Starting a Green Business Website from Scratch

Starting a green website from scratch involves a whole lot of effort, but the rewards can be rich indeed.  You are going to have to accomplish a lot of little objectives, before you reach what most people would call “rousing success.”  But with the right amount of drive and determination (and the right plug-ins), you can make a lot of money and have something you can be very proud of.

It all starts out with being known as an expert.  Before you can take your site to a high level of success, people are going to have to respect you in your chosen field.  And to do that, you are going to have to talk to people in a language that they understand.

A great way to start out into green website ownership is to start a free WordPress site.  Begin blogging about a topic that interests you, that you can contribute something interesting to.  While they say there’s nothing new under the Sun, you might say the same thing in your own way, and have it reach a whole different group of people.  When you have a niche that understands and respects you, you have a very firm basis for your site.

Once you have a lot of people following your blog posts, it may be time to upgrade to a site.

This is significant in three ways:

1. On, you can overlay another domain name, without having to mess with your hosting or your interface.  As a professional blogger, you have much better things to do with your time.

2. (as opposed to allows you to use plug-ins.  Plug-ins can provide you with some very impressive abilities, such as the capacity to collect e-mail addresses and organize them for easy (and potentially very lucrative) e-mail blasts.

3. You can also pick and choose from a TON of themes (within the WordPress directory, off other sites that do roundups, or from individual theme makers if you want to buy them for a price)

Some green theme roundups and individual themes you may be interested in are:

Green Theme Roundup

Green Stimulus


Of course there’s TONS out there, if I wanted to list them all I would probably do a post on that alone, so I suggest you browse around the WordPress directory or even Google some themes for variety.

Once you are at the point where you can be looking around for the best plug-ins (such as WordPress-to-lead) to help you acquire and organize your e-mail list.  As your list grows, you can start to think about how to monetize your site. After all, you’re spending a lot of time on there- you may as well make some cash money off of it, right?

Some methods that may not be easy, but a lot of website owners get into, include affiliate marketing, selling advertising space on your site, or the very best way – creating and marketing your own product.

When people respect (and read) what you write, they will want to pay for your “best” information.  And with the right plug-ins, themes and strategy, you can automate the process to the point where what you’re selling almost sells itself.

That’s very over-simplified, but not far from the truth.