6 Major Roadblocks in Blogger’s Success

Online industry is growing at a rapid rate. Due to its immense growth, more and more people are getting attracted to it. Due to the increase in the number of bloggers, the competition to become a success has become more and more difficult. The situation is such, that either the bloggers get frustrated and quit blogging or they get stuck at a point where their blogs stops growing.

Many bloggers wonder: “Hey, I am blogging for around x number of years, but that guy has reached the top list in a span of one year. What am I doing wrong?”.

My answer to this query is that each blogger has to complete a journey to become a successful blogger. This journey includes many small stops such as learning, experimentation etc. You cannot complete your journey without stopping at each stop (some might take lesser time to complete).  Also, the final part of the road which leads to success is usually filled with big roadblocks.

You are not able to achieve success, because you are not able to remove the roadblocks and move ahead. You just stand still. The ability to remove these roadblocks transforms you from an average blogger to a problogger. But, you maybe wondering, what types of roadblocks exist and how can one overcome them?

Broadly, there are 6 types of roadblocks:

6 Major Roadblocks

Missing the Right Approach

Blogging is like a puzzle. In order to solve it, you have to use your mind and apply a logical approach. In blogging, there are multiple ways to get traffic, but, only a few of them provide quality traffic which persists. Each and every aspect of blogging can be performed by multiple ways. But, only a few of them can be considered the “right approach”. Mostly, bloggers waste time on using multiple approaches, instead of focusing on a few which will get them better results.

Solution: Experiment with all the possible techniques. Once, you have found a technique that works for you, stick with it and make the most of it.

No Drive

I get extremely lazy when I have to study philosophy because, I don’t like it, I am not passionate about it. But, when i study maths and science, I get super excited. Similarly, I cannot grow my blog, if i don’t like what i do. Any type of work, which is done without any interest, will never be above average. But, a job which is done with full passion, will have the potential of being great!

If you lack the passion, you will not have the required drive to become a consistent blogger. Instead of thinking of blogging as a fun activity, you will think of it as burden which has been loaded on your fragile back. Slowly, you will see your productivity and quality dipping.

Solution: Do what you like. If you like pipes, write about them. There is no point in writing about a topic which does not interest you.

Giving little attention to readers

Most bloggers make the blunder of ignoring their readers. Readers are of paramount importance with respect to a blog. It is the real “social” part of the blog. It is the way you get your feedback and the way you learn what others have to say. Readers have the power to make or break your reputation. A happy reader will always promote your blog and recommend it to others. On the other hand, an unhappy reader will try very hard to tarnish your blog’s reputation.

Solution: Value your readers. Try to involve yourself in regular discussion and try to solve reader’s problems. Also, take reader’s suggestions really seriously and make it a point to make amendments to your blog accordingly. Finally, do not try to satisfy your reader, try to achieve reader’s delight!

Narrow Viewpoint

We are all human beings. We are all born and brought up in a certain environment. While growing up, we start developing opinions and thoughts about various things. These opinions and thoughts are reflected in our way of writing. The best thing about opinions is that they can be changed. But, only if you approach everything with an open mind. A narrow minded approach will always lead to friction. A comment forum can easily convert into an ideological warfare, if a person sticks to his beliefs and doesn’t listen to what others have to say on the issue.

Solution: Be open to new ideas. Even if you disagree with something, politely discuss with the opposite party. Who knows, you might actually learn something useful from the discussion


It is the biggest threat to productivity. People tend to delay writing articles and doing stuff because they are either too lazy or they think they can do it later. But, that time never comes when you actually write the article. If you don’t have enough content, how can you expect your blog to reach the top.

Solution: According to an Indian Saying “Do tomorrow’s work today and today’s work at this moment. You may never know what happens next, so better do the work now!” So, don’t procrastinate and complete each task at the earliest.

Lacking the Basic Skills

A blogger has to have certain basic skills. Firstly, a blogger has to be a good writer (need not be a great one). Writing is an essential part of blogging. Without good writing, a blog has no value. A good piece of writing has the ability to attract as well as engage with readers and also bring huge amount of traffic.

Most bloggers focus on blog promotion but they forget that the blog they are promoting will never get much traffic because it lacks in the quality of writing.

Secondly, a blogger also has to be a good networker. A blogger should be able to build good relationships with other bloggers to create a circle of influence which will help you promote your blog in the future.

Thirdly, a blogger has to be a good manager. He should know how to manage the various resources in hand as well as schedule tasks for efficient functioning of the blog. Also, he should be able to outsource activities which he is not very good at. For eg. if you are not good at seo, you can hire seo experts for that.

Solution: If you lack any one or more than one skill. Try to make it a part of your system. With practise, you will acquire these skills.

Have you faced any roadblocks in your blogging journey? If yes, tell us how you got rid of it?

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  • Building strong relationships with fellow bloggers in your niche is a key component to success. They will give you the support you need in the early days to push on through. Eventually your audiences get to know each other and both blogs grow as the result.

  • Hello, Gautam. For such a young mind, you are so insightful. But, then again, the young holds the well of fresh ideas that almost always hit the right spot. Kudos!

    There are definitely roadblocks that we need to conquer not just in blogging, but in managing a business as well. However, if as you say, we have built a network of friends in the blogging community, we will be able to overcome them with flying colours. That is also if we will listen to them and learn from them.

  • You are absolutely right. I had many more blogs than I could manage, some of them I have had no interest in… so there was no drive, in the end I had to sell them, so that I could focus on what I am passionate in!

  • Hello Gautham, narrow view points should be most important one in the blogging because we can gather more new ideas from the out side world. Worthy article Gautham 🙂

  • Your second point is very powerful but many new blogger never understand this issue. I have always suggested that you must start a blog on such niche , which you like to read and know very well. But new blogger are always behind high paying niche like health etc but after few blog post they stop working. Because they don’t have too much knowledge on interest on that issue but only trying it because of money.

    Blog only get success when you keep blogging latest info and have some good command over that topic…

  • Great points.I have not been replying to readers comments for last few months because of lack of time.But after reading your post I think I make them unhappy by doing that.Thanks for showing my mistake.

  • i really think that people underestimate the amount of hours that successful bloggers but in. i have worked around the clock on my blog (for 2 years now) and have a long way to go. there is never enough time in the day to promote my blog as much as i’d like!

  • Never give up is one thing that works
    If you competing in a very competative Niche
    Try find an easyer on and test ways of getting more traffuc the return to that highly competative niche and try again

  • Yup! you are right these factors are strong roadblocks in the success of blogger, But I think because of great competition now its time to bring in some new ideas and start some online business that are never done before. Only by selecting different business area we can succeed within few months.

  • Hi Gautam,

    You’re absolutely right when it comes to outsourcing. Sometimes we just have to realize that we can’t do everything ourselves, and a team is a much better approach to a task in some cases. And procrastination never works! It just means having even more work down the road, with even less time to accomplish it.


  • Hi there. it’s a great share. You’re right. We sometimes face those roadblocks, and when it happened, it’s not only one but sometimes two or three roadblocks at once. It’s great that you share this. It’s very useful and easy to understand. Thanks a lot!

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