What to do When You’re Blogged Out

A few weeks ago I had a SEO, that I’ve got mad respect for (and you all should follow this guy), tell me he was supposed to write a blog post for his company, but he really didn’t feel like writing what he said he would write about. So I thought for a minute and gave him a few ideas that I’d like to share with the audience here.

1. STOP!…Go Have Some Fun
If you’re writing a blog and get some writer’s block, go do whatever you do for fun. Play video games, hang out with friends, or go read a book. No matter what it is, you need to get your mind OFF of the Internet and the post you are supposed to write. A blank slate is better to work with than a full one. It doesn’t matter if all you come up with are witty doodles or paper shavings, the end result will always be better than what you are trying to force yourself to write.

2. Go Read OTHER Blogs
This may sound weird, but if you aren’t inspired to write on a certain topic maybe reading a few other blogs might do the trick. Whether or not you agree with the post you read doesn’t matter, if an emotional reaction takes place….REACT. Write about it and let the readers know about it. The best articles I’ve ever read have always had some sort of emotional initiation. Trust your emotions, they can produce your best work.

3. Intentionally Disagree With The “Experts”
While you may get branded as a “troll” or “flamer”, don’t let it stop you. If you read a blog post you couldn’t agree with more that is written by one of your favorite industry leaders…write a blog post that could disseminate it. It doesn’t matter if you agree with it or not, the purpose is to write something that will help you do deeper research and give another (logical) perspective to your readers.

4. Go AWOL
I’m not talking about the traditional term for it. But just go nuts, start writing and let your mind wander. The point is to write senselessly until you get tired/sick of writing. Why, you ask? Well my personal belief is that the more a person writes, the more junk he/she will get out of his/her system so that the better ideas can come to the surface. If the line between genius and insanity are too close, let your writing reflect that. After all, it’s the editor that has the final say right?

So now, inquiring minds what to know. What do you the readers (fellow bloggers…or not) do to write or judge blogs by? What type of posts or what do you think he/she does/should do to create better blog posts?

  • I have also wrote about this issue in my Burnt Out or Blogged Out? A Few Tips To Overcome It post. As I wrote previously here. This subject is the most popular on my blog as people really need help with that! Cheers.

  • I’ve been “blogged out” many a time and it can be quite frustrating, but sometimes it takes being blogged out to discover some fantastic ideas for new blog posts, I know I have 😉

  • Hi Joshua,

    This is one of the more insightful blogging burn-out tips posts I’ve read. Seriously, awesome job! I subscribe to each tip.

    Here’s a quote I keep in the front of my mind: “Writers cause writers block.” Infinite ideas knock your mind’s door each minute. You create the block and you can remove it, and feeling good is the quickest way to remove it. Get up, take a break, go for a walk, exercise, watch a funny movie, spend time with the family pet, have a snack. Whatever brings happiness, do it!

    Force negates. Trying to force out a published post creates a poor post. Feel free to get all of the literary junk out of your system – as you suggest – to get to the genius that lies under the babble. Then feel free to hit the Publish button.

    Thanks for sharing and have a powerful day!


    • Thanks Ryan. I definitely agree that trying to force out a blog post creates a poor post. Letting loose from time to time can certainly help things along. And more power to you!

  • Great jobs ! Josh . Your tips is really right man. Sometime when i start to write something, i fell very boring and dont have any ideas to write an article but after i stop and playing game online. It really make me more comfortable and give me more ideas to keep writting. Another ways, read another blogspot also give me more great ideas for my next post. Thanks

  • as a newbie blogger, im also blogged out most of the times, but i think this points will work out for me 🙂

  • Absolutely brillient. I suffer from this more than most and I find walking away and doing something else for a bit if a great way of refueling my fire. 🙂

  • Yes, I love that part “go have some fun”. I do that when I am out of blogging ideas. 🙂

  • Pushing yourself into creating a blog post can be very exhausting. How can you finish one post if you don’t have the mood to create a new one. You need to take a deep breathe or to go outside and relax to regain your energy. In this way, you will have continuous flow of idea.

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