Five Common Errors New Bloggers Make

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Blogging is a learning process. Even the best bloggers had to start somewhere, and many of them learned what works best for their blogs through the classical method of trial and error. Of course, many of us don’t want to have to make big mistakes when we blog, as the risk is far too great now. A drastic mistake could ruin our blog forever in the eyes of many internet readers. So, I encourage the new bloggers out there to check this list of five common errors and make sure they haven’t committed one. If you have more errors to avoid, then please add them in the comments section.

Don’t just use Ctrl C and Ctrl V

Post Plagiarized Content

This is perhaps the biggest error that many new bloggers make, though most of the time they don’t mean to cause trouble or steal another person’s content. Usually, new bloggers repost content because they found the content interesting and want to share it with their readers, but they didn’t understand that they must attribute their source with a link back to the original. This is common courtesy in the blogging world. New bloggers, just think of what you would hope someone would do if they reposted your content, and do the same on your own blog.

Implement Poor Layout/Formatting

Another mistake new bloggers make is they clutter their blog and force it into a poor layout. They often ignore basic formatting guidelines, and have too much animation on the website. New bloggers should focus on making the reading experience as clean and easy for their readers as possible. Sans serif fonts, a standardized image layout, and a clean and simple design can do wonders in keeping your audience around.

Ignore SEO Strategies

Often new bloggers don’t have a good grasp of what exactly search engine optimization can do for their blog. You can see this in the kinds of titles they write for posts: the titles often lack keywords and phrases. New bloggers should take a day or two to research good SEO tactics and apply them to all aspects of their blog as quickly as possible.

Have Unfocused Goals

New bloggers also have a the tendency to have unfocused blogging goals when they start their blogs. You can often see evidence of this in the kinds of posts they publish, which often include what I call ‘Diary Posts’ that basically tell readers about their day. These posts don’t necessarily belong on a public blog, unless they are specifically relevant to the blog’s overall goals and niche community. In other words, new bloggers should focus on a subject, such as technology and gadgets or educational news in their state, and only post about that subject. This will help their audiences know what to expect when they visit the blog.

Blog Inconsistently

Finally, new bloggers often lose the motivation to blog after a month or two, especially if they don’t see the good traffic numbers they had hoped for, and because of this, their blogging habits become inconsistent. New bloggers should have patience and understand that blogging is a long-term activity. They must be as consistent as possible in their blogging in order to build up a strong base of traffic.

  • Hi Mariana,

    Solid insights here.

    Set a clear blogging goal and all else falls into place eventually. When I became decisive about what I wanted it became easy to post daily: my driver was strong!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • Thanks for this. It is a good reminder for this still new blogger who suffers most from number 4 – focus. Well not so much anymore, but my blog, in its six short months of life, has been through a complete transition to it’s current humor form.

  • Plagiarized Content is the key, other errors also affect a lot. So one should try as much possible to avoid most of the errors. Thanks Mariana. I will avoid these errors in future.

    • Mariana,
      Thank you so much for the tips. I am sure they are most useful for all of us as reminders, and for new bloggers as a guide to not repeat those mistakes.

      You have a wonderful web hosting website! Do come visit me mine when you have a minute to spare! 🙂

  • Hello Mariana, great work:). Thanks a lot for given useful data on here. Mainly, content would be more important to all the newbie blogger.

  • These are the mistakes I did in early days of my blogging career.Of course I learn lot from those mistakes.Thanks for such a wonderful post.

  • well, yeah. bloggers should focus first on content. my personal belief is that the content is and always be the king. On page seo together with the age of the domain surpasses the linkbuilding efforts. so, yes I am always focussing on content, for both seo purposes and mostly for my readers

  • I think you have mentioned all compulsory points for new bloggers as well as for others . I will says that you must never focus on money and always try to give best in your niche . Believe me – Once you provide best info in your niche than money will automatically start rolling .

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  • Joe

    yeah… i think the most important factor is SEO… i mean.. it depends… if you want your blog to rank high and get traffic from google, than you really have to write good articles, not keyword stuffed, but a little optimized… a sort of seo copywriting 🙂

  • Another good tip (and one that could help when a new blogger has been at it for awhile and their blog isn’t working out so well) is to re-update older posts. I found this tip at ‘weblogbetter’. They spelled out multiple reasons why this is good. In case your opinion changes, or just when you want to add a new feature are some examples. In any case, you can rewrite some of your old stuff to make it fresher and more interesting, and your readers will appreciate it. So even if you wrote a ‘bad’ post, it isn’t the end of the world, because you can fix it!

  • To add to your first error, it’s not just content new bloggers plagiarize, but photos as well. A lot of people new to Internet content creation don’t realize that you can’t just put your keywords into Google’s image search and take the first image that catches your eye.

  • Set a clear blogging goal and all else falls into place eventually. When I became decisive about what I wanted it became easy to post daily: my driver was strong!

  • Hey Mariana,

    I think that it is all about planning and patience. As you stated too many people go into blogging without a plan or strategy. This is not smart in anything that you are trying to accomplish.

    In today’s society everybody wants results right now. Many people don’t realize that it may takes months or years to develop a successful blog.

  • Very well written Mariana…

    Duplicate content is the major mistake many noobs commit….they just copy-paste the content providing a link indicating the source

  • I am guilty of having unfocused goals and being inconsistant. But I think those things may come with age. As our blogs mature we will become more focused and consistant.

  • The only one I would disagree with would be the point about learning SEO. I gave up on SEO months ago and have not noticed a blind bit of difference.

  • Initially, you have to write unique article that could be more helpful to increase the high traffic with the great support. Thanks a lot for given your post on here:)

  • This is really great! It’s the basics, but instead of just saying, “Don’t do this!” like so many others do when talking about the fundamental mistakes, I appreciate how you explain what the thought process might be for the beginner, and how to go about it do do the right thing and become more respectable bloggers.

    And patience; yes! It’s not like you’re going to have dozens, or hundreds, of commenters overnight, yet that’s what so many bloggers (myself included, so long ago) believe.


  • I ignore seo strategies – that’s the mistake I always do. Inconsistency is the main problem with most bloggers. I’m trying to get more and more consistent.

  • You have great insights here. The number 1 error new bloggers sometimes make is posting plagiarized content, this is a big no-no as it will effectively destroy your blog! Your blog will never appear on search engine results. 🙂

  • Well, I sort of have a strategy for my blog, but the problem I think I’m having is that my strategy is making it more challenging to write interesting stuff. I’m trying to spice up my blogs more and throw in a little bit of levity here and there, but I think one important thing is that when you are considering a strategy, make sure it is one that lends itself to being interesting!

  • I think it depends on your goals, but think twice about sticking Google Adsense on your blog too.

    If you’re really looking to build a following of loyal readers and contributors, then why give them an easy exit route from your blog, all for just a couple of cents a go?

  • Yes, blogging inconsistently is a huge mistake most bloggers make.. and then they never make any money or see results.. It takes time to see results in the online world. You put in the effort well before you see rewards… If you don’t blog about something you are passionate about, you will surely lose the motivation and give up..

  • Let me check out what mistake i did? Nothing found. Thanks for suggesting.

  • Many newbies also fail to promote their blog. If you don’t promote your blog often, how do you expect to get traffic?

  • When I first began writing my blog I was only thinking about having an interesting content and a great template, considering that the traffic would come by itself..well it does not work like that, I gathered, and some of the mistakes mentioned above were also done by me. But, as they say, “experience is the name we give to our mistakes” …so we can learn from them.

  • probably the biggest mistake is getting into it without a plan. a lot of newbies get a domain, install wordpress and start posting, they have no idea about seo, plugins and other. and then they expect to make money from the blog, but they don’t even bother to study the market, to see how much money they’ll get for a click on their ads… most of them just start blogging because they’ve heard about a lot of guys that made millions online and the want a piece of the pie too:D

  • Hi..These are common errors.. but a experienced blogger sometime I also behave like a new blogger ..emotionally…I fail to promote my blog because I believe in search engine not on Social media buzz..

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  • You are quite right about all these mistakes, Mariana, especially about the unfocused goals. Bloggers and small business owners alike should have a plan before they do anything at all. These plans are very important, so goals, tasks and timeline can be determined. Having these plans written down puts everything into perspective either for blogging or business.

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