blogging!

Step 1: Choose your topic and audience. The first step, before any technological questions at all need to be addressed, is to determine what you are going to write about and who you hope to get interested in your material.  While some women may already have a very specific idea of what they want to elaborate on—such as a recent trip around the world, a volunteer experience in a developing country, or recently becoming an empty-nester—many other women may not have such a well-developed idea…they just want to be creative, and are open to the options.  For them, it can be highly educational and beneficial to peruse what other women are blogging about these days; as it turns out, there are many such blogs and though they cover many areas there are certain trends that can be identified, such as discussing ways to remain healthy, how to keep a marriage or other relationship strong, and cultural events within a given area.  Don’t feel constrained, however, as you’ll find that there is an audience out there on the web for just about anything, as long as it’s interestingly presented!

Step 2: Choose your platform. Once you know what you’re going to talk about and who you want to attract to your blog, it’s time to choose a blogging platform.  There are many possible platforms to choose from, though at this point there are a few “heavyweights” that will help you penetrate into an ever-broader audience, such as Blogger and WordPress.  Some platforms are free of charge while others involve a minimal monthly fee, usually in exchange for a more dynamic user experience with more digital storage included.

Step 3: Keep it coming. By now you’re ready to get going, and once you do you’re going to want to make sure that you don’t stop!  One of the most important “tricks” to successful blogging is the regular addition of new material, as this keeps your blog highly relevant in internet searches and consolidates your reputation as someone with something to say.  Of course, you don’t want to just put any old junk out there; rather, keep quality high as well as frequency.  Though you don’t want to ramble, you also don’t want to be shy about your new blogging experiment.

Step 4: Get the technical aspects down. Finally, you’re going to want to touch up on some of the more technical aspects to blogging such as identifying “tags” and leaving backlinks on other sites.  This will enhance your blogging experience and give you the know-how to take your blogging to the next level, if and when you choose to do so


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    It is a very nice and informative post.Thanks for your guidance.This post is really very helpful and you well explained the topic.

  • Hi Mona,
    My wife has read your post and I was glad you open up her mind to do some blogging to develop more of her skills. I know blogging is not just for money but also for personal development.

  • As a household mom I am also looking for a great way to monetize my blog and I think this is a great article where I seriously learnt something good..thanks for the share!

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  • Being a blogger does not just require good English skills , it requires tactics too. You can attract more audience when you know what you are writing about. Readers will trust what you know and will eventually be a subscriber. It’s also attractive to visual readers when you add a few pictures on your blogs. You should really know who your target audience is before you decide to be a blogger. Then, success will just follow.

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