Top 5 foods for Bloggers – Fuel for your brain

This is a bit off topic article, but it is relevant to bloggers from all walks of life. Eating food that fuels your writing is important to stay consistent and ahead of your competition. The reason why bloggers face writer’s block is sometimes due to bad eating habits. Healthy eating is the way to go! This is a guest article by Natasha. Join the discussion and voice your opinion by following our guest blogging guidelines.

Writing … it must be admitted, is as demanding a job as any of those mind numbing jobs out there. It’s all good when you are writing occasionally, and that too just for kicks, but the proceedings can get really stressful as soon as you’ve got deadlines to meet or topics that sound as uninteresting as watching the grass grow. In those scenarios, mental stress can keep building up, and subsequently it can lead to some serious hiccups. To be brutally honest, it’s easier to deal with a dog-tired body as compared to cope with a worn out mind.

Just like the mind can have a direct impact on your mood and energy level, the energy level can have a similar impact on your mind. Both of them are interrelated, when one’s down (i.e. energy level) the other will follow (i.e. mind). End result? Your mind might revolt just by the idea of putting pen to paper.

Actors and actresses spend generously to take care of their looks, going by the same token, if your livelihood largely depends on creative writing, you must look after and pamper your mind in the same manner.

Contrary to the popular belief, healthy food is not only a concern for those who are looking to gain or loose weight. Healthy food is equally important for a writer, who’s using the mind all the time for writing articles, marketing copies, blog posts, and the likes. And even though you need to maintain a balanced diet, there are some foods which are particularly beneficial for the writers in one way or another. Let’s take a look at some of these foods …

(Note: Remember, that this is not a medical advice, some of these food items might not be appropriate for you, so you must consult your doctor before you start gulping down any of these).


Studies have shown that people, who tend to eat less fish, are more prone to get bogged down by the depression as compared to those who consume adequate amount of fish. The omega-3 in fish is an extremely potent nutrient for the brain, not to mention that the fish has plenty to offer for the body as well. There’s a well known slogan that goes like “eat fish live longer, eat oyster love longer”. But there’s a good chance that eating fish will help you last longer as a creative writer, as well.


Apart from immediately taking care of the drowsiness and boosting your mental capabilities, coffee will decrease the chance of certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases as well. But even if you aren’t concerned about Alzheimer, a cup of coffee can still help in coming up with a catchy tag line or title.

Nuts and seeds:

Nuts of all kinds including walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews and almonds etc are packed with rich proteins and other goodies that can help augment brain power, allowing you to think more clearly and steer clear of mood swings and depression. Seeds like flax seeds were hailed by Gandhi as wonder food, and many nutritionists confirm. Just like Fish, majority of nuts and seeds have fats (no need to frown, we are talking about the good ones, known as the omega-3), which is considered to be an enhancer of core skills needed for writing e.g. focus, recollection of ideas, or problem solving.

Fruits and veggies:

Eating more fruits and raw vegetables can give a boost to brain performance. Some studies have shown that these natural foods can boost brain functions by stimulation (though the exact substance that actually powers this boost is unknown). Fruits and raw vegetables can help you think faster and more clearly (on the other hand artificial sugars can actually backfire). Also artificial sugar can cause random surges and drops in mood, instead of helping you to keep a steadier frame of mind, which is almost essential for writing.


Eggs are good, but most of us will eat them anyway without caring too much about the “good” it can do to your mind, but for those who are not fond of eggs … eggs release a chemical that bolsters the transmission of information between nerve cells, therefore positively affecting the power of memory and retention.

As you can see, good food inevitably makes a positive impact on the brain, as well as the body. So for the sake of your blog or writing careers (and an overall healthier lifestyle), you must consume good, healthy, and balanced food.

  • Great foods for bloggers.I eat all the the foods you have mentioned in your post except coffee.

  • Great tips! No wonder I have so much writer’s block these days, I must eat healthy food! I like coffee too, hopefully I won’t get Alzheimer so soon. Hahaha…

  • It’s always great to take seeds and nuts and fruit while writing a post, it’s not only refresh your mind but also give you proper energy for blogging. So keep eating and make your presence in the best blogger.

  • Coffee and nuts are my favorite ones. I will start getting more of them now onwards. Thanks for focusing on bloggers’ health.

  • I’m now switching for raw food diet and must tell that fruits, vegetables, seeds and other natural unprocessed foods are changing my taste. I feel great and don’t even like the taste of junk food anymore!

  • I like coffee too Coffee and nuts are my favorite ones, hopefully I won’t get Alzheimer so soon. Hahaha…

  • Good list, Natasha. For vegetarians, the best substitute for fish is linseed or flaxseed. Variety is the key and just a handful of mixed nuts a day is what we need. Green banana is rich in brain food. I heard Ginko biloba is also good for keeping the brain healthy.

  • Fish is my favorite food and it ranks at the top of your list.

  • Natasha, its really good article:). And, it would be more helpful to all the blogger without any doubt:). Thanks a lot.

  • This is great to hear. I already drink a ton of coffee, I eat eggs pretty much everyday, and I think I eat my fair share of fish. Nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies are my weak point though. You didn’t mention peanuts though. They are good too I would imagine? I hope so because that would be my preferred nut to eat. And what about sunflower seeds?

  • I don’t eat any of those foods but i’m sure i drink enough coffee to make up for it. Coffee is a bean so does that make it one of your five fruit and veg a day?

  • Before writing a blog, a blogger’s mind must be in a good condition. Having the right kind of food before writing can make us feel so relaxed. When a blogger feels so relaxed, he or she can come up with a lot of ideas and that would make his or her blog worth reading for. With the foods listed above, it could make the bloggers more willing to write a lot and they could think of more ideas of that certain topic. Great post!


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