6 Best Anti-spam plugins for WordPress blogs

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Spamming has been one of the worst ways for people to try promoting their stuff, and which is a big trouble for the bloggers always. They always have to moderate the comments they receive on the posts, just to make sure that no spam is posted on the blogs. For the wordpress blogs, the availability of several plugins makes the job easier in protecting the blogs from unnecessary spam by automatically throwing away the spam from the moderation section.

Here are a few wordpress plugins which help protect the blog from spamming

Akismet WordPress Plugin

AkismetVisit Plugin Page
This is one of the most used plugin, which comes as a default installed one which just needs an activation through the API Key. Akismet checks every comment and sends the comment to the spam box if it is suspicious or has been already marked as spam by any other blog owners in their blogs. There is a free and paid option available, depending on the need, like personal blogs can use the API key and Akismet services for free but businesses and commercial sites can pay to get more out of it.

WordPress Hashcash Plugin

WP-HashcashVisit Plugin Page
This is an anti-spam plugin that works on eradication of spam and sending the spam to the Akismet section when the visitor fails to submit a proof that they opened the blog through a browser. If they passed it, then the comment is sent into moderation, or else the comment is regarded as spam or one sent by a robot or automated system. It also helps in preventing trackback or pingback spam.

bcSpamBlockVisit Plugin Page
This is another plugin similar to Hashcash where it tries to ensure that the client that has reached the page is a human and not a bot. A specific code is sent into the javascript and if the users don’t have the javascript enabled, they need to just copy and paste the code into the textbox to confirm. For preventing the trackback and pingback spam, the plugin ensures that the the trackback responds correctly to the referrer website.

Bad Behavior WordPress Plugin

Bad BehaviorVisit Plugin Page
This plugin not just prevents spammers from posting their spams on the blogs, but also sometimes prevents them from even visiting your blog. This not just helps you keep away from spammers, but also the site’s load is always fast and the logs are clear. It can be used along with the other spam protection services to ensure maximum safety of the blog.

AVH First Defence WordPress Plugin

AVH First Defense Against SpamVisit Plugin Page
The AVH First Defense Against Spam plugin gives you the ability to block spammers before any content is served. This is supported by Project Honey Pot, which is a local blacklist. The visitors that are trying to post comments are checked at stopforumspam.com and this checking is done only after the content is served. The spammers can be blocked based on the information supplied by a third party or by using the local blacklist of IP addresses.

Defensio Anti Spam WordPress Plugin

Defensio Anti-SpamVisit Plugin Page
Defensio is an advanced spam filtering web service that learns and adapts to your behaviors and those of your users. Apart from the spam filtering, the plugin also helps in detecting malicious content, URL categorization, script detection etc. The usage of Defensio would need you to deactivate all other plugins that work in preventing spam in wordpress blogs.

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  • Hm am I the only who uses AntiSpam Bee? 🙂 It looks like it’s doing the same thing though HashCash and bcSpamBlock. Well, whatever works, right? So far I’m happy with mine for a couple of years

    Might change when spam bots get smarter

    • Michael, there many alternatives to anti spam plugins, what you are using might be new and that is why, people might not be using it.

      But, as you said, whatever works for you is the best option.

  • I’ve been looking for an alternative to Akismet, so this came in handy. All of these plugins look solid.

    • I think, you can also try the combo of akismet+conditional captcha – it can reduce your spam by 90%

  • This is looks good, cause Akismet is a bit hard to work on and lots of requirements need. Thanks for sharing this and I can find some replacement for Akismet

    Bargain CT

  • I’ve been using Akismet for the last couple of years and probably wont change. It’s been an easy fix for spam and provides me with no real problems.

    Thanks for the list. Will be good for clients who are looking for more features.

    • I am a akismet fan, but I use an addon – conditional captcha. This plugin reduces the spam to 1/10 th of the original – very helpful to reduce automated spam.

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  • Yeah, its really good.And, Akismet is one of the best web service to check the comments and send it to the spam box.
    Thanks for a nice post.:)

  • I’m curious why you are not mentioning GASP in this list. It is a simple plugin and yet does its job perfectly well. I’m very disappointed with Akismet as I think that there are people who can game the system and accidentally “flag” users as spammers when they are not. Anyway, there are three here that I have not heard of before and I’ll check them out. Thanks

  • I use verification code for comments plugin to reduce spam

  • Thanks Chetan. This article was helpful.

    DiTesco, since I have Intense Debate I cannot use GASP so I have installed Bad Behavior after reading this post. Hopefully it will have an impact since I’m getting more spam the last few days. Intense Debate and WP Spam Free don’t seem to be enough anymore?

  • Thanks for this. Time to test a few i think!

  • That’s awesome list of anti-spam plugins but I think it is not complete without mentioning GASP that is being used by most popular bloggers to stop automated spam comments.

    Recently I found a new plugin that claims to stop 100% automated comment with 0% false positive. I will publish a post about this plugin in my blog on Monday 23th April 2012.

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  • Hi Chetan,
    These anti-spam plugins are really helpful for many bloggers, and I must say that I haven’t encountered any blog or website that does not have any type of anti-spam plugin installed in them. Akismet, GASP and Bad Behavior are my top 3 anti-spam plugins.  I will check out the others you have mentioned.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Its getting harder and harder to control wordpress spams. Thank you for sharing these plugins. 

  • Alberto Tolomelli

    Spams war never ends! Thank you!

  • AlexeyVoronov


  • rnd technologies

    Your view is nice.