How to choose the best domain for your website

Domain is the name of the website, which is entered in the address bar by the user who wants to view it. Right domain for the website is of paramount importance and it should be able to fulfill the following two requirements
  1. Easy to remember – A domain should be easy for the reader to remember. Usually, a short domain name is easier to remember than a long domain name like
  2. Keyword Optimized – The domain name should contain the keywords you are targeting. 60% of SEO experts believe that keyword usage in domain name is important for ranking in a search engine. e.g. if i am targeting “toilet paper”, then the website should contain toilet paper in its name like or Thus, if I use a domain like this, then the chances of getting my blog to the first page of google (for the keyword “toilet paper”) can become easier.

Target high traffic keywords

If you want a domain which is keyword optimized, you have to choose a suitable keyword beforehand. It is advisable to target a keywords which get lots of traffic but have little competition, because it will be easier for you to reach higher in the search engine rankings for a keyword which has lesser competition.

Steps for searching the best keyword:

2. Search for your niche keyword ( a generic keyword such as java programming for java programming niche)
You will see a list of keywords with the list of global and local monthly searches and also the competition level for the keyword.
I searched for “java programming” and i got the following results
As, you can see java programming tutorial has got 9,900 monthly searches and has a very low competition, so i will choose this keyword. If you find a keyword which has more traffic and less competition, go for it!
If you are targeting local traffic, then you should focus on the local monthly searches.

Buying the most suitable domain

After choosing the keywords, you have to buy a domain name from a site like godaddy. There you can search for the domain and check their availability.
I searched from and it was already taken!.
If the best domain is taken, you will have to use the next best option. You can try the recommendations given by the godaddy website but, you have to make sure that the website domain name is small.
Usually, you can use or (which are usually available) if is not available. Or if they are not available, then you can add a word to the ideal domain and search for it. I prefer .com because it is considered more professional. Although, you can use domains like .biz .info.
Now, after you have got the right domain, you just have to checkout and pay!
  • Great tips. Something I have found that always helps me is to not rush the process. If I brainstorm a bunch one day I never buy the domain the same day. I give it a chance to marinate.

    Then when I come back the next day I generally have even better ideas and I get the best domain possible.

    • Seth,
      It is totally true, when you are buying a domain, a lot of planning and studying should be done so that you don’t mess up the whole thing. After all, it will determine your blog name, brand and traffic

  • Its good to buy for yourself if not taken. Some will buy it the future if you don’t buy it now. We cannot avoid people with the same or common name look for it. Take your chance, its an opportunity to have it.

    • dlysen,
      yes it is time to book, you may never know, someone might buy it before you do.

  • Hello Gautam, i agree with the first point of the article because every one would be easy to remember the keyword.And, high traffic with the less competition would be more important in the domain name.

    • According to many online businessmen who use mini niche websites, the keywords which have lower competition are the best business to enter in. Because, the competition will be less, you will earn more money through it because most of the traffic can be directed to your site.

  • I think the same could also be said about choosing a Twitter name, with the option for going with the same name that you may have chosen for your domain name, this way your Twitter will tie nicely in with your chosen domain name and hopefully marketing your “brand” that little bit further 😉

    • Karen,
      Twitter user names could be chosen in a similar way, but for a blogger or brand owner, he will choose the one which is closer to it’s domain or brand name. twitter user name is usually the second piece of the puzzle, first piece is usually the domain name

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  • hi gautam,
    i think market Samurai is one of the best programs available to do all the keywords research and suggestions regarding the domain name.. it not only tells you about the competition you will face in the particular domain but the keyword analyzer may also give you certain good names you can use for your domain in case you want your website to be more successful in that particular domain..

    • Market Samurai is a good tool, but sometimes, you have to go with your gut with things.

      These tools can assist, but the ultimate decision has to be taken by you and you should study a niche before you buy

  • Choosing a domain name with some keyword do you want to use in it is very important to reach first pages of search engines.

  • Good tips.
    If my best suit domain is busy now “”.
    What is the best solution, to chouse “” or “”?
    I hear that .com is best domain for serch engines.

    • I would recommend .com domain – but it would be better if you could use or rather than because, in my opinion, hyphens make it difficult for readers to remember the name of the website

  • The domain name is one of the most important parts
    of any website. Thanks for sharing this information it’s really use to find a good domain name
    and keyword for any website.

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