Keys to Successful Video Blogging

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Blogs have become an increasingly important tool for promoting and delivering information about your business over the past couple of years. They have been proven to increase traffic to a company’s website, build business, and establish trust with the amount of credible information they deliver.

Yet some companies are upgrading their blogs, and transforming from writers into producers through the use of video blogs, or vlogs. Vlogs are much more engaging with the viewers in that they add a more visual element to what would otherwise just be somebody speaking to them.

Though vlogs take much more time per entry to produce, the end result turns out to be much better and more interactive than a traditional blog would be. Any company that is considering starting a vlog, or upgrading their current blog to include video, should consider these few tips before officially making the move.

A. Pick a Topic

This is easy for some companies who are industry-specific. Yet for some bloggers it is easy to get off the path and talk about other things. Choosing and staying with a topic is the most important thing any vlogger can do, because it maintains consistency and sticks to the interests of the specific niche audience the vlog is intended for.

Staying focused is the most important thing you can do. Neil Patel, one of Technorati’s top 100 bloggers and founder of a blog that teaches readers the ins and outs of online poker strategy, talks about staying focused: “Instead of getting involved with the self-promotional hype, I just concentrate on sharing my knowledge, which I think helped with my personal brand. And the main key to my success was that I let everything out. Because sooner or later others are going to know what you know, so might as well be the one to tell them.”

B. Be, or Find, a Good Public Speaker

Public speaking is statistically the number one fear of Americans. Yet a vlog cannot be successful without a narrator who is confident, enthusiastic, and is unafraid of speaking in front of potentially large audiences.

It can be fairly easier being in front of a camera rather than a live audience, because speakers don’t have to look directly at the audience and there is more of a chance to organize dialogue and follow a script more closely. Plus, if any mistakes are made, they can be edited out in no time.

What is stated in the vlog should be organized. There should not be an exact script of what should be said, because the speaker may come off as sounding robotic or apathetic about the topic. Use an outline with key points to be mentioned. Leaving that openness will make the narrator sound more casual and conversational while still keeping focus.

C. Use Visuals

The point of a vlog is for viewers to have an audio-visual experience, rather than just having to read. Nobody wants to stare at a screen for an extended period of time without seeing something besides the narrator’s face. Having visuals, like video clips, animations, and opening and closing sequences similar to the news will keep viewers hooked on the content and message of the video.

D. Stay Consistent

Consistency means a lot of things in the blogging world. It means keeping that consistent topic, but also a consistent appearance, mood, and posting frequency. Viewers like consistency because they know what to expect when they visit a blog over and over again.

Posting at a consistent rate will provide readers with the knowledge of when they need to come back to visit. Budgeting time to write a few times a week, once a week, or even once a month will have users coming back for more, so long as they know when they need to come back.

Anyone can be a successful vlogger with the right motivation and dedication, plus a knowledge of the tips mentioned above. There are opportunities now more than ever to utilize freedom of speech. So now is the time to go out, promote, and be successful.

  • There are important considerations to follow to have an effective video blog. The blog itself should be a hit topic, consistent, and the visuals will really capture your attention.

  • Agree with all your tips. Vlogs are becoming prominent on web. I first learnt about them at Problogger. Seems this is a new trend in the blogosphere and we have to work on it. 🙂

  • Hi Riley,

    I absolutely agree with you that for video blogging, you must increase the quality of the content and the visualization. A good speaker point is also very important. It makes good impression for someone who watch your explanation on the video. Nice, thanks for sharing. Appreciate it.

  • Vlogging has only been growing the last decade, and is definitely one of the most powerful marketing tools online marketers have at their disposal. Frank Kern, among others of the best, consistently swear by it. I wholeheartedly believe what you say here is absolutely true!


  • Never tried Video blogging as yet. This is totally new topic for me, I know it’s a future of blogging and I need to concentrate on it as well.

  • I appreciate, because I found exactly what I was looking for. God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  • The basics of video blogging would be to be innovative and proceeding identifying the proper audience for your blog. For example, you can check the channel of the user gradualreport on youtube and see it yourself.

  • I have not tried video blogging myself mainly because I am not a good public speaker. Well, just like what you mentioned, perhaps I can find someone to do this for me! 🙂

  • Ooops, great. I am searching this since many years. How can I express my happiness to you. I am watching your best blog post ever. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    It is a very nice and informative post.You give a good suggestion of video blogging and it will increase traffic to blog as well.

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  • I have looked at options to video blog or not – some people are born with a “radio face” – I’d be one of them and from what I have read on topic – your personal appearance is what actually helps with video blogging success?

  • Video blogging is not SEO friendly, but it can bring the “targeted audience” if you succeed to become viral..!

  • Having/finding a good voice for narration and properly recording it is key. I have cut many otherwise interesting and informative vlogs short simply because the narrator or the sound quality was sub par.

  • Initially, vlog is one of the excellent video experience as compared to ordinary blog. Because vlog is one of the effective concept. And, it’s really well written article on here. Great effoprt 🙂 keep doing 🙂

    • Thanks Kavya! Compliments are always appreciated

      • Great job, Riley 🙂 Keep doing 🙂

  • It’s a great post! In all honesty, whenever I start having doubts about self-publishing I come here and gain the motivation to keep moving forward. Thanks.


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  • Quite good and interesting information.I guess such blogging is usually not SEO friendly.

  • You can Also try other metode.
    Try using an Power Point presentation and change it to a video, after that you can add your own voice or use an word to voice converter, is not great but is a start for shy people

  • The blog itself should be a hit topic, consistent, and the visuals will really capture your attention. There are important considerations to follow to have an effective video blog. Glad that you have posted this great guidelines.

  • I have yet to create my first video. Haha… anyway, thank you for your great sharing on how to be successful on video blogging.

  • sound effect? what about adding some background music or effects for opening a door anything to make it more interesting.

    • That is an great idea. Music is often a great way to make things a little more interesting…as long as it doesn’t take all attention away from the actual content of the video

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