How To Use Facebook For Marketing

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There has been a lot of speculation at the moment about whether social media marketing on Facebook is actually beneficial and worth it. And, I maintain that Facebook marketing is, if done correctly, a very good device to promote websites and businesses. I should add emphasis on the phrases ‘if done correctly’, as many don’t. It’s easy to blame the failure of a campaign on Facebook itself; however, it is slightly harder to blame your own campaign, which is exactly why people aren’t. In this short article, I intend to clear up miscellaneous information so that budding marketers do not get sucked into the hype that suggests Facebook marketing doesn’t work!

Facebook and PPC

People often mix up the different forms of marketing available on Facebook, and they also neglect to address PPC, which is something most think is limited to Google advertising. You can use Facebook PPC by going to the (URL: From there, you can setup different campaigns that are targeted to your audience, just like with Google and other search engines. Facebook advertising allows you to decide whether you want to pay for clicks or impressions, and depending on the business you’re in and the campaign you want to undertake, you should pick one. Remember to think carefully about your daily budget, as it is very easy to spend a lot without knowing what is happening.

Facebook and Viral

The power of viral marketing on Facebook can be observed through the Facebook ‘groups’. The idea of a Facebook group is to get mass numbers of people to support an idea, artist, film or slogan … and so forth. This can be used by smart marketers in two ways:

WOM: This stands for word of mouth marketing, and it is actually pretty simple. It is the idea of a message spreading through the way people communicate. This can be done on Facebook by creating a funny or clever idea that people can latch onto and join. Once people have joined your group, you can post messages that appear on their wall. In order to make this work, you will need to think about things that a lot of people also think about. Try to think about ideas that everyone understands and observe but don’t always say out loud, and then spread the group to a small base of people. If the group is destined for success, it will naturally grow after a few hundred join. Having these kinds of groups are also good for targeting your demographic, as you can manipulate the type of group to suit your audience better.

Business group: If you have a website or company that you want to promote, but you’re aware that it doesn’t sit in the commercial sector that is likely to benefit from mass marketing, consider creating a personal group that can be promoted through the use of a website icon with a link attached. This will mean that anyone who signs up will be seeking to either find out more about you and your business, or receive regular updates on what your company is doing. This has the same impact as a double opt in email list, as you can be sure that your audience is going to listen to what you have to say.

The important thing to remember with regards to social media marketing on Facebook is that you need to find the right marketing option for you and your business. It is important to identify which marketing methods will work best for you, and you can do this by working out what kind of niche and market category your business slots into. Facebook can be truly fantastic as a promotional tool, but it can also be a massive waste of time and money if done incorrectly.

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