How to Treat Blog Comments like Pieces of Content

This is a guest article by Ryan Biddulph . Join the discussion and voice your opinion by following our guest blogging guidelines.

Comments are content. Each comment carries your signature, whether you pen one or not. This is because readers will decide to click or not to click on your link based on the value of your comment.

Leave a positive impression and you might get a few clicks, or maybe even a new reader. Leave a negative impression and you will get no clicks, or much worse, somebody might write a post about your dingbat commenting style. Not good.

Write content rich comments. By crafting your comments in this manner your comments stick out like a sore thumb in a world of comment drive-by’s. One line commentary makes no impression. You’re wasting your time. A well thought out comment leaves a strong impression. The goal is to position yourself as an authority. An authority always brings value to the table with everything they do.

Here’s how you can treat blog comments like content.


“Hi (Insert blogger’s name), I enjoyed the insight you shared with us today.”

Don’t have enough time to write a proper header? Fine. Just don’t expect your comments to draw much attention.

I love hearing the sound of my name. So do most of us. Address your fellow blogger by their first name. Guaranteed they appreciate it. Don’t honey coat the compliments but if you liked the post, let ’em know. We appreciate props and you might just make yourself a buddy.

Even if you disagree with the post be sure to thank the blogger for taking their time to write the post. Gratitude is a conduit to good.


The body should be 2-3 paragraphs long. Note one point the author made; show them you actually read the post. Expound on this point.

Share your insight on the topic. You can disagree but be respectful. Share your experiences. Readers can connect with you when you are open and transparent.

Don’t write for the sake of writing. Write with a purpose. After reading the post sit for a few moments to collect your thoughts and proceed to comment away.


Sum it up. You can add another thank you here, wish your fellow blogger the best and sign your name. When readers see your name twice – once in the Name field and once in the comment box – they tend to remember you.

Wrapping up your comments in this fashion adds a nice touch. Most are in a hurry = Zero Impression. Be mindful. Be present. Make an impression.

Bonus Tip

Be pleasant. You can be passionate without being rude. You can disagree in a respectful manner. The goal is to build positive relationships, not make life-long enemies.

You can take a strong stance with your comment that’s completely opposite to the reader’s opinion but you must do so in a civil manner. Boorishness isn’t tolerated in the blogosphere. Stay away from making controversial comments. You’re a guest. You are in the blogger’s home so be on your best behavior.

Your Turn

Do you treat comments like content? Why? Why not?

  • Hi Gautam,

    Thanks for sharing the opportunity with me!


  • Great post Ryan

    I’ve been guilty in the past of commenting just for the sake of it, and I can tell from my Analytics that I haven’t made any kind of impression in the blogosphere.

    Perhaps with this commen, I can start a fresh

    Thanks again

    • Thanks for stopping by Haroun. It takes just a minute or 2 to write an impactful comment but it’s time well spent. Thanks for sharing and have a powerful day! RB

  • Hello Ryan, its one of the valuable topic about comment. From here, you given worth full points about comment and it would be helpful for the newbie blogger like me. Yeah, comment should be short and sweet to attract the customers as well with the excellent information on there.
    From here, i gathered a lot of data about comment, once again thanks a lot for sharing your information on here.

    • My pleasure Kavya, thank you for adding such great value with your thoughtful comment. Have a powerful day! RB

  • Hello Ryan,

    I think that this is a great way to outline how to comment. I’m still new to blogging, but I can already tell how important commenting is to having a successful blog. I try to comment on at least ten plus blogs per day. However, if the comments aren’t relevant or meaningful I know that it is only a waste of time.

    I’ll definitely take these tips into consideration in the future.

    • Sounds great Sabrina. Thanks for stopping by and sharing and have a powerful day! RB

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  • Thanks Ryan for the great value. Comments are so important.

    I just finished responding a comment on my post that did exactly as you outlined. He took out a few points and commented on them. At the end, he paid me a sincere complement. It made me feel great.

    Thanks for breaking a comment down and explaining it so well.


  • Thank you Connie for stopping by and sharing with us. I’m happy to have helped! RB

  • Well written piece of advice. You have mentioned some very important facts. We all should give respect to our comments, and the matter being discussed in it shows how your blogging is taking up new visitors.

  • How many of us have focussed on writing our comments with more depth since reading this blog? Me! I certainly have! Thanks for such a great post and you have an excellent blog, ill be sure to come back here. Great – Thanks.

  • These are pretty useful tips and are a pretty helpful guideline for people who want to comment, but are not really sure how to start a response.

    I’m not sure how I feel about using the name of the blogger, especially when it’s a first time visiting a blog. Forcing familiarity feels a bit awkward to me.

    I’ve also never been a big fan of arbitrary word counts in any sort of writing. I like making points as concisely as possible. I’d rather not pad out comments unnecessarily. The cries of tl;dr ring far too often for that.

    • I kind of agree here. Whenever I do read something that is worth commenting on, I am generally commenting to everyone, not just the blogger. As a matter of fact, mostly it is a general comment, and not a direct communication.

  • Hello Ryan, this is one of the valuable points to write the comments on the other blogs. And, it would be more helpful to write valuable comment on blog. And, i would like to say thanks for given great article on here.

  • Good reminder there. Looks like this comment is one of those which is not so insightful and … a useless comment. Okay, I will be good and put down better comments next. 🙂

  • Hi Ryan,
    I was searching for an article on commenting and this where I got it. Thanks Ryan for such a great article. You have covered all the points required. The point I liked the most was that don’t write one line comment, I also want to add to this that comments should not be too long otherwise it would be boring to readers and they will skip the comment.

  • Hi Ryan,
    One of the best articles I have read today and one I really connect with, I can see that by mentioning one aspect of the post you are telling the author that you have taken in what is written.
    I’ll be off now and wipe my feet as I leave.

    Al the best

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