Some Guest Bloggers Just Don’t Get It!

Guest Blogging is and has been a great addition to blogging. This statement holds true only if it is done properly. By “properly” i imply, using proper channels. A host blogger should draft guest blogging guidelines for the blog. A guest blogger should read and study the blog before submitting an article. In the end, the host blogger should review the article and publish the article with credit to the author in the form of links and author byline.

It is a very simple process, right? But, somehow, guest bloggers break the chain of this process by making big mistakes which end up irritating the host bloggers. I have been host to many guest articles and I have experienced that some guest bloggers just don’t seem to get the concept of guest blogging. They overlook some really important details and submit atrocious guest articles. This happens mainly because they don’t read the guest blogging guidelines carefully.

They don’t realise that by submitting a bad guest article, they are ruining ruining two things. First, the opportunity of becoming a regular contributor to a blog which can help you gain authority as a blogger. Secondly, you are losing the opportunity of building a good relationship with an authority blogger. Remember, a connection with an authority blogger can be an asset to your network and will eventually help increase your influence.

I have seen many different types of mistakes made by guest bloggers and I would like to share some of them with you, so that you don’t repeat their mistakes.

don't annoy your hosts

1. Lack of Research

Most guest bloggers find host blogs using google search. They search for terms such as “write for us”, “guest blogging” etc. The next logical step for them should be to read the guest blogging guidelines. But, instead, they email the blog owner directly with certain blog ideas. These “blog ideas” can be anything, they can be related to blogging or payday loans or recipes. As a blog owner, I will accept Ideas which are related to my niche i.e. i will accept ideas related to blogging.

When I get an email from a guest blogger who intends to write on a topic which is completely unrelated to my blog niche, I get irritated. I expect guest bloggers to read the guidelines as well as thoroughly research about my blog. The research work should cover things such as blog niche and various different categories. Also, before submitting an idea, a guest blogger should make sure that the idea hasn’t been covered by the blog beforehand. You can’t expect me to publish two articles which are conveying the same exact thing!

2. Poor Quality Articles

Bloggers stress on quality rather than quantity when they are talking about blog content because quality content helps gain quality readership which would in turn mean more money and rapid rate of growth for the blog. When they allow guest blogging, they want all the articles to be of equal or better standard than that of the blog.

Bloggers who are new to the field of guest blogging, randomly submit any article.  These type of articles lack quality and relevance. To make it worse, most of these articles aren’t proofread before submission. If you are considering submitting these type of articles to a host blogger, think twice!

3. Excessive Self Promotion

A blogger ventures in the field of guest blogging in order to build authority as well as get plain simple traffic to their websites. The amount of traffic a guest blogger gets depends on two factors. 1. Blog’s traffic, 2. Engagement of the guest article. For a single blog, the first factor cannot be changed, but the second one can be changed by writing engaging articles. So, the easiest way to make the most of your article, you have to write articles which provide true advice and quality information which will be helpful to most of the readers.

4. Duplicate content

A guest article is not equivalent to submitting articles to Ezine. You can’t submit articles by spinning other articles (i.e. by restructuring old articles which are already published elsewhere) and you can’t publish the same article to multiple websites.

A guest article is supposed to be unique and original and it cannot be submitted anywhere else after being published once. If you think that host bloggers are stupid and they will be deceived by tricks such as the one i mentioned above, you are sadly mistaken.

Bloggers use tools such as copyscape and google to filter copied content from the guest blogging queue. And they ban contributors who don’t follow their guest blogging guidelines.

The Moral of this Article

I wrote this article to spread awareness about the major don’ts of guest blogging as well as to educate bloggers to implement better guest blogging techniques. If you want to leave a mark on you readers, focus on giving your best shot when it comes to guest blogging.

For better results take a look at the guest blogging checklist:

1. Importance of a Checklist

2. Article Creation and Further

  • I have simply decided to start charging money for publishing guest articles where the author bio links goes to any commercial websites.

    Bloggers who wish to publish a guest article can of course do it for free, still.

    But I’m getting a ton of e-mails from companies who wants to submit a guest post and have a few do-follow links in there as well. In order to keep the amount of guest posts down to an acceptable level, and to make a little money from it as well, I decided to charge a small fee, as it’s basically the same as getting a do-follow link which is not free either.

    • Klaus,
      This is true, many companies pay people to guest blog at other blogs. If they are getting paid for do follow links, then you can also charge them.

      Even if it is paid guest article, it should be of value. This important for both the host and the guest. The host has to maintain a good level of writing published at the blog and the guest has to write a piece which has an impact on the readers in order to make the most of their guest article.

  • well, guest posting will become in the future like article marketing. everybody will write 500 words that make a sort of sense, submit them to the blogger and hope he won’t read you article and he’ll post it, and you get backlinks and traffic, but you don’t bring anything useful to the community. this is how it’s now with article marketing. that’s why ezine and associated content have been hit that hard by google’s panda update…

    so, your 4 rules are a must… although there might be some others too, like a restriction for the sites he places backlinks (penalized in google, bad neighborhood, adult related and all the others that break the google webmaster guidelines)

    • Zanhnarzt,
      Article marketing articles don’t provide value and for the readers, the juice is not worth the squeeze. Most of the articles comprise of copied or spun articles i.e. they don’t have anything new to offer. So, I agree that they are hit by the google update because of decrease in quality of content.

      I restrict affiliate as well as adult website links because they are inappropriate.

  • I’ve definitely noticed that about guest bloggers too. You have to be picky about guest posts if you want to keep the reputation of your own blog. A poorly written guest blog says something about both the guest blog and the blog that agreed to post it.

    • Yes, you have to be picky. You also have to be careful and verify that the article has not been published earlier or copied from some other source. If you forget to check, you will lose your reputation

  • Trying to get more content into my posts is my biggest difficulty. Which is why it seems like there’s less quality to my site without alot of words. Mostly, try and let my pictures do the talking if possible

    • Chi,
      it is not about the quantity. If you have more content, it doesn’t guarantee you a good article. Even 100-200 words article can have an impact if it is presented properly. Pictures and Video are great additions to content so that readers are able to absorb the max out of each article.

  • Guest blogging can be of great help to increase the traffic of website. But before attempting to go into guest blogging, one must ask oneself if they are capable and ready to do so. Yes, you are right that submitting a mediocre work can greatly affect the chance of guest blogger to be an authorize blogger that could have been corrected if they follow the guidelines you have provided above.

    • True, sometimes, you are not ready to be a guest blogger. You have to reach at a level before thinking of contributing articles to bigger websites.

      I prefer writing and reading to improve my sense of writing and understanding english. However, there may be other techniques to improve one’s writing ability.

      • Thanks for the reply Gautam. Yes, I friend of mine told me that in order for you to write well, you should be doing a lot of reading first. I have visited few sites and I get to know different style the writer composes his/her articles. You should also extend your vocabulary and bringing a handy dictionary will be of great help.

  • Gautam bhai – your article show that how much irritated you are from newbies bloggers . I think you have mentioned all good points over-there and you can link this article in write for us page too . So in future they can understand and not make mistakes again …

    • Hey,
      I don’t have grudges against newbie bloggers. I am only annoyed by some people who don’t get the concept of guest blogging and start submitting unfinished articles to me and other website owners.
      They waste time and also annoy the websites owners.

  • Great tips on writing better guest posts for popular blogs. I have just recently submitted a guest post to your blog, I hope it passed your quality check, haha! 🙂

    • it will get published if it passes the test 😉

  • First of all, have to avoid duplicate content. And, it has a lot of disadvantages in it:). Thank you so much sharing your info on here:)

  • Jenny

    Personally I’m not a fan of Guest Blogging, Unless I have final edit, I’m not going to put it on my site. That might upset people who spent a lot of time on the article if I don’t publish it. For the most part I avoid it.

    • Jenny,
      The final scissor should always be with the editor of the blog (which in most cases is the blog owner). You have gained respect due to your contribution to the blog. You cannot lose it by posting junk. So, you have the right be the one who censors posts and cuts it according to the blog.
      If guest bloggers are not okay with it, it is their problem.

  • Hi Gautam. We’re looking into beginning to accept guest posts on our site in the near future, and these tips are pretty valuable. Thanks!

  • Good tips. I never really had any problems in the past, but as one of my projects is becoming more and more popular, I’m getting tons of poorly spun Ezine articles every day. Many are not related to my site in any way and the overall quality is just bad. I’ll put up some guidelines in the next couple of days, but I doubt that will help, as I think that whole process might be automated, so they’ll probably just bypass the guidelines and submit that crap anyway… :/

    • Andy, another tip: manually add guest bloggers. Don’t let everyone have the rights to submit articles.
      This practice will minimize the no of automated posts. guidelines are important to inform guest bloggers about the minimum requirements to guest blog at your blog.

  • Hi,

    It is very important to write high-quality articles in order to get traffic, awareness and popularity. If you write a good guest blog post the chances of getting a lot of traffic and readers are very big, it’s direct proportional to the work and the quality on that article. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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  • This is happened because many guest bloggers only think the guest posting as a way to build the links not the authority nor connection.

    • So true!
      Many guest bloggers target blogs to get links and authority. They can’t get what they want, if they are not willing to spend time and effort on it.

  • No body can accept a duplicate content for guesting post.

    • Yes, Nobody can!
      But, the problem is, some owners don’t check their guest articles for possible copyright infringement and hence, these articles get published even if they are exact of copies of previously published articles

  • June

    Do you have any guidelines for who owns the content of a guest blog? Are there pros and cons to the guest blogger owning the content?

    • Yes, the content is the sole property of bloggodown.

      I think the guest blogger cannot own the article! If they were given this option, they might add their affiliate links or ads to their articles or delete it anytime they want

  • Well, a well defined section where the host blogger dictates his guidelines for the guest blogger is indeed a necessity, for the blogger to have his blog in the style ‘he’ wants. It can happen plenty often that two persons cannot agree in many spects, so as to ensure maximum compatibility, such an article is a necessity.

    • Angela,
      It is more of a help guide for guest bloggers. Most bloggers don’t write in the same manner. They may or may not format their articles or remove grammatical mistakes.

      But, the guidelines tell you that you have to format your article, if you want to submit your article to my blog

  • I regularly post on a wedding blog and noticed one of the other posters had a very captivating writing style, i asked her if she would like to guest blog on my site. her answer was she didn’t think herself a good writer and would not have the time. Some people really don’t get it do they!

    • Neal,
      It is a personal choice. It is up to you, whether you want to guest blog or not. You can try to persuade her to write and tell her the benefits of guest blogging.

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