Use Blogs to Kickstart your Brand Building

This is a guest article by Nitin of Offshore Ally in which, he has shown the importance of creating a blog in order to build a brand .You too can be part of this great knowledge sharing community. Take a look at our guest blogging guidelines.

According to research firm eMarketing, 71% of bloggers have seen higher visibility for their corporate and personal brand. Unlike static websites that do serve to build business identity through pages like “About Us,” “Our Products,” and other similar corporate communications, blogs take a more regular albeit more casual approach to creating a relationship with customers. However, you need to make your blog stand out in order to experience any kind of brand success.

By making your blog’s own identity one-of-a-kind and the content interesting or even vital, can you attract loyal readers who are key to potential millions of visitors.

First, think about your blog’s main selling product. These are your posts or content. Therefore, you need to invest in high-quality, readable posts either by investing the time to research and write them or outsourcing for help. Quality articles have headlines that make readers want to click in the first place and content that makes them want to share with those in their network of like-minded readers.

Next, you need to commit to updating your blog with fresh content. This is a MUST. Readers will come back to your blog after first getting acquainted with it. They will be seeking new content. In addition, if they refer others to your blog, those people will seek the same. Dynamic content is absolutely vital to building a consistent brand.

Your blog also needs a consistent theme. You cannot jump around in terms of topic like on a personal blog because the central topic you cover is a fabric of your brand. Of course, only use this central theme as your pillar into other branches close to the heart of your focus. That way, when people try to remember your brand, the instantly think health or whatever your passion happens to be.

And you must be passionate about the topic to build the first impression honesty and expertise that builds the trust and credibility to make loyal readers. One false or inaccurate fact will hurt their ability to trust and promote your blog.

Passion for your topic also builds not only loyalty but enthusiasm in your readers. As we’ve mentioned, blog readers come back to your blog, subscribe to it, and promote it to their colleagues, family, and friends.  However, while you cannot possibly cover everything about a topic, offer readers your help answering their criticism, comments, and questions. This one-on-one interaction is why truly successful blogs succeed beyond expectations. Furthermore, this kind of interaction will encourage new readers to participate and loyal readers to keep up and contribute with feedback to your brand.

You might also consider adapting your logo or other unique image to be synonymous with your blog. Most popular browsers use icons in the URL bar and even save the image when you bookmark it. As we’ve seen in traditional marketing, logos carry heavy weight in branding, i.e. MacDonald’s Golden arches, the Nike swish, and more.

Last but not least, make sure your blog makes a good aesthetic first impression. It should be pleasing to eye, headlines clear and striking, and content easy to read. Many times, we’ve come across blogs with busy backgrounds or text we needed to highlight to read. It only made us hit the “Back” button ASAP.

Remember, there are billions of blogs out there by now, make sure if an interested reader finds you that you keep them and engage them with all the tips above!

  • Hi Nitin,

    Thanks for sharing your helpful branding tips here.

    Blogging offers a quick, easy and affordable way to build your brand. As you note adopt a theme and stick to it. Practice writing to find your voice; no, not the voice that your audience wants, but *your* voice. Find your writing style to develop a clear and concise brand. Offer usable content on a consistent basis.

    Make an impression on your community by being passionate. Without a fire under your desire it will expire….pretty quickly too.

    Most importantly, keep on keeping on. It takes time to build a blog so it takes time to build a brand with your blogging efforts.

    Have a powerful day!


  • Great tips here… especially the one about keeping the blog aesthestically clean. So many ppl like to plaster ads all over their blogs but it just keeps visitors away when they first visit it.

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  • Blogs are very active media today in the Web. For brand building, it is an excellent.

    Thanks for this excellent article

  • Great point about the logo in the URL/favourites. I must look into that!

  • Consistent theme is a must for branding. Consistent theme tells about what our products or business really are.

  • I guess… content is always king when it comes to blogging on the Web. I totally agree with you on having dynamic content and it’s all about giving value to your readers. Sadly, there are blogs which are written to trick the search engines and they look like they’re written by a software or some bot – which your blog is absolutely not. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. – Issa @ Ajeva

  • “Branding is a relationship”

    I love this. Marketers talk about brands a catch-all for product SKUs and company logos and we sometimes forget that busieness is people dealing with people.

    Your blog won’t make you a real person.. but will help you reveal the real you.

  • Blogging now is really the good way to build our brand. All the tips which you showed absolutely awesome, it is the important thing to build a good blog and kich the brand going up. Thanks for your sharing.

  • Good basic tips that you can apply to any blog. I think that any business should be represented on the Internet, and the blog is one of the best ways. And it is very important because competitors are not asleep 🙂

    P.S. “icons in the URL” – you mean the favicon?

  • Blogging is definitely one of the best way to brand building aside from social media marketing…. It is quite as effective too cause you can get feedbacks on comments.

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    Nice view.

  • Yeah. We are new and looking to build our brand. I am glad I saw this now. We will include this to other campaigns we have. Thanks.