How to reduce spam by 90%

Spamming is one of the most troubling issues faced by bloggers. If you don’t use an anti-spam plugin, your comment section is bombarded with comments mainly targeted for self promotion or for selling a product. This may not be a very big problem for blogs who are just starting out or the ones which are not so popular. But once you have reached a  certain level where your blog has a decent reputation, your blog will be inundated with spam comments. If you don’t find a solution to the problem, you will end up getting irritated.


Usually, bloggers use a plugin – Akismet (which is bundled with the wordpress installation). It is by far, the most effective anti-spam plugin. Any comment which does not pass its test is sent to the spam folder.

Although, it is good to see that all the comments which look spammy are sent to the spam folder. But, some of these comments are genuine but somehow do not pass Akismet’s test because of the following two reasons:

  • The Name contains certain keywords which are usually considered spammy
  • The website link or the email id have spammy names

I, for one, value my reader’s opinion and so, I make it a point to include all the genuine comments to the table. I was not happy with Akismet because it was flagging some genuine commments as spam and I had to check the spam folder manually to approve comments. This was time consuming and very frustrating.

Conditional Captcha

Conditional Captcha


I came across  the Conditional Captcha plugin which conditionally flagged comments as spam. Whenever Akismet flagged any comment as spam, the conditional captcha plugin will display a captcha to verify it (the commenter) was a human and not a bot. If the captcha is filled correctly, the comment can be sent to the spam folder, or in moderation queue or be approved. The ones that fail the test can be deleted permanently or sent to the trash.

By this technique, I am able to reduce the spam comments to about 10% of the comments I get.

I hope this quick tip will help you tackle the problem of spamming.

  • Akismet plugin is a must for all the WordPress blog to prevent comment spam, otherwise your comment box will be burst everyday.

    Between, recently my blog has another spam which is “someone” register as a contributor and I don’t know how he publishes the blog post without my approval. I deleted the user for several times and the user is still trying to register again and publish the blog post.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to prevent this happens.


  • I wish this article was around when I first started. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me how so many blog owners would go through and check each message when most if not all were spam. Thank you for this post. It will definitely help someone.

  • Initially, blogger have to check the comment manually and then approve comments -it’s my opinion. Because most of the original comments are also going to spam because of incorrect text and so on. Thank you Gautham for given here 🙂

  • These plugins are popular because the number of spammers increasing very fast. So such plugins are important for blogs like installing anti-virus to your system so that your system can remain free from viruses.

  • JO

    It always makes me crazy why people use such methods to promote products. What they think, I’ll buy the product if I see the methods they use to promote it?!! I still have not come across it, but thank you for the tip.

  • Yeah, Akismet is surely not enough anymore these days. I use another captcha based anti-spam on my blog since there were so many spams.

  • Akismet is a must-install plugin for any WordPress blog. In fact, I think WordPress should make this as a default plugin and enable it by default – they should also do away with the API thingy… make it easy for beginners. What do you think?

  • Gautam,

    I guess Akismet belongs to the couple of plug-ins every WordPress blog (be it self-hosted or not) starts with.

    I have Akismet running, but nevertheless receive too many spams every day. I have been considering a second filter, but I am somewhat anxious to install a captcha or something that would discourage readers to leave a comment.

    It is not easy to strike the right balance…

  • Akismet is the best when it comes to reduce the spams…. Captcha is good but it can also annoy the genuine readers and amount of comments can go down

  • Hey Gautam, Akismet is good but it’s not the only available option for us. I personally recommend using Akismet with WP Spam Free since using both these plugins at the same time helped me to neglect SPAM comments entirely from my blog.

  • Spammers have got to be one of the most annoying parts of blogging. Before I started using any tools, my blog was flooded with spam comments. To help control this issue I began using Akismet and Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. I also started to close my comments after a certain amount of time. Utilizing these tool has helped to practically eliminate spam from my blog.

  • I use askimet and wp spam free to reduce spams on my site

  • Spammer always make our works as blog owner worst. We need to check always our blog so that we can now delete spammers their. Reducing spammers to our website as well as blog site will really help us a lot.

  • Hi gautam,

    Your post is very useful for me. I got many spams in my email and blogs. And by reading your post, I think I could handle it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for the information on blocking spam. I just set up my site last month and all I am getting is spam comments on my articles. I knew about Akismet, but didn’t think I needed it. I didn’t know about Conditional Captcha. I have them both activated now. Thanks again.

  • Hi there. Thanks for yout post. I have a new blog and still get excited when I get a comment. I’m always disappointed because, so far, it’s all been spammy-bot-generated BS! I’ll try some of your strategies. I’ll probably then get no comments at all :-(. Better that though, than an AI discussion that makes no sense to a human reader.

  • Thank you for the information that you posted here. It really helps. Spammer in the blog makes uneasy. So with post, how to reduce spam, it helps a lot! Nice one.

  • Almost all of us really hate spammers. Some people easily gets annoyed with those spams. This post is very useful since people don’t want to have spams. Great post!

  • Akismet has a database with blacklisted IPs, email addresses, and some words mate, if someone comments using those details then it’ll obviously enter into SPAM section.

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    Good think.