Five Untapped Resources for Fresh Content Ideas

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When you create your own website you want to put fresh new ideas on your home page. The big challenge is to keep on finding new and breaking content.

Research and Development

For a scoop on what is being worked on by technology companies, a good source is an online newspaper. The R&D Daily found at this url: is a good source for this topic.

R&D Daily

This site breaks down news via tabs on the website such as “Information Tech” and “General Sciences”. The site lists research projects and a small summary of each project with a link to click on if you want more details. This allows you to skim quickly over the projects to easily find what may interest you. This business website is geared mostly towards research in labs and robotics, but these always provide hot topics that can relate to other niches and fields.

University Webpages

University webpages can offer you a wealth of new ideas on subjects varying from class options for business programs to extracurricular activities around campus.  The key is knowing where to look and selecting the best ones. Some are geared only towards high school students looking for a college. However, many universities involved in cutting edge research will have tabs on their pages that contain fascinating information and topics that most “outsiders” may never have thought of. One of my favorite university sites is Boston University. The site, found at, has the typical information about the courses it offers, BUT on the bottom of the home page there are large sections dedicated to current headlines, current research and community happenings.  These areas are updated daily and often include videos. It is a great way to stay in touch with young and vibrant college students doing interesting work.

Boston University

Pod Casts

There are two main sites that act as a clearing house for podcasts: and I have found to be more user-friendly. If you are searching for the latest buzz, I find the tab that lists the Top 100 podcasts to be the best. Most of these are daily podcasts and will keep you as up-to-date on your topic as possible. The great thing about podcasts is that they work for niche bloggers and techies who are interested in only a narrow variety of subjects.  Getting your information from Podcasts also works in our fast paced society; as you can watch them on your laptop as well as on your iPod when you are in that long boring commute on a train.

Social Issues

“The View” is a show that has been on the air for over a decade, in which current events are discussed as well as celebrity issues.  They have something called Hot Topics, in which one of the five guest hosts may feel very passionate about and they delve fairly deeply into this topic.  All five guest hosts have very differing personalities and they give a well-rounded discussion of most topics.  The reason I have included this is the fact that their website has a blog for each Hot Topic and takes in comments from all across America.  This is all in real time and all about breaking news.

The View





Social Technology

The Bivings Report is a business website. Their Blog tab is one of the best run blogs I have come across for keeping current with social technical trends. In addition to this, they often post reports on their home page.  In their own words about their blog section:

“The Bivings Report (TBR) is a source of news, insight, research, analysis and conversation on web-based communications and its increasingly powerful role in the economy, politics and society.  TBR content is created, posted and managed by internet strategists, media/communications analysts, web developers, designers and programmers …”

The Bivings Report

For a refreshing change, they actually live up to their claim.  While there are many tabs on their page that are concerned strictly with their business and you could use them to create your own website, I have included them here due to the wealth and type of information that they share with visitors to their web page.