10 Refreshing and Beautiful WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes For Blogs

When you upgrade your wordpress installation, you have to ensure that the theme is compatible with the newly installed version. Otherwise, the themes may misbehave and totally ruin the web design of the blog. This list showcases 10 refreshing and beautiful wordpress 3.0 ready themes (compatible with wordpress 3.0) which have a refreshing and beautiful design.

Sight WordPress Magazine Theme

Sight is a very beautifully designed wordpress theme. It is minimalistic but it manages to surprise people with its stunning appearance. Also, it is highly customizable and it is loaded with many useful features.


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Journal Crunch Magazine Theme

This theme has a very professional newspaper type of look. It has a set of shortcodes which can help you beautify your blog posts by formatting them properly.


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WordPress Anniversary Theme

A wordpress theme released just on the occasion of wordpress’s anniversary. The theme is light colored and the addition of rust color to buttons and other items makes it more attractive.


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Shaken Grid

Shaken has a grid like structure and it is ideal for those who want a portfolio or who want to show their posts in a grid layout. Either way, it looks very different from other wordpress themes


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The Morning After – Minimalistic WordPress Theme

The black and white usage with images and a tinge of blue, makes it an extremely likeable wordpress theme. It is a good choice for magazine type blogs.


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As the name suggests, it has a very simplistic design which can be implemented in any type of blog. It comes with the option of 6 different colour styles.


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Mansion – Photoblogger’s Wrodpress Theme

A beautiful blog theme for photobloggers. All the images are displayed in a grid fashion on the homepage. The dark background accentuates the beauty of the photos.


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Boldy WordPress Theme

Boldy wordpress theme has got bold looks. It is a good theme for professional/corporate bloggers and it is bundled with a really nice jquery slider which multiplies its coolness factor.


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Oxygenous WordPress Theme

The Oxygenous’s homepage has a slight grey touch to it which matches really well with red and orange which are used in buttons. Also, it displays category wise articles in a beautiful grid form.


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The Seven Five

The seven five wordpress theme has a great black and white style and the solid image borders enhances the beauty of the website.the-seven-five-wordpress-theme

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  • Wow, Wonderful collection 😀
    But I don’t see WPcrunchy’s Themes are listed in this collection. In my opinion, those themes from WPCrunchy are beautiful and well-support for WP3.0

    • I liked the wpcruchy themes, i would consider including it in my future articles.

  • thanks for the collection gautam….

  • Lovely themes… I especially like WordPress Anniversary Theme, the light colors are great, love it!

  • Thank you for providing this list, it was what I need since I’m looking for new theme for a couple of my blogs. I noted the link and I’ll come back. I really like the “Sight WordPress Magazine Theme” it looks great.

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