Blogosphere Control: Define Your Goals

It’s important to have a plan whenever you have it in your mind to start a blog; it’s not something to do lightly. You sit at the computer either on your WordPress account or Blogger account, and you’re dealing with possibly a never-ending stream of content that you have to keep up as much as physically possible; it’s not just a hobby.

Creative writing is involved. And for many who are passionate about that, the concept of a “hobby” is basically thrown out of the window! So, here’s what you need to do: define your goals.

Choose Your Topic

Because of the tremendous scope behind a blog, you have to absolutely know why you’re blogging. Is it for politics? God? Marriage? Children? Nickelodeon? Sexy women? What’s your blog going to be about? It has to be something you’re at least interested in, if not passionate about – because if you lack interest, you won’t get any kind of pleasure or satisfaction out of the writing.

If you’re not getting any of that, you can bet your content will suffer to the point where you’ll just quit, wasting away all those hours you’ve already spent. Be sure you know your topic.

Focus on Content

Know that it’s not about money. Put aside any myths or rumors about blogging, because the fact is blogs are only about free content. Yes, you’re a writer, and it takes up your time; know, though, that the simple act of writing your thoughts for the whole world to see – published under your name! – would be satisfaction enough. Let the money come as it comes.

Don’t worry about blog optimization either. No matter how you look at it, you’re just writing! So who cares where you stand on the search engine ranks? However, do consider some of the professional blogging advice regarding design and style. Think of your blog as your baby; you want to dress him or her well, right? Of course!

Let Your Personality Flow

Whenever you write creatively – either an aspiring-to-be-published author, poet, or whatever – you almost immediately inject with some essence of you, your personality, into what you write. Know that it’s a good thing. On your blog, make sure you be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not; without a doubt, it’ll show in your writing as archaic, stilted, mechanical, and hardly authentic. Readers don’t like that.

Ignore the Nay-Sayers

Make sure you keep your ears shut to anyone saying that you’re wasting your time. They’ll be around, for sure; there’s nothing you can do about that. But who cares? Don’t let it disappoint you. Writing fuels the heart and soul, and that’s all that matters.

Don’t Give Up

As said before, a blog continues constantly based on your efforts. The moment you stop, the blog stops. So make sure you don’t stop. There’s always other options as well, such a exploring My Blog Guest to expand your talents to other sites, or even looking for news sites that allow you to contribute- you can contribute to sites like by applying to guest blog.

Cyberspace is all yours. The blog is your craft to navigate every cyber meteor shower or black hole. Crystallize your goals inside your head, and the trip should be an adventure!

  • I think focusing on creating compelling content is something all bloggers, especially new ones should do. 80% of what makes a successful blog is the content – everything else doesn’t matter if noone enjoys what you’re writing

  • One very important thing, never stop learning and growing. You never know enough and once you stop, your blog stops as well. Very important to follow and network with people you admire. They can definitely help you out a lot!

  • Hi Selena,

    I agree. No matter what the SEO is, or keyword research, or social networking you do, it’s really all about how much you love blogging and how true you are to yourself when it comes to writing.

    We begin blogging because it’s what makes us happy, not simply *because* we might be able to make money. It’s about being genuine.


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  • Hi, Selena. Blogging really takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If there are times when the going gets tough, it is very important to keep the focus and to never give up. Taking a hiatus is okay. That is being human. But, giving up completely is a no-no. If ever we feel like giving up, we can always turn to our blogger friends for help and encouragement. The blogosphere is full of people willing to lend a helping hand or a kind word. 🙂

  • Initially, we have to choose the topic and then focus on the article side 🙂 And at the time, we have to see our blog like a child 🙂 So only, it will be good -it’s my view 🙂

  • You are right. It is very important to focus on the content. As the wise says, content is the king! 🙂

  • Content is the key alright and a helpful idea is to focus on your passion, it will be far less difficult to continue to come up with topics that are significant for you and therefore your audience.

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