Why and How to Create a Thank You Page for Commenters

I am a firm believer that a blog should dwell around the community and the community consists of its readers – the ones who share it, comment on it and also, link to it. Without the community, the blog has no existence.

In order to build good relationships with my commenters, I thank them when they are commenting for the first time. Each first time commenter on my blog is redirected to Thank You for Being a Contributing Member of our Community page.

I will tell you why I created a Thank You Page and why you should do it too.

It shows I care

As I mentioned, blog community is very important to me and a thank you page shows that I value the community. When a commenter is redirected to this page, he or she will feel that the blogger cares about them. Their opinions and problems will matter to me and I will reply to their comments and find solutions to their problems. This builds a more personal relationship with the commenter – a connection which is hard to establish in the first time. A reader of my blog Warren Whitlock was so impressed with the page, that he shared it on his amplify page. His response to the page – “Here’s how you thank people who add value to your community”.

Better Conversion Rate

In the thank you page, I have mentioned my blog feed, newsletter, twitter and facebook pages. A first time commenter may join any of these networks to stay updated with the blog. You may be wondering, how does this page have a better conversion rate than any other page, as other pages also have links to feeds and social networks. There is one simple answer to it. When you have a normal page, the reader may or may not be engaged with it. But, through a Thank You Page, you are able to get your reader engaged by showing them that they are an important entity of the blog community. Once, the reader buys what you are trying to sell, in this case – your blog content, she will not hesitate to join your community.

Better Informed Readers

In the page I also mention what our blog is all about and what is our mission. This helps readers to be better informed about our blog, i.e what niche it is in and what we have to offer. Through this information, they can take the decision to join our community or not.

Don’t you think that a page which has so many advantages, should be part of your blog? I think it should be!

Now that I have covered the why part, I have to cover – how to create a thank you page for commenters.

I use the Comment Redirect plugin to redirect first time commenters to the Thank You Page.

1. You have to create a page

2. You have to download the plugin and install it on your wordpress blog

3. In the Settings of the plugin, you have to select the page you want you readers to be redirected to.

You can use this plugin for other things like you can redirect them to a free resource like an ebook. It depends on how you want to engage with you audience.

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  • I think it’s a good idea to redirect first time commenters to a page where you tell them more about your blog and mission. I should start using one too 🙂

    • Great, Add it to your blog and share what response you got from it.

  • I too want to create a thank you page for comments. Is there a way to create using wp template instead of using plugins?

    • I donno, you might have to dig deeper into wordpress for that solution. I find this solution to be pretty straightforward and easy

  • What a fantastic idea! I love it and will definitely be adding a Thank You page to my blog (s).

  • Initially, you have to thank them who are all commenting in the blog because it’s one of the best ways to communicate the people easily. And, thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful ideas on here, Gautham.

  • Good idea…to build a strong community base..Will do it for my blog too !!

  • What a fantastic idea! o am impress with your topic keep it up…..

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  • Hm. I’m one of the types who dislike automated page, tweet, or email 🙂 To me, I felt like the blogger is not sincere and only want to bombard me with subscription and affiliate links

    Maybe it’s just me and my pessimistic mind 😀

    • Michael, I don’t use any affiliate links on this page. Only links to build stronger ties with the reader. So, i think it should not be considered spammy. But that is just me

      • Oh, sorry, not really talking about you or this blog 😀

        Although all blogs would definitely have a subscription or something along that line

        • I am not talking about my blog. I am aware of the fact that due to certain malpractices by other bloggers, other bloggers have to suffer.
          that is why you might consider such pages as spam.

          But, if you ,as a reader, careful inspect pages, you will get to know whether such a page is spam or not

  • Dhruv Thukral

    but the “thank you” page title will be visible on the top of the home page, how to hide this page from visitors?

  • Thanks for giving knowledge on such like this plugin. I always want to create a thank you page but I had no idea before reading this article.

  • rnd technologies

    Good thought.