How to Promote your Blog using Offline Marketing

Create an Army of Loyal Readers using Offline Marketing

A good technique for blog marketing is offline marketing which is a good alternative to online marketing. Compared to online marketing, offline marketing can prove to be more fruitful. Offline Marketing has been proven to be beneficial for bloggers who want to promote their blogs locally or who want to expand their reader base using offline activities.

There are many ways and means to perform offline marketing. The effectiveness of each technique depends on the type of blog and the target audience.
Let’s take an example of a sports blog where the target audience is youngsters. They can market their blog by targeting sport tv channels as well newspapers or at bars where people watch sports(and most of them belong to the younger generation). The Idea is pretty simple, the technique used should be relevant and engaging, so that they go and visit your website after your marketing work is done.

I would like to share some of the methods which you can employ to create a successful offline marketing campaign:

Printed Material

Create well designed brochures or any other form of printed material and then distribute it. The material should include the important details pertaining to your blog i.e the link of your blog, link to your social media profiles, your email address and your phone no. Giving vital information helps in building credibility. Also, to increase your conversion rate, include a promotion on that printed material.

A good example of this promotion: A shopping blog can offer to give a set of coupons to the fans of their fan pages and their twitter followers. By including a promotion, you can increase engagement which will thereby increase the conversion rate.

Offer Freebies

Give your audience a free gift. It can be a CD, pen, folder, laptops, USBs etc. The options are endless, but the gifts should not exceed your budget. You have to ensure that the free material you are offering should contain your blog’s promotion. The way you embed your promotion in the freebies is totally up to you. The more creative you can get with it, the better the outcome will be.

Business Card

Business cards are a prerequisite to offline marketing. You have to create your business cards with all the necessary details and you should always carry it with you. Because, you might accidentally meet people whose interests might match with your blog’s niche. If you are ready, you can give your business card and you can expect at least one visit from that person.

Bundled Items

Instead of offering only printed material or just freebies, you can bundle these two together and offer it as kits. The more, the merrier 🙂

Sponsor an Event

You can sponsor an event which is related to your niche.

For example, an online training website can sponsor a college event which is based on academics and offer them prizes as well as free subscriptions to their online training portal. This will be a really good publicity stunt for their website.

This event will be able to attract the target audience and hence, it will be able to deliver a really high conversion rates.

Organize/ Participate in Blogger Meets

Blogger Meets can be ideal places to build awareness about your brand and also network with your fellow bloggers. Creating a network of bloggers helps in saving you a lot of time which you might have spent on marketing your blog.

Start giving free courses

Give some free courses or organize a knowledge sharing event on a topic which is relevant to what you blog about. As you are an expert in that field, you can  gain reputation and trust of others which will help in building your subscriber base.

For eg. A health blog can organize a talk on healthy living and its benefits.

Advertising Offline

Small business owners who want to grow their business at a rapid rate should use offline advertising. They can promote their blogs on the print as well as visual media. This technique might be expensive, but it is able to deliver in a very short period of time.

I might have missed on some points which might be equally effective. The best thing about offline marketing is, that there are no fixed ways of doing things. You can devise a technique based on your own idea. It would be good to share your ideas of offline marketing which you have used in the past.

  • Great tips for offline marketing indeed. The only catch here is that these techniques do not apply to everyone. I think that, as you well said, your website should be geared towards a targeted audience and for certain type of businesses. For example, I think this cold work well if you have a “coupon” site, where the idea is to send people to “print” coupons from local providers.

    Good stuff Gautam. Happy New Year

    • I agree with you. The marketing technique depends on the business and the product you are selling. The next thing is to find your target audience. For eg. A chicken shop can promote its blog by giving a free takeaway but charge on the drinks. That way, they can earn a good income through a freebie.

  • Hi Gautam,

    Great tips here.

    Offline marketing can be as powerful as online marketing. Sending out brochures, offering free courses and sponsoring events are effective ways to shout out your opportunity.

    I intend to use more offline methods going forward. I gravitate toward blogging, article marketing and using social networks but also know the power of diversifying your advertising techniques.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Gautam.


    • Ryan,
      Some of the local business use offline marketing to market their business, because their target audience is their local population. Similarly, you have to target people who would be really interested in your blog topic.

  • I’m now pretty clear about Offline Marketing!!! I always had a slight confusion between Offline and Online Marketing. So, thanks for sharing this info!!!

    • I am happy that you are clear about the difference between the two 🙂

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  • My friend has come up with a great way to get people to look at his blog.

    When we go to a pub that has a dartboard he will close the dartboard and then, in big letters, write his blog URL on the doors of the dartboard.

    We will come back weeks later and it will still be there and he gets some good traffic from it, wish I had thought of it. 😛

    • Dean,
      Your friend has got some good ideas. what he has to do, think bigger!. A dartboard might have some users, but if you can target it on a larger scale, the results will be far far better.

      You too can come up with similar ideas. There is no limit to the total number of ideas. So, go ahead and try your luck

  • Well written post. I’ve seen a too many business rely on online marketing. There are a lot of customers which can be gained from off line efforts.

    • Leslie,
      I would say that online marketing cab get more customers.
      But offline marketing can get better and more connected customers.

  • Yes offline marketing is definitely worth doing. I’ve used it a lot to promote sites and blogs. I use flyers mostly, which can be made very cheaply. The walking takes time, but is good for me!

    The clicks from this method only come in very slowly. However they are worth it, particularly if your blog or website is promoting a local service, or geo-specific affiliate programs.

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  • Business cards are huge. I always have them on me and so do some of my family and friends. It is amazing how regularly I have the opportunity to give them out to people who are interested in stopping by the website.

    Thanks for the other great ideas.

    • Seth,
      I think business cards would have helped you in increasing the traffic you get on your website. Business cards can have a really good effect on people’s blog traffic

  • Hi again, nice tips. Offline marketing is I think as powerful as online marketing, one reason is because – you go to the people, not get them to you (like in online marketing – SEO, link exchange). But it’s harder to bring people with offline marketing (at low costs) than bring people with online marketing. And also, creating trendy T-Shirts with funny messages could bring huge traffic. Cheers!

  • Hi Guatam!

    How lovely it is to see someone talking about local business and offline marketing!

    Most of my business is offline and it’s aimed at local business owners. One way of bringing new visitors from this market to my website is old-fashioned classified ads in the local newspapers and press releases. I’m working on a press release right now for a Giveaway I’m sponsoring (going on now) that is aimed at small business.

    Thanks for this article. You’ve given me some more excellent ideas!

    • old fashioned classified ads are still the best ways to advertise your business. As technology has advanced, you have to list your business in local yellow page websites and business directories so that customers are able to find your business info online

  • rndtechnologies

    Nice thought.

  • It is more effective information. These are the most effective way to promote the blog using offline marketing.