• Who would have thought that the Twitter page could be so good at giving us a bit of SEO, great tips on optimizing our future tweets, I’ll certainly be trying to make sure I follow your tips, cheers 😉

  • Google is considering social media sites to judge quality of content to any site. In this regard twitter is very important platform to promote your content effectively. BTW Nice tips.

  • I found twitter and digg as two good mediums of promoting my content. I also noticed that submitting new blog posts to Social booking websites can also help them to get index soon.

  • i generally use social media site to bring some traffic but never think of getting my twitter profile on ranking of google. this is something new for me. as far as traffic is concern i am not that successful in twitter…its may be my presentation over my profile…thanks for sharing your steps.


  • I regularly posting links on twitter.. it is good in optimizing.
    excellent post!

  • Social networking sites nowadays are used for buinesses and even marketing… It is maybe because of the impact that it makes to all users and account holders… It is also easy to access because they are already familiar with the application…

  • With billions of tweets and millions of members just tweeting without reading anything on twitter i don’t see much of success on twitter, sorry to say may be i’m not using it the way it should be, anyways thanks for the post will try to apply these tips and hope for a good result, Thanks.

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    Nice view.