How Companies and Bloggers Use Social Media to Promote Their Business

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An increasing number of people are using social media in their daily lives. As always, business must follow the trends of the consumer in order to stay relevant. It’s a simple fact that business goes where the money goes. Many businesses and bloggers have now spearheaded campaigns to improve their social media presence to capitalize off the online communities.

Start Blogging

Companies and bloggers have found a safe and inexpensive marketing haven through social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a growing trend that has helped some companies stay visible, and free social outlets like these have only made it easier for businesses to stay relevant and competitive. It’s also a way for businesses, who had relied on phone books and newspapers for advertising, to reach a younger audience of potential consumers. For example, Storage Mart, who usually market their self-storage to older adults, created a Facebook page describing their business and linked to tweets of upcoming deals and events that are slated to occur.

Interact with the Community

Forums, both locally and globally based, have done a lot to improve relations with a broader consumer base. Through this media, a company or blogger would be able to field questions and provide tips and advice on a wide rage of topics relevant to the specific needs of the consumer. In turn, this service increases the visibility of the host and allows businesses the platform to advertise their products and services.

Use Video Platforms

Many businesses have started using video platforms as a marketing tools, which until recently was an untapped resource. Through video sharing platforms, such as YouTube, companies have been able to underscore the creative and entertainment aspect of their business. For example, Old Spice commissioned several highly popular commercial ads that went viral producing millions of hits and a huge bump in popularity. What’s so interesting about this approach is that the ad isn’t really about the product at all. Yet consumers have responded to this approach.

This is just the new way of doing business in today’s social media driven market. Eventually there will something else that comes along to, yet again, change the way we do business, until that point, bloggers and businesses need to realize the power of social media and the importance of its use to keep a viable company.

  • Nice post. I have never used any social site marketing in any way. i’m very behind in that area but I think I’m going to give it a try. Thanks.

    • David, it is time that you give importance to social media. if you have a website, it can mean lot of traffic. If you have a business – social media can bring more customers.

      Irrespective of what you are doing online as well as offline – social media has a solution which will benefit you

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  • I think blogging is a great way to promote any business. After a blog is written it can easily be spread across the web via the different social media sites.

    • True,
      plus social media can help building a brand out of your website. Conversations and discussions can be extended to multiple social media streams. If you are more popular among these sites, you will grow your blog exponentially.

  • So far, I do not heavy use the social media to promote my blogs. Yeah, I use social media but not in intensive way. However this article give me some idea how to improve my social media usage. Thanks.

    • Dana,
      it is not important to use social media extensively, but it is important to use social media wisely. Most users waste time in excessive chit chatting and less time in the real gig. Conversations are important but keep in mind, that you are also representing your blog brand and you should subtly promote in social media websites.

  • It’s one of the great article Brandon, actually most of the blogger will increase their business through social media only because they will write the content and publish it.And, it would be helpful for the people without any doubt, its my point of view, Brandon.

  • Some good points but it will only get harder learn this then it changes again Gautam comes out with some wise comments

  • My first attempts at social marketing started 2 months ago. Not only have I seen positive results but the whole process has been a lot of fun. I think it is absolutely imperative nowadays to use social marketing. Thanks for the info.

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