Incorrect Views of Social Media

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Social Media Marketing is a topic that is discussed everywhere. It seems as though every business owner wants 10,000 fans on Facebook, 30,000 Twitter followers, and a viral video that will get more hits than the “It’s Friday” video.

Ok, maybe I am being a little sarcastic, but as an online marketer, I get a little frustrated with many of our clients who have unrealistic social media expectations.

While getting a video to go viral can be difficult, it is very possible to get thousands of Facebook fans or Twitter followers, but only if you understand social media and are committed to it. Thankfully, there are many great blogs, like, books, and forums that are dedicated to providing excellent educational resources to help you get started with social media, many of which are free!

Here are a few common misunderstandings that I run into when talking to prospective clients about social media.

An Advertising Medium:

To be successful with social media, you must understand that it is about connecting and engaging with other people. Social media marketing should not be viewed as a way to blast potential customers with your “amazing” deals and promotions. If that is all you do, you will not have an audience. While social media can be used effectively to spread good deals and promotions (i.e. @slickdeals), focus more on interaction with customers and the online community.

Tip: Think about the user. Would you “like” your company Facebook page? Why?

Money, Sales, and Greed:

Money Money Money!

I have talked to so many people who get wide-eyed thinking about how much money they are going to make with a minimal investment in social media. Oftentimes, these are the same people who view social media as an advertising medium, and they clearly do not get it.

Social Media takes time, dedication, and an understanding of social media rules and etiquette. My personal belief is that younger generations have an easier time adopting this, because they have grown up in the digital age where MySpace and Facebook have transformed the way humans are able to interact and stay connected.

Tip: Think about customer “needs” before sales. This does not mean you do not have a strategy to track ROI, but it does mean that you must first think about the user.

It is Easy:

Another common misunderstanding about social media is that it is easy and requires minimal time, thought, and resources. Businesses using social media must first develop a strategy for their SM. What is its purpose – customer service? sales? engagement? information? Once you have a strategy in place to help accomplish its purpose, you must invest time to engage with your audience.

Tip: Plan on spending at least 10 hours a week running your social media campaigns. If you are a larger company, this could be a much higher number.


So, now what?

I hope that this post helped dispel some popular misconceptions about social media. My purpose of this post is not to discourage you from getting involved, but rather set your expectations about what Social Media entails. Social Media can be an excellent tool for companies large and small to engage with their clients, and if done well, can provide an excellent ROI, just ask Zappos.

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  • Social media has both advantages as well as disadvantages in it. But at the time, it would be great platform to increase page ranking in the web. So, it would be really good. Thank you so much for given up here 🙂

  • Social Media is basically for interacting with your niche, community and customers…And its never a tough job to get huge amount of fans or followers as lots of paid services are available. What matters is the people really interested in your stuff

  • Now a days blogging and social media haven’t been going the way they should have been. With money and greed being involved, dedication has suffered a fall, yet the people who have it, have achieved greater success than the ones without it.

  • Thank you so much Jared for given valuable post on here 🙂

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