How Cloud Blogging Services are Changing The Way We Publish Online

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This article is not regarding some philosophical idea about opening your mind up into the meta physical and blogging about world changing concepts, rather than simply about your dog’s recent behaviour. This article instead looks at how more bloggers are engaging in community cloud hosting environments, rather than managing their own domain and hosting etc. It also looks at some of the benefits of such a virtualization transition and why many believe it to be the future for blogging and the wider internet.
Once upon a time the only way to have a blog was to buy a domain name and pay more than you should for private hosting. However, with the development of platforms such as Google’s ‘Blogger’ and WordPress, suddenly everyone could have a blog for free and start sharing their stories and ideas. Many millions of people are now using these services and not only are more people signing up every day, but new free services are popping up all the time to meet demand. This is great for the world of blogging because it has been made more accessible than ever, and now bloggers from all corners of the earth can have their say and join in on global debates.

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Aside from the obvious benefits of being free, there are other reasons why bloggers are migrating onto these systems. As well as the big platforms as mentioned earlier, there are thousands of more niche companies and services offering free blogs. These niche spheres provide an instant community for bloggers to join and saves individuals a great amount of time building up a reputation, contacts and site power. It’s a little like walking into a room full of people with the same interests as yours, and then being given a soap box to shout your message from.
Another great benefit of cloud blogging is flexibility. Going it alone with a fixed domain and establishing a reputation over a long period of time means that it’s very hard to change direction. Let’s say you wanted to change your domain name or start blogging about something completely new. With cloud blogging you can easily change your domain to almost anything you like or set up as many new blogs as you like, and you can do it for free. To do the same on standalone domains would require a great deal more effort and often more money, and at the end of the day its price and freedom that usually win on the World Wide Web.

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  • Good article Duncan! I agree with you.. when you have cool blogging platforms available for free, why would anyone spend on private hosting!

  • The cloud blogging idea is not for me – unless it’s a community blog network I own a controlling stake in 🙂

    My blogging domain names are my own as I want optimal control of my commercial and personal content.

    I would not sleep well knowing that G or W can ‘zap’ any blog they host at any time…

  • Thats an informative article. Nice read Duncan 🙂

  • I don’t think the main issue for people is that’s it’s “free”, I think it’s the fact that the technical platform is managed in a timely and secure way, by people who know what they’re doing.

    This is the biggest problem for DYI bloggers hosting their own content, as the [most recent WordPress security breach]( shows.

  • i think blogging with the aid of using cloud has more advantage than the typical blogging. We know that cloud services has made its way to the daily living of the society and therefore the same can be adopted when it comes to blogging.

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    Your view is too good.