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Driving attention to a niche blog can be a hard task to accomplish, even if you’re a seasoned veteran at drawing in a ground. Providing readers with great content that engages them and leaves them wanting more is a sure fire way to draw in a crowd and keep them, but grabbing the initial attention of the readers is a hard task to complete. Thankfully, services like make it easy to connect with other bloggers in your niche so you can essentially swap readers.

How It Works is essentially a network of bloggers who are interested in featuring guest content, or bloggers who are interested in providing guest content. This method of content sharing benefits both, as the person featuring the guest post gets fresh content and a new perspective that their readers are sure to enjoy, while the guest author gets backlinks and the potential for more readers to regularly visit his own blog since both blogs are in the same niche.

The service is extremely easy to use and there is no division between the guest posters and the bloggers. The marketplace is divided for easy browsing, but if you have a blog and you’d like to write a few guest posts to increase exposure while featuring guest posts of someone else, it’s completely possible. The best part of the whole service is that it connects you to like-minded people for free, so you’re benefiting each other.

Does It Work?

In terms of providing a place for guest bloggers to have their content published and content providers to find content easily, yes it does. Of course there are always quality control concerns when you have a massive marketplace like this, as anyone can apply and type up anything in the hopes that someone else will publish it. The service does feature quality writers, but slogging through the multitude of blog entries to find them can be tiring.

Thankfully, if you find a blogger or guest blogger who’s work you like, you can bookmark them to find their articles on the site much easier. This makes featuring content from those you trust much easier. The authors of content also retain the full rights of their articles, so there’s no need to worry about losing your valued work. Any links that are established within the article must stay put, so as long as you’re not abusing your link privileges as a content author, then your links will stay intact as well.

Overall, for anyone who needs quick content to maintain their blog while on vacation, or for anyone who is looking for an avenue to reach more readers, the marketplace is a great start.

Gautam Chips in: I have used and found it very beneficial for those who are just new to arena of guest blogging or who are looking for quality content for their blogs. I have had the chance of inviting several guest bloggers from this website and I must say, I was never disappointed with their work (actually I was a little surprised because some of them were really amazing).

  • This site seems very interesting and always help you to write something interesting even if you lacking the idea about topic. As you can see what other bloggers are doing in your niche and get good idea.

  • I also used it and found few nice guest bloggers for my blog. It works well but need more people to join it. Only then there will be opportunities available

  • This sounds interesting, It can prob be used to create connections in your niche as well. Too bad not too many people are on it.

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  • I have been looking forward to starting a guest blog section for my blog and websites like these should hopefully make my task a lot easier. Thank you for sharing!

  • Myblogguest is very good, I have had a god experince. Yes, some posts are really amazing as Gautam said. I am looking for site similar to MyGuestBlog, If you know any please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I use MyBlogGuest to find guest posts for my blog and it has worked pretty well for me, I have published more than 20 guest posts in the last 3 months all of them thru MyBlogGuest, I certainly recommend it to anyone who needs guest content for his blog

  • MyBlogGuest is a complete waist of time. The articles offered have no real value at all. Some of the articles are what they called “spinned” articles. There are some members that are exchanging content but that are only the members with high ranked website. If you don’t have a PR4 or higher website..don’t waist your time.

  • A nice overview of this site, thanks very much.

    I’ve decided to sign-up for the site and your review was helpful in my decision making process.

    Thank you

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