Why Affiliates Make Money Using Promotional Codes

This is a guest article by Steven Papas who stresses on the importance of using coupon codes to make more money. You too can be part of this great knowledge sharing community. Take a look at our guest blogging guidelines.

Nobody would bypass an option to save money while he still gets the best quality product. Even if there is a 10% slash on the normal market price, which may result in $50 less, picking 10 products at that rate gives you a great saving on your total charges. That is some big money to save! A code that helps you save money while shopping either online or offline is called a coupon. Coupons are served with different mediums; it can be printed in newspapers and magazines.

Apart from helping customers to save money as they shop, coupons have also become a good money making tool for marketers. Affiliates use coupons in their marketing campaigns and they have never failed in attracting buyers. As a result, the more customers they attract, the more money they make. On the other hand, vendors generally get more sales with coupons.

Thus, coupons serves both the customer who wants to save money while shopping, the marketer who wants to get his commission from the sale and the vendor who wants to get more sales.

Vendors And Coupons

Coupons are not only used to attract more sales, they are also used to gather other marketing data. If you have used a coupon, then you may have filled out a simple form meant to collect you age, gender, location, etc. Information like these will help the company to identify the gender, age group and race of their active buyers and the locations where their products are sold more and less. Armed with these, they can then channel their marketing efforts in places where they sale more and find a corrective measure for places where they sale less.

Customers And Coupons

Most buyers these days would first ask around for any available coupon code on the product or service they want to purchase. Almost every customer wants to save money. If they discover that there are coupon codes currently available on that product or services, they will sure find one. At the end of the day, they have succeeded paying less than the market price. This, simply, is the reason customers rush to coupon offers.

Increase Your Affiliate Sales With Coupon Codes

Coupon codes will soon become the #1 factor every buyer will have to consider before making a purchase. Even now, many customers have developed that habit of looking for the necessary coupon code to use for any product or services they want to buy. If you are a marketer and offer these codes, you are out for some big cuts.


Favorable Future For Coupon Codes

There are currently several reports that the next 2 years has nothing but tough and tighter economy for the entire western world. These will attract other factors like increased taxes, loss of jobs, tighter credit strings by banks, etc. Despite all these, the need for the basic necessities will still be there and thus people can’t stay away from making those purchases. A lot of people will therefore be searching for coupon codes in order to pay less. Hence marketers that offer these coupon codes will be in high demand.

You can start by joining an affiliate network like Commission Junction (CJ), as I have done. Then search for companies that have affiliate programs and offer discount coupons – excluding companies that offer less than 20% commission per sale and those with an average price below $100. You will need to work yourself out before you can get something tangible from these two categories. From my experience I got from my blog VeryBestSoftware Reviews & Coupons, where I give coupons for software, I know that it’s important to spend some time doing thorough research to find high ticket products with minimum 20% commission. When you finally have a list of companies, conduct another search to determine your market. Use Google Keyword tool, which is free, to see the coupons’ monthly searches and stick to those with 1000 monthly searches and above and with the lowest competition.

When you have completed the above, join the affiliate program of the remaining merchants in your list. Copy your affiliate link to your website and drive traffic to them. Posting relevant posts on your site to teach people the relevance of coupon codes, can even convert a non-coupon using reader into a customer. The more traffic you get, the more money you will make.

Just like every other online marketing strategy, you may need to experiment with a lot of traffic generation techniques. Once some begin to work, stick with them and employ your creativity.

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  • I purchase everything online through coupons so I know as both a user and an affiliate how great they are. I don’t ever buy something online without first doing a google search to see if there is a discount code or coupon available.

    When I find a coupon code that works I really don’t care who markets it so being on the first page of Google makes all the difference.

    • Seth,
      The new age demands us to be competitive. With google searcg you cannot remain to be high headed, you have to offer discount coupons. Also, discount coupons can encourage customers to become impulsive buyers. sometimes, the word “sale” has a huge impact on the buyer. It attracts people to buy even if they wouldn’t have bought it otherwise

      • I totally agree with you Gautam. People are attracted to “Sales”.

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  •  Coupons are very useful …. I never buy something online without first doing a google search to see if there is a discount code or coupon available.

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    Hello there!coupons have the advantage of being usable with most retailer and not with only one brand or store.

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