The seven rules of any beginner blogger

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Blogging is for most of us just posting articles on your own or others’ blogs, but at a more careful look it’s far more complex and difficult to accomplish.

An increasing number of web users refer to certain blogs when they need advice or information thus any blogger bears a great responsibility and takes certain risks when he posts an article because a lot of readers can rely on this information when doing their tasks or taking an action.

Anyway, all these problems are quickly forgotten when, once an article is published, readers express their satisfaction with its quality. Metaphorically speaking, same as an artist is gratulated through applause, for a blogger the commentaries and the traffic are of great importance.

In order to be considered an expert, a blogger must undertake a not so easy journey, but nobody was born knowing, so anybody can reach the top. This article is meant for those who are just starting their careers and are in need of a bit of help. The advice contained is born of personal experience and is in no way a complete guide. You will not become a blogger simply by reading this article. I’d appreciate it if you could suggest some other ideas that helped

1. Say no to copy + paste

This is a general rule for any blogger but it’s the beginners who are most tempted by this. It would apparently be a sure win to copy from a successful blogger but the truth always comes out. Google has one the most complex search engines and it’s not just a figure of speech that they see everything; any duplicate of any content is easily tracked down by their “spiders”. Furthermore nowadays we’re dealing with a cultivated audience and any imitation is quickly rebuked.

2. Quality will always make the difference

No internet user cares about a bloggers experience or preferences, the only thing that’s important to him is finding the info, advice or opinion that he thinks is interesting or relevant. A posts’ quality is decisive, regardless of the blog, an interesting article is always appreciated. Many may look upon it as an exaggeration but nowadays social media has become a phenomenon and it offers great support in finding quality. For example a great article, seen by one person, but distributed on Facebook and/or Twitter will attract more people, who, if impressed, will pass it on even further thus creating an avalanche effect. This way from one viewer it can reach a few thousand people. This is not an exaggeration and internet marketers have named this viral spreading

3. Originality

Any fresh blogger will always feel reserved at first about his own value and most of the time he’ll try to placate everyone through his posts maintaining a level of objectivity instead of affirming his position on a subject. That is not wrong, but keeping a low profile can’t be a positive thing, after all how do you stand out, how are you different than everyone else? These two questions should be ever-present in your mind as you are writing an article and you should have clear answers to them as you are publishing it.

Obviously the solution isn’t to post only personal opinions but the facts should be wrapped in personal style.

4. Keep in touch with your readers

A blog is usually created to satisfy the needs of a community, it’s the glue that holds a group together. But, behind every blog, there’s a blogger and without him there would be no community, it’s just his work and patience that keeps the group together.

In order to maintain or increase the number of readers, a blogger must sustain a constant dialogue, answer requests and help however possible. A lot of bloggers, especially beginners assume that once an article is posted their job is finished, when it’s only then that the true purpose of blogging comes into play.  Any blogger should respond to both critics and acclaims and give explanations when these are requested. This way he assures a healthy development of his community and it’s precisely on this idea of community that a beginner blogger should rely on.

Another important aspect is that a numerous community insures a reasonable traffic thus earning some money for the blogger.

5. Advertising & promotion

The web is saturated with blogs and bloggers, so nobody is going to be patient with a beginner, but, don’t despair. In the beginning, in any blogging career an administrator that will accept your posts will be hard to find as almost anywhere “previous links” are required. But persistence and an iron will can surpass any obstacle, but a good promotion strategy will go a long way. Very important for beginners is getting out there, they should post either on a few blogs or a personal one, get some experience, so that real sustainable progress can be achieved.

On the other hand part of being a blogger involves a continuous endeavor to find new blogs willing to hire new contributors, so any contact section of a blog should be assaulted with mails expressing your willingness to post.

6. Patience

It’s true that the lure of profit out of blogging is great and all beginners wish to find a blog which hill hire them to post or to launch their own blog from which to extract a quick monetary gain. You should now that the easy and fast profit out of blogging is a chimera; everything is based on hard, solid continuous work.

A lot of beginners give up because they have no patience, if they don’t find a good customer in a couple of weeks they decide that they weren’t cut out for this line of work; it’s not always the most talented that make it but those that persevere and work arduously do.

Work hard, persevere and be optimistic, these are the things that can propel you amongst the best bloggers. Best of luck!

  • Thanks Daniel, I just completed a similar post hoping to post it very soon…and here you come. Cool post.

  • Do not practice cut and paste but develop your skill how to express the idea in you your own way. If you can relate and share your experience the content will be more on your authority. You can always create a new one.

    • dlysen,
      as you said, practical tips are the best method to increase your blog’s authority. they are original and they have something valuable to share with the readers

  • yogi

    Hi, it would be helpful for the people who are all starting the blog, and it has the seven valuable rules in this…

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  • In my opinion, a mix of point 4 and 6 makes a successful blogger. Write a lot, be patient and care about your readers – the community, which really makes a blog a blog, otherwise it would be just a normal website.

    Mr. Online

  • wonderful post buddy and right enough
    a must read for the newbies…

  • I am still amazed with how many new bloggers don’t follow the first rule! Copy and pasting other people’s work is stealing and it never pays off with Google either.

    Great list of rules for beginners and experts alike to remember.

    • Actually, I have faced a similar problem, people are unaware that copying content is just not accepted. Articles such as these are needed to teach them what do and what not to do

  • Thank you for the tips. I am just starting out my companies blog. These are good guidelines to start out with.

  • I am not sure about limiting it to just beginners, I think there are some experienced bloggers that could learn from this list. 🙂

    • Yes Dean, many bloggers out there need to know some things from this list 🙂

  • Being a beginner myself…I would like to add, if you take your blogging easy, you will probably fail…dish quality post and aggressively promote your blog

    • I think it is more of hard work and productive time which constitutes a good blogger. If you are able to grab thes two points, you are definitely in the top bloggers

  • Patience is the key no doubt ! If you can sustain your blog then definitely you will get success.

  • hi these seven tips would be helpful for the new blogger. And, new blogger have to concentrate on the quality content because it will be most important point than the other part.

  • Patience, consistency, and more patience. You can’t stress it enough, can you Daniel? I’ve seen too many great blogs start up and then be abandoned by bloggers who didn’t have the patience to see it through.

    I have to say amen to your point about copy & pasting. Some think that switching a few words around make it okay too. I see this happening a lot, but I don’t think many beginning bloggers understand that this is wrong. I’m sure many do though.

    Great tips for beginning bloggers. Thanks for sharing them, Daniel.

    • Brad,
      Sometimes copy paste gets even worse. Some bloggers use rss feeds to add articles automatically to their blogs. the only way you can prevent copying is by keeping partial rss feeds for your blog/website

  • Thanks for the post. Literally just starting out and read this gave me good insight. Thank you

  • Great beginner blog. Will check back frequently for any tips you have to give.

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    Nice think.