5 Types of Blog Post That Attracts Traffic

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When it comes to generating traffic for your blog, there are a number of techniques that can be utilized in order to do so. Often times the amount of traffic that you experience depends on the type of blog post that you create, and there are plenty of great formats that can help increase the traffic that your blog gets.

Here are some of the more popular blog post formats that can help attract traffic to your blog.

1. Lists of Tips

Often times people are looking for advice or instructions on how to perform certain tasks, complete projects, achieve goals, and perform step by step solutions. Compiling lists of tips or instructions that can help readers achieve their objectives more effectively and efficiently is a great way to create a follower base that will continue to return to you for advice.

2. Arguing a Point of View

Arguing a point of view one way or another is another great way to build traffic for your blog. If you speak strongly for or against something and many others agree with you on your particular views, then they may develop an interest in what you have to say.

To the contrary, you might attract readers who oppose your opinions or views on particular matters simply because they want to see where they might be able to try and prove you wrong. Your particular point of view, right or wrong, can help generate traffic for your blog.

3. Q&A With Authority Figures

Another valuable technique that you can use to draw visitors to your site is to post Q&A sessions with authority figures. Authorities who have a highly regarded opinions often times are followed by a lot of people, and having a Q&A session with them on your blog can be a sure fire way to attract authority figure followers to your content.

4. Resource (Links) Lists

Resource lists are groupings of related information that help to provide visitors further information about a particular topic or area of discussion. Resource lists can be used to describe a collection of related items, and they can also be used to indicate a source where particular information was gathered from.

Often times resource links can be used to further solidify the truthfulness or trustworthiness of the information that is posted in your blog and can be used to attract loyal followers.

5. Best of Year Lists

Best of Year lists are also a very popular traffic generating technique that can be used to attract loyal followers. Best of Year lists are appropriate for many different things including physical products, music, movies, services, performance based achievements, and just about any other topic that you can think of.

You can create a Best of Year list for virtually anything imaginable such as Best Trucks For 2010, Best Toys For 2010, Best Movies For 2010, etc. If competition exists, then you can make a Best of Year list for it.

These types of lists can be a great source of information for those who are comparison shopping because they point out the most popular items among the competition.

Now It’s Your Turn

In my experience these are all types of blog post that attract lots of traffic but there are lots more! What type of blog post always gets readers rushing to your blog? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Ben

    Great list. I am thinking about starting an architecture blog and am trying to absorb as much information as possible beforehand to get off on the right foot.

    • Well these tips are great ways to do that. It is important to start off on the right foot which can save you hundreds of hours and lots of money.

      • Seth,
        Very true – most bloggers make mistakes in the beginning and hence, they lose valuable time and a lot of money.

        Making the right decisions by reading articles can save them from suffering

  • I thought the whole purpose of blogging was to share new ideas, concept, and thoughts. thanks for sharing such wonderful and valuable tips here…

  • Ben

    Blog posts similar to the one you just wrote! Anything with “The 5 types of…” or “The 10 best….”. Those always grab interest. It worked on me with your blog post, and here I am lol. Thanks for your post. This list will surely give me more ideas to use on my blogs in the future. I just social bookmarked this too. Thanks

  • Oh yes, the list of blog post types are great to attract traffic. I have some of those types of posts on my blog and they have been working pretty well too!

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  • I can’t share anything since you article opened my eyes on a lot of things regarding what types of blog posts will bring traffic. So thank you for sharing!

  • Hi David, I find that blog posts that provide a list of tips, like you’ve done in this post, are much easier than those that argue a point of view. They are much easier to read and generate a much higher response rate. It just seems that people tend to get a point or two when they points are numbered! Arguing something makes it confusing. That’s only my experience!

    • Arguing, or making a point. If you are right and controversial, it can prove to be an interesting read and for the blogger, it can be a great traffic treat.

      so, i would say making a point – not so bad!

  • My favorite kind of blogs are resource posts. Something that will stay relevant for many years to comes will generate you money along the way.

  • For me humor posts and personal posts are the two types that convert well for me.

    Resource lists are not as powerful as they used to before because everyone seems to be doing it these days.

    • Resource posts have innundated blog-o-sphere. But, if you are able to stand out, you can achieve good results with resource posts.

  • I think List Posts and Resource posts work extremely well. When you combine list posts with images then you have a real winning structure. It’s easy to get pageviews when you have list posts with great images.

  • experienced the same as your post. Quick guides attract a lot of traffic from search engines too.

  • Great article. Thanks

  • Hi David, interesting tips. I haven’t had a chance to write these kinda articles. Will try them for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sonia

    Good one. The point “Relative Links” will do much for a blog to be in sight of many….
    Nice article..
    Thank You

  • I never really want to try writing a really controversial topic although it is indeed a good traffic generation.

    Not to mention people want to come back just to reply on the comments to prove them wrong 😛

  • rnd technologies

    Good think.