Revealing Your True Identity: The Biggest Dilemma

Blogging has become a popular way of getting good quality content because it is user driven and also, it gets more personal than major news websites and sometimes, it tends to give you more insight on certain topics.

Some bloggers blog using a certain identity, a certain pen name or identity when they are writing on their blogs. On the other hand, some bloggers prefer showing who they are by having their picture uploaded with their bio and they also have an about me page which is an extended version of their bio.

Are you ready to show you true identity? This is biggest dilemma that a blogger has to face.  People might think that it is always better to show the true identity, but it may not always be the “better option”.

There are some pros and some cons to revealing your true identity which I will list down:


Builds Credibility:

Once you decide to show your true personality, people try to believe in what you are saying, because now they know that you are not a bot but a real human. Once they start believing in you, they will start following you and your blog. This will, in turn help in building a larger reader base.

Treated as an Expert:

If you give your full details, people will recognize the weight of your personality. For example, if someone writes on a financial blog and he writes in his bio that he is a financial advisor for some xyz company for almost 3 years,  he would be considered as an expert in that domain.

Great Addition to your CV:

If you made yourself public, it is more easy for you to add your blogging work to your curriculum vitae. It is a great addition to your CV because if you own a blog of your own, you can highlight your abilities to organize your blog effectively and to market it online. There are many things that you can lean from blogging, so there might be some really good points that you can add to CV.



Bloggers can write on thought provoking titles. Certain bloggers write on topics which can lead to a lot of controversy like writing on topics such as religion or exposing classified information. In order to prevent any attacks and harassment, a cloak or a mask is always better.

Keep Blogging Activity Hidden:

Sometimes, people around you might not approve of what you do. If they find out that you are doing something which is against their rules, you might have to face some serious repercussions. So, the best choice is to keep your blog activity hidden from others.

It doesn’t make a difference:

In some situations, it doesn’t make a difference, whether you reveal your true identity or not. It becomes more of a choice for a blogger to choose to show their true identity.


What do you think about showing your true identity? Is it better to be under the hood than being out in the open.

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  • Hi Gautam,

    One word: transparency.

    Look at any top blogger or online personality. The majority are transparent. You know who they are, and like them or not you tend to respect them for having the gumption to put themselves out there.

    If you plan to be a serious blogger I feel being honest with your audience is the only option.

    I can understand the fear of opening up but it’s difficult to be taken seriously if you don’t reveal who you are. I would never trust someone who wears a mask offline; I see no difference online.

    The way I look at it, what do you have to hide? Whenever you try to hide something it will be exposed. The more open you are the more people trust you. It’s better for your brand, better for your business, better for you….if you want to be taken seriously in the online arena.

    Thanks for asking the question Gautam.


    • Ryan,
      Sometimes it is the better option to hide your true identity. Though, there is always the fear of being exposed and that is why it is difficult to be “in the hiding”. I too believe that transparency has always worked for me. It improves your blog traffic and brings more business to you.

  • What I think about true identity is that it is more acceptable to do the business — in case we treat our blog as business entities.

    • Dana, it is true that revealing true identity helps in acceptability but sometimes, the situation might be a little different

  • I have always blogged as me. I can understand why people hide behind a pen name, I’ve just never felt the need to do this.

    Maybe it has something to do to with too many people being two-faced to me in my youth?

  • Showing the true identity is the best way to win in Blogging. However I found some female blogger and web designer prefer not showing their true identity.

    I feel better to open and that what my blog means.

  • in my opinion, its one’s own choice…people have different criteria and priorities and they should decide whether they should reveal themselves or not

  • I guess this is one of those things that can be an endless discussion. My take, if you got nothing to hide, reveal yourself. Obviously this is what I recommend should a blogger be in it for business. This helps and unless this is your objective, what difference does it make?

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  • If you are blogging about personal success you better be using your own name, otherwise people will not believe you. But for most blogs it is best for the author to remain anonymous. I have just read an article that discuses the same issue and it was called “ why you should be a lier online” that I 100 % agree with and here is the link.

  • I say its better for people to know your true identity, it give them a sense of real connection instead of interacting with a “nickname”.

  • Hello Gautam,

    I personally think that being ‘under the hood’ is much safer than being out in the open, you just don’t know what could happen and who could mess with you just because you’re better than him (a competitor). It’s a mad world, you never could know, I personally suggest NOT revealing your true identity, I suggest creating a true identity – be who you are, use nicknames, etc. It’s much easier and cool.

    Have a great day !

    Best regards,


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  • I struggled with this for a while too. Do I Blog under my real name or a pen name? I decided in order to build a brand I needed to bring my real face and thoughts to the table. I market my ideas and my other blogs or products with my personal brand. I believe it’s important to treat people like people too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading your blog!


    • great point – “it’s important to treat people like people”. People should who they are talking to. Sometimes if you are commenting on a blog which does not have a true identity – it seems as if you are talking to an answering machine which has the same dead response. But, when you talk to a real person, the conversation becomes lively!

  • I blogged about this a while back. I don’t reveal my real identity online. For me it’s about maintaining privacy. The internet is still pretty much in its infancy and we still don’t really know the long-term consequences of putting everything out there under our real name.

    • Possibly, internet may seem a friend, but who knows – it might turn out to be your greatest enemy. Plus they say internet is full of people – they may or not may not be dangerous. But, are you ok with taking a chance, that is the real question.

  • rnd technologies

    Good think.

  • Janglemuffin Trapnose

    No one is entitled to any information about your person. Ideas should stand on the weight of their own rigor and merit, not on credential. There are many artistic reasons to adopt a personae as well as the ones mentioned in this article. Nobody can protect the information you give out on the internet, not chase bank, not the government and certainly not fricken’ facebook. Now that I have been bumped off Facebook for not revealing my “true” identity… I feel less inclined then ever to give them any accurate information whatsoever… they have yet to disclose what they really do with it or why they really want it… seems obvious that it is profit motivated some how, but I do not know since they are all smoke and mirrors on this topic. None of their alleged reasons hold water. If they wanted it to help people connect more easily, how is locking me out of my account of 10+ years with hundreds of friends and family members achieving that end? It doesn’t. Thus their whole pre-amble about it making it easier for people to find you is utter garbage… that is clearly not what they are concerned about. So why DO they want it so bad? EH!?