An Email List Can Benefit Your Blog

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Having an e-mail opt-in list is essential. Such a list provides a legitimate way to keep in contact with your customers or potential customers and reduce your chances of losing them to the competition.

Some of the top marketers, when looking into the reasons why some of their students are not making money, will, above all else, check to see whether that person has an e-mail list. It’s that important! There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when creating your opt-in list.

Subscription Software

Choose the best service for your purposes in automating your registration process for would-be subscribers. Once you have such a service up and running, visitors to your blog can automatically opt-in to your list without your supervision or intervention. You can even choose whether the approval of the subscriptions is automated or manual (but manual intervention will be needed only in rare circumstances). Three of the top mailing list companies are AWeber, VerticalResponse and Constant Contact.

The browser you use to access whatever service you choose does matter; for example, Safari for the Mac and AWeber’s site do not get along well with each other. Mac users of AWeber will need to use a browser like Firefox instead.

Make Them An Offer

Offer something of value, such as a free e-book or autoresponder course, to encourage people to join your e-mail list.  Be sure to place your offer in a prominent area of your homepage and, for best results, on every page of your website.

As with all aspects of your website, you should make regular checks to ensure that everything is always in good working order.

Call to Action

Make your offer enticing. You should offer strong encouragement to join your list. Create an effective call to action using short but powerful sentences and action-packed words to create a sense of urgency.


Special incentives can also include membership privileges or special discounts. For certain offers, you can get better results by placing a deadline on your promotion. A “ticking clock” will encourage more blog readers to avail themselves of your offer.


Do not downplay the value of your newsletter just because you’re offering a free bonus. It will do no good to get subscribers if they immediately unsubscribe after getting your gift. Frame your newsletter as an important benefit of your offer. Then do your best to make sure that your newsletter lives up to its billing.

For example, your e-mail list may give subscribers regular updates on the latest additions to your blog as well as members-only discounts. Newsletter content can easily be created with a voice dictation program like Dragon Dictate for Mac or Dragon NaturallySpeaking for PC.

Safety and Confidentiality

Another way to encourage people to sign up to your list is by assuring them that their safety and confidentiality will be guaranteed. You should always give your solemn word that their address will not be traded, sold or given away to other parties. A good mailing list service will also have safeguards in place to assure a secure platform that keeps customer data safe from being hacked.

The Bottom Line

Of course, the best clincher in gaining subscribers is your blog itself. If you consistently provide the best possible content on your blog, you will show visitors that you have something to offer and give them the best reason to sign up to your list. If they don’t see anything of value on your blog, they will have no incentive or encouragement to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Great article,

    thanks for sharing.


  • Building an email list is a powerful way of marketing. I prefer MailChimp than aweber since it’s free.

  • Joe

    well, I think an email list is vital for a blog, whether you want to sell something or not…. but this is crucial if you also want to make some money out of your blog and you’re serious about making money from the blog… but you should keep in mind that your subscribers don’t want to get daily mails with new clickbank offers 🙂

  • Actually, interesting article about blog email list. Its really great data with unlimited support. Thanks a lot for given your post on here:)

  • Thanks for the comments and good points! I try not to send to my list too often (about once a week) and I always try to post useful and relevant tips and tricks in each message. It’s so easy to unsubscribe, after all!

  • oh men.. what a topic:) I think there aren’t enough 10 pages to say how important is the email list, especially if you want to make money out of your blog. as Joe said, you should, anyway, try not to spam your list, because they’ll turn their back on you

  • With email list, you can using some mass email sending software with SMTP to send newsletter email to advertising about yourself, your website and recommended products.

    • You have to advertise your website and sell products in a subtle manner. An over the top selling is a big big fail. This will be considered spammy and will be ignored by the majority of subscribers

      • I agree with you, Gautam. We must do all our marketing efforts in moderation or else we might suffer from it.

        This is a great article from Tim. I appreciate how they can be of use not just to newbies but also to veterans who might have forgotten the importance of email lists and having the best subscription system. I am using Aweber myself and it has helped me out well.

  • Many popular list builder and IM guru will always recommend you to get a high quality plus product appealing sales letter or reports on main page , because they need to be informative and attract the readers and make them subscribe your next report .

  • Now a days having an email list is essential for every blogger and awebar is the best.You can try Awebar just for $1 for first month.

  • I’d say, use your list wisely, this could make or brake you.
    And I agree, ‘Make Them An Offer’ and give them a choice.

    • True, an email list should be handled as if you are holding a really fragile object such as glass. You have to walk fast, but you have to balance, so that the glass doesn’t fall.
      A really spammy mail can cost you many subscribers, similar to the glass falling

  • Yes email list help to grow community. If we have huge email subscribers then its mean we have real static traffic to our blog.

  • I agree with Lakhyajyoti–Aweber or GetResponse or one of the other large mailing list services is the best way to manage your list, rather than trying to run your own software. They have the best deliverability and are trusted by most ISPs to get past the spam filters.

  • Hi Tim,

    Email lists are definitely an important part of keeping the personal side of your business, and making sure that you always maintain that point of contact like an ongoing conversation.

    Some of the most popular incentives I’ve seen to sign up for a mailing list are free e-courses, free ebooks, or access to a video that offers great content. All in exchange for an email address!

    After that, it’s always up to us as the blogger/website owner to continue delivering valuable information to keep our readers interested.


    • Delena,
      A freebie is very important to attract subscribers. First of all, you have to make sure that they feel safe to share their email id with you.
      A gift in exchange for email id is a great incentive and people are ready to subscribe, if they really think that the freebie has something great to offer.

  • Email list are a must have for every blogger that want to have success with his blog. I always recommend to offer something free in exchange and the subscriber will start coming.

  • Well of course emailing is very important but there is a fine line between sending subscribers useful info or just spamming them to hopefully then visiting your website.

    • Jonh,
      What i have experienced as a blog owner and as a reader, you have to provide something that is sticky and forces readers to either buying a product or visiting your site. This can be established only if you are able to offer a huge deal to the email subscribers.

  • After you gain your visitors’ trust enough to scribe to your email, you must keep that trust up by providing valuable content in your email. I get annoyed by marketers who send daily emails, all containing sales pitches, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

  • I agree that e-mail list is important, sometimes I offer Free e-book to encourage my visitor to join my e-mail list. Also posting unique related content on my blog helps to gain visitors.

  • Funny that I use Aweber and Safari and yes, sometimes the forms are not showing up when browsing my webpages with Safari but they do show up on Firefox. I asked Aweber about this and they claim that it’s a Safari issue.

    • Clint, I had exactly the same problem! It was a serious issue for me, because many of my potential subscribers probably use Safari. I also contacted AWeber, and they told me that it was an issue with my own copy of Safari. I tried it on two different Macs, and the form showed up in Safari in one but not in the other. The form also showed up in Safari on my iOS device. Your message leads me to believe this is a more common issue than AWeber would have us believe. I will have to keep looking into this and see if I can find some resolution to this problem!

  • Yes, Aweber today thought that it was some addon or plugin I have at Safari but I don’t recall ever putting one one. I might just use their clunky html codes as the javascript issue does seem to be common out there.

  • I think subscription works for a certain type of sites, where you offer a product the visitor maybe want for more then one time. Or if it is similar products that could be in interest for the visitor/subscriber.

    But I don’t think it works on every sites.

  • I have never put together a large email list yet, but definitely want to do it. I know it can have huge benefits for your websites popularity as well as increase sales. Thanks for the info Tim.

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    Good thought.