How to Sustain a Blog for a Long Period of Time

I have been blogging for about 4 years. Many readers have asked me the same question: How have I been able to blog consistently for such a long duration? Basically, how I am able to sustain my blog. There are many reasons why I am able to maintain the same level of enthusiasm every time I am writing a new post:

How I am holding on?

The Main Reason Behind Blogging?

I started my first blog for money. It was a lucrative option for a college student to get some pocket money. A source of free cash that could be spent on some luxuries. But, as I started learning new things, I was able to understand the real satisfaction of blogging – building a healthy community. It does not mean that I stopped making money. But the reason behind blogging completely changed. Being appreciated for your work is one of the best things I like about blogging. This has kept me going for a long time.

Niche Search

Finding the right niche for you is the most important thing. I started with a tech blog, then went on to write on making money online and I finally landed with blogging and social media. I stopped blogging on the previously mentioned topics because I was not very enthusiastic about them. Either I didn’t have the right information or the required knowledge. But, blogging was a topic I was very familiar with and I had a decent amount of experience in this field. So, all the articles that I have written, have an essence of my experience with blogging whether it be the mistakes made or the lessons learnt from it.

Constant Learning

There are vast resources of knowledge just waiting by your side in form of books, websites, tutorials etc. In my context, learning never stopped. If it would have stopped, I would have left blogging really early. Learning has had a great impact on my blog.

I gained knowledge mainly from newspapers and blogs which helped me improve my writing skills as well as gave me a lot of ideas to write on. Learning cannot be avoided, if you want to seriously enter into the blog-o-sphere and strive to become a blogging idol. It is the one thing, that can develop your USP (Unique Selling Point) – an edge over others which will bring more readers to your blog.

Writer’s block

Not everyday is a good day. Where there are ups, there will be some downs as well. Some days you are very enthusiastic about writing, but some days the scene is completely opposite. You are not able to think clearly and therefore, you are not able to write properly. This situation is commonly known as Writer’s block. Writer’s block is one of the reasons why people quit blogging. So, you should know how to handle the situation when you are blogged out.

Guest Blogging and Multi Author Blogging

Theses two things can be your saviour. In situations where you are not in the mood to write, you can always rely on other bloggers to write for your blog. Usually, when I don’t have any time, I prefer to review a guest article and publish the ones I like. By this technique, I keep my blog regularly updated even if I have a really hectic schedule offline. Plus, when I want to go on a much needed vacation, I can easily do so by scheduling posts. I have allow guest bloggers and authors at my blog who reduce the effort of work of writing posts on a regular basis.

How long have you been blogging? What was the main reason you are still holding on?

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  • Connie McKnight

    Loved your tip about writer’s block. I tried setting aside a day to write blogs and I’d set down an nothing would come. Now I know I can simply go with the flow and write when I’m having an enthusiastic day.

    • The best tip: take a day off or just go out and have some fun. A fresh mind always ensures a better output.

  • To last in time as a blogger you need to be very persistent and always learn new things.

    • Yes and you have to have the same amount of motivation to write or else, you will totally lose interest. And if what you do is not fun, then it is not worth it.

  • guest blogging and multi author blogs are sure a good way to keep your blog going but in the initial days, it is not that easy to have guest bloggers and it is a time when you need a blog to thrive the most

  • Time is the best way to judge the success of a blogger. The longer you are in it the more success you will have.

    The reason why so many people fail is because they are not usually in the industry long enough to learn what works for their schedule, personality, and readers. You have to find your balance and most people don’t stick around long enough to find it.

    You’ve done a great job here of being persistent and keeping your blog successful.

    Great Job!

    • Seth,
      A virtue that most people lack is patience. they don’t give it a good shot. It can be possible that you might suck at it. But, giving it a few fair trials is a must, only then you can expect to know, you can actual blog or not.

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