Dofollow Blog Comments are of No Use!

Dofollow became a phenomenon in the early ages of search engine optimization. When blogs needed authority links for their websites (to have a higher rank in google search), the blog owners came up with the novel idea of awarding a free link to commenters in lieu of a quality comment. These types of comments are commonly termed as a “Dofollow Comment” and blogs which offer dofollow comments are known as “Dofollow blogs”. At first, this concept had its benefits: Bloggers got decent amount of extra traffic and the no of comments per article showed an upward trend. It seemed a win-win for all!

But, as is the case with many ideas: users started misusing this concept. Spammers got hold of a list of dofollow blogs. They started abusing by adding spammy links usually intended for self promotion in their comments. Their comments didn’t add any value to the discussion. Also, instead of investing their time on reading the blog article, they automated the system of commenting, which made things even worse.

Now, due to excessive spamming and automation of commenting, the number of comments rose from a few multiples of 10 to hundreds. And, almost like 99% of these comments were spammy. Bloggers came up with the solution of anti-spam plugins which blocked such spam comments. This solved much of the spam problem. From then on, some bloggers choose to have dofollow blogs and some don’t.

In my opinion, dofollow blogs are of no use for the blogger as well as the commentator. I know, most of my friends as well as my readers may not agree with what I’m about to say. But, my opinion is based on my 5 years of experience in the blogging field.

Dofollow is pointless!

For Commentators

Dofollow comments have little SEO value

Most of the online users believe that dofollow comments have a good SEO value i.e it affects their page rank as well as their search engine rankings. But. I beg to differ!

Google Makes sure its value is nullified

Google has made it a point to tackle link spamming i.e. to curb the misuse of seo for promoting below average web pages. Firstly, if a page which has a lot of outbound links which are not relevant with the context of the website. Then, the page ranking of that page goes down. And so, the the link juice also goes down (google punishes such pages because they are linking to a malicious or a non relevant site).

Also, if a blog gets many comments, then your comment will not have any value because search engines like google only crawl a fixed number of links and if there are many comments, your comment may not be crawled. Hence, no link juice!

Bloggers eventually change their blog status

Bloggers eventually realize that they are not getting indexed on many searches because of the dofollow nature of their blog. So, they decide to change their dofollow blog to a nofollow blog to get a higher page rank. I have seen many major dofollow blogs getting converted into nofollow just because they wanted a higher page rank.

This conversion meant that all the comments that you made earlier in that blog are an utter waste of time and and all link juice will be lost!

Nofollow passes some link Juice

This is not a fully proven theory but people believe that nofollow still passes some link juice. If that is true, it doesn’t matter whether you use nofollow or dofollow.

For Bloggers

Excessive Spamming

You are inviting trouble if you are announcing your blog as a dofollow enabled blog. Spammers get attracted to such blogs because they think that such blogs pass some real link juice.

Guest Blogging will have little value

A guest blogger submits a guest post, because he expects good quality traffic and some inbound links (for his blog). When a blog becomes dofollow, all links have equal status. therefore, a link in the guest article is similar to the link in the comment. Thus, it is easier and faster to submit a comment than writing a full blown article.

Encouraging Commenters and Rewarding Them

Commentluv is a good alternative for rewarding commenters. It improves the visibility of commenter and also, increases chances of improving their traffic stats.


In Totality, dofollow doesn’t have any meaning in this era. Commenters can be engaged and rewarded without spamming search engines.

Let’s Discuss

What do your prefer Nofollow or dofollow?

  • I think blog comments and guest posts already hold little link value because it’s been abused and I’m sure Google and discounted such links. The same goes for forum links, article directories, etc…

    • I would have to disagree with the link value associated with guest articles. The links which are above or below or even inside a blog post carry more value than any other.

      After all, if links near posts didn’t have any value, then why would people use in-linking to build their seo?

  • I agree to your points, I also think that Getting backlinks via Commenting is just a waste of time 🙁

    • Yes getting backlins in the form of comments is a waste of time. But, on the other hand, comments can help in the following three ways:

      1. getting your blog indexed
      2. Traffic
      3. Branding

      • I have to agree with Gautam in a way but it’s best to look for blogs and websites with few outbound links and on topic.

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  • Hey Gautam, I haven’t done any research on this topic, but IMO dofollow comments posses SEO value when it is used with the right keyword. What most people forget is, when we comment we will use our own name instead of any keyword, so we can’t expect great results just by commenting on dofollow blogs.

    If we have the opportunity to comment with our keywords in the name field instead of our name, then it will certainly count as a backlink and increases our blog’s search visibility. Hope you got my point.


    • Sathish,
      Keywords are important for better indexation of blog articles. But, I would like to say that comments should never have names as the blog name. This is a malpractice and is usually disliked by bloggers.

      There are many white hat methods such as guest blogging or submitting to various social media websites which will ensure better returns.

      • I really understand the point of Sathish, sometimes we use our own name instead of keywords, I tried that one, but sometimes if we use the keywords in commenting, we do hope that it will be approved by the admin, cause sometimes we marked as spam, and its wasting to much effort to comment just to get high rank. and I do agree with you Guatam. I have a little bit curious what is the difference between the two?

        I really appreciate this kind of conversations..

        • See, the whole point of comment is to add value and as a blogger I expect somebody to reach to my blog if i am commenting on somebody’s blog.

          But, in order to do that, there are two prerequisites:

          1. Use your name (some sites offer you to use name @ keyword which is even better)

          2. Write something valuable – As a reader, if i see a comment that gives a new perspective or more information, there is a high probability that I will check out their blog.

          Don’t focus on getting links, try to get links that actually get you quality traffic.

  • While I mostly agree with your post I think there’s value in a couple of situations here.

    1. Getting indexed. Blog comments are an easy way to grab a couple of links (dofollow or nofollow) on a blog and get a new site/page indexed.

    2. Inviting commentary. If you have a new blog it’s not always easy to start generating conversations. Sometimes with the perceived value of Dofollow comments you can lure some people to your blog and get them to interact. Granted, this may require a lot of spam policing to start, but it can definitely help get the ball rolling.

    • I agree with both the points but you can invite commenters by starting a controversy or a debate. People tend to participate more in controversial titles

  • Siddartha Thota

    Well, Blog Commenting is definitely Having value initially. But because of the open fact that many people were involved in Comment Spamming, SE’s were not giving it much priority currently. But, still Guest posting is having great value for sure.

    Awesome Post Buddy. You have covered everything.

    • Guest blogging is high value for sure. But, you can’t possibly write 20 guest articles per day, but you can always comment that much and if you are lucky to be the first commenter, you might get traffic for a long period of time.

      • If you have a high interest in something, and/or have a lot of time on your hands, you could churn out that many posts in one day. For example, I do this a lot when CES and events like it come around every ear. I put them at my tech site.

  • Hi Gautam!

    I have to say that I agree with you 100% on this issue. Dofollow comments are essentially of no value.

    True, “Dofollow” blogs *might* encourage more “genuine” comments with the link back as an added incentive to participate, but they are more apt to generate comments irrelevant to the post that do not generate conversation or add anything to the post whatsoever, save for their link of course.

    I am sure the intent of many “Dofollow” blogs was noble; receiving comments just for the sake of receiving comments was not their primary goal, however, it seems that many also became carried away with the whole “dofollow” idea they gladly accepted their subsequent “Dofollow” comments.

    I am all for “sharing the love,” but that’s the thing, I am not in love with “dofollow” comments!

    As always, I am delighted and impressed with the integrity of your writing. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your insights.


    • Dofollow comments were an incentive and it was done by bloggers to induce more conversation but this got haywire when the black hat seo’s thought of automating the comments and pushing it across all the blogs.

      I believe there are various other ways to give incentives to commenters – one was featuring the best comment on the blog by pamelia brown (

      These kind of incentives will promote the genuine commenters and will filter the spammy kinds.

      Always love your feedback Lauren 🙂

  • Agree with your points…. Btw I prefer nofollow over dofollow for my blog !! When blog commenting is considered I opt for both dofollow and nofollow blogs.

  • I never took part in blog commenting to gain backlinks, I do it to gain some traffic (I’m being honest here). Obviously I don’t post on all blogs, only on post that interest me. 🙂

    • Hi Dean,
      Surely there is no harm in getting traffic out of comments 🙂

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    Thank you for sharing these tips Gautam, I just created a new blog and I think by commenting on blogs dofollow + comment luv will help my blog to get indexed by google and also get more backlink.

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  • Guest blogging is one of the best directions to get high traffic for the web site. And, it has a lot of profit in it. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas on here. Today, most of them are nofollowers in the web 🙂

  • Hiii Goutham,
    acc to your version blog commenting is waste of time.. and guest posting is best thing…..
    But I had one doubt… what exactly the diff between guest posting and article posting in article directories… How guest posting is more important than article submitting to article directory….

  • Can’t really say much about d relationship of do follow and seo, but your points and the comments got me thinking. I just started a new blog (a second) and have the commenting strategy in my list of to dos. i think commenting is worth it for new blogs due to the gradual exposure it gets.. Indexed or not, commenting on relevant high traffic blogs should be worth it.

  • Mihir Naik

    No… gautam, i think u r wrong.. dofollow worth….. i am SEO and working for US firm. I bet, dofollow worth…

  • You make a cogent argument with regards to dofollow comments holding little or no SEO value. However, I agree with Adam (comment # 4) that if for nothing else, at least blog comments (providing they are legit) are still a viable way of getting your blog or page indexed. Obviously there’s other criteria to determining whether it will provide link juice, e.g., page rank, anchored text in the actual comment—(making it an editorial link)—and lastly rank page, meaning do the keywords bring up the site on the first page of Google

    The point I’m making is I don’t believe it’s so black and white in terms of it helping SERP. Like most things in life the truth lies in the shades of gray.

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  • I find dofollow blogs to work as well. But not as important and other backlinking methods.

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  • I think Dofollow comments have no SEO value because Google’s algorithms are smart.

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  • Google are clever enough to differentiate between a spam link on a dofollow blog and a relevant/useful link on a nofollow blog and will weight the backlink accordingly.

    I think that is the most relevant and worthwhile point to bear in mind – it doesn’t matter how many times we educate this or display examples of this though, there will always be spammers in the millions targeting dofollow blogs and making their every day life a living hell.

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  • I think the dofollow blogs are part you mentioned essential and important points between them, taking the time to read many blogs do not go looking just to say, “good post” no, if you want coseguir links to do a good job. and follow the recommendations of the owner of the blog.

  • I don’t think any of these makes ANY sense at all. With all due respect, let me expose my confusions. I will try to attack the statements made throughout the article and comments with my doubts/skepticism.

    Statement1: If a page with PR3 has 300 links, none of the links get any link juice, because it gets divided and resultant effect is close to zero.
    Attack: This seems to be a myth, my own observations (recent) tells me otherwise. I think DoFollow (or not) – anchored – commenting is as much alive as it gets.

    Statement2: Relevancy of linking page is something you should spend your time upon.
    Attack: My competitor in a certain (highly competitive) niche has 600+ links (most from PR0-1, up to one PR7). Most are accompanying 100s of spammy counterparts, not to mention irrelevant most of the time. But somehow, my relevant links from same/better PR sites are no match for his irrelevant ones.

    Statement3: Outbound links reduce PR of the link hosting page.
    Attack: In passing PR you don’t loose it yourself. Except if you are passing Link Juice substantially to ambiguous sources.

    I guess my doubts are pretty-much against everything discussed on this page, and still I am commenting here to get a no-follow backlink on a page with around 100 links in total. Doesn’t that tell anything about my conviction upon the subject?

    Hope that makes sense.


  • Commenting are still effective for the latest panda update?

  • After reading this article I’m convinced that a dofollow blog has a negative effect on SEO. I have a dofollow blog and I filter out all the spam but if I’m linking to pages that are not that relevant, Google will give penalty. That’s true. I think I’m going to be a nofollow blog. Sorry for the people who had commented on my blog.

  • I have no much more experience in SEO line But i Know the value of nice blog comments. Its gives the place where we can share over view and knowledge from each other. It linked us together and blogger gets the extra benefit to get the back links. Its like a helping hand

  • If you enable do follow backlinks you will gain some good traffic on your website.

    • Max

      Also few oubound links – good for google juice.

  • what is the benefit of feedburner??

  • Hi Gautam.
    I like your post.
    So What must we do to have high pagerank and good ranking in search engine if do follow comments is useless?

  •  It is not a point in time to try out your skills and attempt to take them all out.

  • @helson dofollow common is useful, but has only little value. I am really agree with the autor. 

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  • I use dofollow in my blog and i am very happy.

  • Hi, I really like your post but the issue is that to find High PR links you have to work hard.

  • nice post….will have to think over it.

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    Maybe I also should change from dofollow to nofollow to get a higher PR

  • A little while ago at my blog, I got hit with some spam comments. Most were blocked by Disqus, but for the ones that got though, they were just spam links to sell you something. I see some spam I think in this thread, so can you look into that? To get rid of the spam I had at my blog, I just blocked the email address domains. And now I only get like 1 spam comment per month, and Disqus catches it.

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