Premium SEO Smart Links Plugin has been Launched

SEO Smart links plugin is one of those plugins that almost every wordpress blogger uses for automatic interlinking. It has proven to increase the search engine rankings for many blogs. The automation of interlinking reduces the effort to link to each and every article and boosts the seo of the blog.

The author of this plugin Vladimir Prelovac, has developed a new premium version of the plugin especially for small and large business owners and bloggers.

There are a number of features that set it apart from it’s free version. To name a few:

  • Nofollow whitelist – Allows you to specify a whitelist of domains that you do not want to add ‘nofollow’ attribute to (for example for your own sites). It is a really good feature for bloggers who want to optimize multiple websites for search engines. Linking one website to the other will help increase the page rank as well as the search engine rankings
  • Advanced automatic interlinking options – SEO Smart Links is more powerful with new features like:
  1. Option to prevent cross-category linking (autolink to articles within the same category only)
  2. Option to parse only posts older than given number of days
  3. Post slug keywords can be matched now
  4. WordPress 3.0 custom taxonomies support
  5. Option to specify the minimum length in characters for keyword to be considered
  6. Disable WordPress texturization filter option
  • Caching: To interlink, a lot of resources are used to parse content. For large websites, it would mean excessive load on your site. To reduce the load, internal caching is used which is compatible with W3 Cache and WP Super Cache plugins.
  • Link Cloaking: One of the most useful feature for affiliate marketers. The affiliate links can be cloaked using a base permalink for redirection like /go/. It will help you increase the number of sales.

There are many more interesting features which can be checked out at their sales page.

The Premium SEO Smart Links Plugin is available in 3 licenses :

  1. Personal (79$) : For bloggers with a single blog.
  2. Professional(149$) : For multiple blogs.
  3. Business (299$) : Recommended for businesses. Can be used by you and your clients.

You will get a special 10% off on all these licenses if you use the coupon down10.

Take a look at the video of this plugin:

What do you think about automatic interlinking? Have you used any plugins for that? Have you tried the SEO Smart Links Plugin?

  • Looks like a very useful plugin. I’m actually searching for such a plugin for my website(not a blog).. seems like a great way to automatically create internal links for SEO benefits.

  • This is really a useful tip for seo peoples

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  • with matt cutts from google saying that internal linking within your website is very important, such plugins come in quite handy.

  • I don’t really consider myself as a big fan of those. Sometimes bloggers abuse interlinking that almost every keywords on their blog links to a certain page which for me looks spammy.

    • Auto interlinking can look spammy, but you can set a limit to have a fixed number of interlinks in each page. It can ensure that the content does not look spammy.

  • SEO Smart Links is simply one of the best plugins around. I have included this plugin in one of my top recommended SEO plugins and the release of the Premium version is just timely as it includes great features and Vladimir knows what he is doing.

    • Yes, it is one of the most recommended plugins and does a really good job in increasing the search engine ranks for wordpress websites. The premium version comes with caching which will reduce the load time and this is the best feature of this plugin.

  • Have not tried yet the plugin, however anything that comes from Vladimir is worth checking. He is a top Worpress/SEO expert.

    • Yes Brat,
      If you haven’t heard of the plugin, you can try the free plugin first and see how it works for you. Afterwards, you can buy the premium version.

  • Thanks Gautam, I’ve been looking for the right seo tool for a client, this sounds like it fits the bill.

  • I might have to check out the premium version of this plugin, I’ve been using the old version for a while now and seem to like it. It certainly makes interlinking much easier.

  • Whether it is as better as seo quake?

  • Can i attach it to my wordpress plug in.

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    Nice blog.