Are You Ready to Start Blogging?

A twitter friend (@rocksstar10) asked a question: “I can write about blogging, but not sure if I should”. I found this question very relevant to the present scenario. The ever increasing number of bloggers populating different niches and especially, crowding the popular ones make it difficult to decide whether to start a blog in a particular niche. You either do what you want to do or you do what others are already doing.

If you are just starting out and looking for nothing serious, then you can start blogging as a hobby. You don’t need any skills to blog when you are not bothered about its readership. If the sole purpose of blogging is to vent out your feelings or keep an online record of your knowledge, then you shouldn’t hesitate to write.

The term “Ready” actually means being ready to start blogging on a larger scale. It is the time when you start developing interest in a particular field. And, you want to build readership for your blog.

Are you “Ready” yet?

Are you fit to compete with others in your niche?

Venturing into a less popular niche is an advantage because you can become an authority figure. But, lesser opportunity to grow is a definitive disadvantage. On the other hand, it is really tough to enter a crowded niche and achieve success. But, once you get the hang of it, there is ample chance to grow your blog.

New Perspective

As a newbie blogger, you might consider your views don’t carry much weight. But, you have a fresh vision and so, you can offer a new perspective. Things in the online world are very dynamic and articles lose their relevance as time passes by. They have to be continuously updated with the latest times. Therefore, a new blogger might be preferred over an old blogger because his ideas will be more relevant with the present age.

This also implies that you have to be ahead of your competition at all times and you have to be updated with industry news.


Sometimes, main driving force behind blogging is passion. For eg. a person who was really interested in the game of poker started a website to help other poker enthusiasts to play poker online.

Similarly, if you are passionate about the niche, you will outperform others. Most bloggers make the mistake of choosing a niche because it is very popular. This should not be done! Sooner or later, they will realize that they don’t have interest in the subject and will stop blogging about it.


In my opinion, no work should be started without prior planning. The planning phase can help reduce redundancy as well as simplify the process of execution. A blogger should be an able planner and should at least set some short term and long term goals for his blog. An approach without a proper focus will not get you success. If you are not ready with any concrete goals, don’t dip your body in quicksand because, you will never get out it.


Do you have any idea about the topic? If no, don’t even think of blogging. The main principle behind blogging is to share knowledge and ideas. You have to portray yourself as an expert.

I started blogging in 2006 but I waited for 3 years to enter in the niche of blogging, so that I am able to acquire more knowledge and gain expertise about blogging. The major problem arises when somebody asks you a question about your niche and you don’t have an answer to it. This can be very embarrassing for you and detrimental for your blog.

Lastly, the final call is with you. Even if you have passion and knowledge for a niche, you may still want to write in a niche other than your interest. It is your choice and you have to face the repercussions. Go with your intuition and you will never go wrong.

I think I have answered your question. If you have any further, let me know!


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  • It is bit hard and sometimes pointless to start a blog in a heavily crowded niche. Make money online, Make money blogging, how to blog better etc are very competitive fields but you find hundreds of blogs created everyday covering those niches. It is much better to write about specific topics that have a good audience but have have little competition.

    • Nishadha, that is true. In every niche, you need to have an x-factor to be ahead of the crowd even if the niche is not very crowded

  • Hey Gauti,

    Nice Post. I started blogging just a year back and i still use it for my day to day confessions !!:)
    But some day I would like to discover my niche so that I can move frm writing for fun to being a serious blogger !!
    Your posts give me lot of motivation! Keep going like this.

    • Thanks Komal,
      In time, you will become a better blogger. As far as serious blogging is concerned, you can start it right away!

      • Currently, I working on my writting skills and trying to refine my posts and style of writing.At the same time trying to find a topic I can write convincingly write about. But I also feel , writting just as a hobby as a different fun about it altogether!

  • Well absolutely! The true spirit of blogging was to give people a platform where they can air their views and share their knowledge, though lately it has become a practice of earning money and hence the importance of precision has increased. But, its still nice to interact with people as a hobby!

    • It has and always be a hobby thing for many. Some may convert this hobby into a profession. for others, it will be a platform to air their feelings and reviews.

      • True indeed Gautam!
        Nice to listen that people are still in favour of its original form than its commercial form. Long gone are the days when people used to interact through these, now most blogs can be easily seen having a commercial pinch.

  • It’s very correct the number of bloggers is increasing day by day and it’s very difficult to choose your niche as you’ll receive tough competition at every niche. To stand out of the crowd you must have knowledge and should have your strategies as well.

    • Plus, you need to have a differentiating factor. A factor that makes you different from others in your niche.
      A good differentiating factor increases chances of getting noticed which is a stepping stone to become popular.

  • Passion in blogging about the blog’s niche is very important. If you have a great passion, then the work will seem much easier and fun!

  • Really, those points would be more useful to all the newbie blogger without any doubt 🙂 From here, i gathered a lot of points on here 🙂 Thank you so much for given here 🙂

  • Hey Gautam 🙂

    I agree with all the points you’ve mentioned 😀 , now in the case of @rocksstar10 , she’s a Twitter addict, so she can have a blog on Twitter Tips, Marketing Strategies, Twitter App ideas and many more . . .

    Here are some more points on which a newbie blogger must concentrate : [ It can also holds good for bloggers like us 😉 ]

    * Topic (Fixed or Variant)
    I feel many times the topic for blogging to be chosen becomes more difficult for any blogger and especially for a newbie. Initially a blogger starts off with a topic and later finds other topic to be more interesting and hence is in a dilemma on which topic to continue for blogging.

    So I would recommend to choose a Topic which is always fixed and focus on it all the time or otherwise when you encounter a new topic, make sure that you give time to both the topics [Variant Topics]

    * Time : If you are a serious blogger, then schedule yourself for blogging with your daily routine activities.
    In case of @rocksstar10 => she has to decide and schedule her tweeting time with blogging.

    • Yes, many amateur bloggers are clueless about their preferences. They don’t know what they like or what is their true passion. But in time or after trying 2 -3 niches, they will know what to do

  • I love blogging, it’s my one way to earn money from advertisers, writing articles is easy if you really like the niche or topic.

  • The spirit of blogging was to give people a platform where they can show their knowledge and share their views

  • The problem is many new blogger start blogging to make some extra money. if you don’t have a passion to share knowledge , the blogger has heavy chances of fail.

  • Like anything else, you need to plan well for blogging too. Many people dont plan things like passion, niche etc and jump into the ocean of blogging and end getting no success

  • Blogging is one of the correct directions to earn money on online. So, almost of the people are start blogging to earn money on online. So, i would like to say thanks for given great post on here 🙂

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