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A good domain name is really important for the success of a blog. A good domain should have the right mixture of keywords (The keywords you are targeting for your website). Also it should be easy to remember, so that readers can memorize it and don’t forget it for a long long time. The first factor directly affects the amount of search engine traffic you get. If you get a domain name for a high performing keyword, then you will get a lot of traffic on your website, which in turn will help you make more money.  The second  factor affects the direct traffic to your blog. If people will remember your website, they will visit it again and again. These two factors will ensure that you have a consistent flow of traffic to your blog.

Selecting the Right Domain

To select the right domain, you first have to search for the most high performing keywords (The ones that get the maximum traffic) for your niche. Then, you have to find the domains that contain those keywords. The best choice of a domain is one which is small and contains the keywords. To find out the availability of domains, you need go to certain websites and search for the keywords. is one such website that promises to make domain name search really easy for online users. The homepage of this website is quite interesting. The design is quite attractive and has a good user interface. Whenever you type the specific keywords, it shows results for all the major domains like .com .net and .org etc in  a few moments. If you compare it with godaddy. A godaddy result will take on an average 4-5 seconds. Whereas, the results by took less than 2 seconds. These fast results make it a notch above other websites that deal in the same area. Also, the results are coded in three colors as you can see the screenshot below.

Red Color – The Domain is taken and is not for sale.

Blue Color – The Domain is taken and is for sale

Green Color – The Domain is available.

All the keywords searches are stored in the history so that users can easily follow up on all the important search results. So, it saves time for users who are in a hurry and looking for domains that will suit their requirements.

If you place your mouse over any search result, it gives links to major domain name sellers, so you can directly go to the website and purhcase instantly. also provides a set of tools that have different functionalities.

Domain Generator is a tool which generates domains on the basis of a specific base keyword i.e. on its own, it ads suffixes and prefixes to keywords and searches for the relevant domains.

It would have been even better, if the domain generator could be combined with the search tool which would have made the website more user-friendly, but I suppose they might add this feature in the near future.

Bulk Lookup Tool can assist you when you want to search multiple domains at the same time. The Widgets section contains handy widgets which bloggers can add to their blogs and thereby help their readers in finding the right domain,

If you don’t understand the basic terminologies related to  domain names, you can refer to the FAQ’s page which has detailed information on topics related to domain names such as “What is a Domain Name?”, “What is an IP Address” etc.

The Reviews section contains reviews of all the major vendors that sell domain names.  This can help you make an informed decision on what is the best choice of the vendor for your domain name.

Go Ahead. Try it out!

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