Keeping the Audience Connected with the Help of Content


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In the era of technology and Google, grabbing the attention span of the audience remains one of the major issues. The net is bombarded with a lot of information on all the topics, a plethora of choices and options are available on the internet and a user switches from one page to another within seconds. Hence, while creating content for a website or a blog spot there are certain factors that should be kept in mind to make sure that the audience is kept connected with the content.

A major issue that most of the content writers ignore is the fact that the information that is displayed on the web page deviates from the initial topic. For example a website that gives technology and gadget reviews starts reviewing web development as well. This lessens the interest of a regular reader and eventually he would stop visiting. While creating the content for a website one should make sure that certain things are kept in mind.

First and foremost the content should be in accordance to the standards of the audience; this includes the comprehension level and the topics of their interests and the likes of the targeted audience. For example if the targeted audience is the young generation, the tone should be more casual and friendly and less business like. If however you approach the audience in manner that is different from what is expected, the audience will lose interest. Therefore it is important to see who your audience is.

The content that you write should complement and should be relevant to the topics that you are covering in your website. A website can be termed as an introduction to a whole book which gives the reader a general idea of what to expect from the content inside. In the fast pace of life, nobody has the time to read the whole content. Most of the users including you would skim through the content and note the important and highlighted points. Your website and content will be more users friendly if your content is skimmable and the important words or ideas are highlighted. While writing the content you should make personal connection with the user so that the user thinks that you are addressing him directly.

While making an argument you should back it up with facts and figures that are authentic so that the user develops a trust in you. Also while switching from one page to another and from one article to another the audience should experience a consistent tone, the content should not be contradictory and the references should be authentic. If you manage to win the trust and loyalty of your audience then your website, blog or business will surely achieve success.

Keeping these tips in mind one may be able to create and write content that keeps the audience connected and attentive to what you have to say. Content is a power and to keep the audience connected one needs to utilize this power correctly. So, if you are blogger or you own a website for doing business, then start writing excellent content now.

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  • Hi Susan,

    As you note, gaining the trust of your audience is paramount.

    One gains trust by being transparent. Divulge what your blog is about and be ready to back up any claims with dependable data. Also make it a goal to engage on a consistent basis. People trust people who open up to them. Ask questions of your audience and answer each response. Never make the mistake of ignoring questions repeatedly.

    Some are too busy to answer all questions but at least answer a few. Be a live body. Connect with your audience. Feel free to chat as much as possible, on your blog and on your social networks. If you want to observe a master engager, check out Chris Brogan. He doesn’t respond much on his blog but his twitter account hums with engaging conversations all day long.

    Subject matter must be topical or else your audience will go elsewhere. Great introduction/book analogy.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


  • Lead with something useful content to solve consumer problems! That’s a good rule of thumb to creating content that others will want to consume and share.

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    Good think.