How to Become Famous (in Any Niche)

This is a video guest post by James Foster which shows the fastest way to dominate any niche. You too can be part of this great knowledge sharing community. Take a look at our guest blogging guidelines.

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  • James F.

    Interesting. You mentioned about video: “People not having the guts to do it.” Well most likely it is because of the same reasons people are scared to do public speaking.

    Yet, you bring out sound reasons on why making videos work. I personally use it for poetry readings. Yet, I am only using my voice and others. Hmm, Maybe I could have you read one of my poems on video?

    Thanks for this!



  • Hi James

    I agree with you is video can make you to be famous but it is not simple and easy for everyone. If video is just simple like you stay front of the camera and just talk and talk, i think everyone can absolutely do it. However, the way you make the video post and the way you talk to impress the viewer and make them to remember your name, it is not easy and simple, my friend.Anyway, thanks for your sharing, great video post.

  • Nice! This video gave me the idea that in the future bloggers will not write posts, they will go on video posts, maybe.
    Have a powerful day!

  • I search many interesting topic, until I open your site. Your posts are so informative that may be a useful one to the readers. Keep posting such useful ideas. thanks for sharing.

  • That’s a really nice video! Enjoyed watching and have learned a thing or two from it! Thanks for posting the video.

    I wonder how is my guest post… is it under review or pending review. 🙂

  • Nice and informative post you have shared…

  • Nice and informative post you have shared…

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